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Wrong Direction

The wind is blowing strongly lately but unfortunately it is in a wrong direction. Sometime back I wrote an article title Create a Buzz…Create a Sensation and months after that there are many buzz and sensation but does not benefit anyone including the person who receives the buzz and sensation and I am sure we all know who I am referring to, none other Remy Ishak and Tiz Zaqyah. Both of them been paired in most talked about drama series Nur Kasih aired by TV3 and the last episode aired on the day of Aidiladha last year. The drama is now been produced into a film with Remy and Tiz remain as the cast and the core of Nur Kasih The Movie (NKTM) with their love story and obstacles. Another question arises in me when reading about it and all the speculation on NKTM, it is because of Adam and Nur or because of the storyline NK and NKTM is a hit?

Half through Nur Kasih rumours spread about Tiz Zaqyah been partying and many of us expecting Tiz to potray and carry herself as Nur Amina (if I recall correctly on the accusation) and soon after there was a rift between Remy Ishak and Ummi Nazeera and it turns ugly with accusation Remy caused bodily injury on her and many more. It’s quieter after that and Ummi went to Australia to further her studies and no buzz about anything for Remy and Tiz until the night of Anugerah Bintang Popular Berita Harian with Remy and Maya Karin in the limelight locked in a room before or after the presentation and during this time the team of NKTM is getting ready to finalised their script and should start shooting in June. Between that there was a get together for the Nur Kasih dvd prize giving (again if I recall correctly) and Remy been asked on Maya. I’m actually annoyed reading it that time but who am I to know the truth behind all this? NKTM starts shooting middle of June and finishes on 23rd or 24th of July 2010. Not even two weeks in production a gossip hit the news stand an accusation by Fasha Sandha towards Tiz Zaqyah via twitter trying to steal her boyfriend who is ex husband of another actress and Fasha been accused earlier as the third person in their marriage and I only got to know about it when it involve Tiz. I did not know or heard about Fasha Sandha before this and it seems she has long list of gossip and dirty tricks.

In days after the news spread of course Tiz been chased by the reporters to get the first hand story and it fills all the media including Melody, one of TV3 programme where Tiz denied all the accusations. While the story is circulating the cast and crew of NKTM flew to Jordan for their shooting. Fasha openly announced Jejai as her boyfriend while Tiz is outside the country and says nothing more to say, easy isn’t it? Before the story fully subside another story fills the magazine to; Maya Karin and husband getting a divorce, a much predicted news I must say and who is behind the scene? None other than Remy Ishak. Remy’s name was mention in an interview with Maya’s husband while registering their marriage before proceeding for the divorce and Remy been asked many time about this. I always said this and I am going to say it again…I did not know the truth and I did not know Remy or Tiz in person but what I do know they are much talked about actors now and they shoot to stardom after Nur Kasih, and now people are digging into their past and said all the nasty things about this two nice and lovely on-screen couple came out during Nur Kasih and there are also gossip they are seeing one another for a while. Both denied, they are just friends. Whether they liked it or not their personal life is interest of everybody and will affect their career because it is a small entertainment industry in Malaysia not like Hollywood and there are many reporters chasing after two person and of course it is not enough news to fill the column. But how far all this is true? and of course as the malay saying goes “tiada angin masakan pohon bergoyang”.

There are lots of buzz around them but unfortunately it does not help the industry let alone Remy and Tiz. If we are going to touch on their personal life and behaviour why the reporters are only going after them? Is Fasha doing the right thing? Is Maya Karin doing the right thing? Again if we are talking about Remy and Tiz being an idol what about Fasha and Maya? Are they less famous? Maya is hosting a woman programme in TV3? Why she’s not banned from hosting the show? Having an illicit affair when she is still married, is this true? Why reporters not digging into Fasha and Maya past? There are many stories and blog about them. Why Remy? Why Tiz? Is Remy and Tiz gone overboard compared to Fasha and Maya? Or Fasha and Maya lucky to have someone known figure behind them? I can raised thousand of questions about this and please be reminded we are no longer live in a world blinded by ignorant public and viewers. Yes it is nice to gossip about people and we forget ourselves and it will be worst if we call ourselves a Muslim. Why the reporters trying to pinned on Remy with Maya divorce. If I am Remy, now I will have a good laugh…do you know why? He’s a man, he is not going to lose anything and after a while people stop talking and on top of everything while he is on top of his career people are not talking about his good side, his contribution in the industry and his good acting skill. Nothing reported on that. It is only the bad side and his past as a bell boy and waiter…so why crack your head to think further? Am I right Remy? Will he going to marry Maya? If so…it will be good for both and to me Remy takes full responsibility of what he has done (if it true). The chronology of event in my mind says all this because of Nur Kasih and Nur Kasih The Movie either the “group” trying to destroy Kabir or the main cast, Remy and Tiz because as far as I can remember in my life time there is no drama and actors been talked about up to this rate. With all the technology people can do wonders now days…you know what I mean?

Remy was in Arjuna and Evolusi Drift and Tiz was in Asmaradana before NKTM. No buzz while shooting and not many blog or magazine reported about the drama and film while shooting compared to NKTM. The most romantic couple of Adam and Nur and it brings my memory to film between Remy and Maya call C.U.N last December and not in cinema until now. I did not come across any write-up about C.U.N. as a film and how are people judging the chemistry between Remy and Maya in their act together. Personally I did not see any on-screen chemistry for both and I will not judge because I did not watch or see any act between them including Nadrah and on top of that Maya is someone else wife and they are together because of the production. I reserved my comment with due respect she’s still a married woman and a wife that time and that is why make me felt sick actually when reading a statement in Mstar about the closeness of Maya and Remy due to their shared interest with nature. Oh please Maya watch what you say next time or shall I blame the reporters for twisting the story? and there was a report in murai.com saying Maya is canceling her press conference about her divorce. The question mark is there, whether she is not ready to face the public or is she avoiding the question on Remy’s involvement? If you are not wrong why are you not facing the public and why are you not come in the open about the accusation? Remy’s been denying it many times, how about you Maya? Is this a trap or planned?

I am not a digger for all this but I fall short of doing it in my protest for gossip and reports against Remy and Tiz and I am sure there are many out there believed sort of scam or planned to bring down and smear the name of Remy Ishak and Tiz Zaqyah especially now there are articles and also people are pleading director to take them in more project as a couple. If Osman Ali stick with Remy and Maya why not Kabir and other directors stick with Remy and Tiz and I am sure the buzz of romantic on-screen couple for them trigger an alarm for the old timers actress who now trying to look younger and be a partner in a drama or movie with Remy Ishak and trying every corner and angle to notice as the most romantic couple on screen. My vote will only go to Remy and Tiz in whatever situation. One hero for all…it must be crazy isn’t it?

With all this buzz where are we leading? As a reader it does not give me any enthusiasm about the Malay film industry and no boost and self-confidence to. Last night I feel tired but not able to sleep and nothing much I can do beside switching on the tv. Nothing interesting I go through the dvd collection and pick up a long ago story While You Were Sleeping. I am sure many of us remember that movie and how simple the story is but the message behind it is love and family. A wish by a young woman who works very hard for her living and attracted to a man who never even spoken to her and on the day he wishes her Merry Christmas she saved his life and become part of his family during Christmas when the real love comes. So simple…no conflict easy plot and I know I can watch this kind of movie anytime and it takes me back to our local industry. For long there is no good plot in our drama or I am the one who is not watching and I find it interesting to watch the Korean drama and movies together with Indonesian and others because they try by all means to bring their story to the people, right to the person’s heart and that is what Nur Kasih is giving and why it is still a hot topic but unfortunately the unhealthy competition in the industry creates a different buzz and I am one of them who bored with it.

When are we going to change and where are we leading in this developed world with this attitude?

Owned and written by : Sanaa 30/07/10


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  1. Yeap! Hearsay evidence is not admissible in Court – Keterangan dengar cakap (dr pihak ketiga) tidak boleh diterima pakai di Mahkamah.

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