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Gossip…Popularity And Talent

In show business gossip is a norm and at certain stages it might help the artist and actors known in the industry. But how far gossip is the main factors of promoting the artist themselves? Will gossip supersede the talent and knowledge of these people? Will artist depend solely on gossip to be known in the industry? I am not a follower of the entertainment world but somehow or other situation change lately just because I was hooked by a local drama title Nur Kasih. If you are the follower of my blog you might get bored by now of me mentioning again and again about Remy Ishak and Tiz Zaqyah. The honest truth I can’t run away from the fact because they are “responsible” in my writing life and I thank them for allowing me to see the glamorous part of the entertainment industry and the ugliest part of it to. Whether I am sceptical about the local entertainment industry or we are in a very tiny industry even when we sneeze people will hear. It takes all walks of life to be in the entertainment world and in Malaysia the hot topic now is who are dating who, divorced, affair, crimes, drugs and others. I hardly read about the talent, qualification, interest, the obstacle and challenge to stardom.
Not a fan of Malay drama and not been reading a Malay newspaper not been buying any Malay magazine except long time ago my mother love to buy Keluarga. A matter of fact I am ashamed to call my self a Malaysian in a way. Entertainment magazine is forbid in my family home and I was even forbid to read it whenever in the bookstore. During those times I didn’t know what is the reason of banning such magazine because I did know the content, what I do know is only the headlines from the cover and this is what my mother said to us “jangan harus beli majalah itu” and if your father and me saw all of you reading it you will be ban from watching the television and extra work on duty roaster. It took me 30 years to know the reason behind it and I become obsess with my hatred of reporters and journalist in the entertainment industry. My obsession increases when the gossip hits my favourite actors as names above. Where are our standard of reporting and I am now searching how far gossip verses popularity and talent.

It has been rampant gossip on Remy Ishak soon after he is known in Nur Kasih and that goes to Tiz Zaqyah. I think it is no longer gossip it is now an agenda and of course my evil mind says a plot to smear their name in the industry and their rice bowl. There are many artists in Malaysia but I did not hear or read anything about them although it is proven they are obscene, smokers, party goers, and many unhealthier lifestyles or against the Islamic ruling if we want to touch on religion and where I am avoiding the issues because I am not belongs to the Islamic council and any advice will jeopardise the system. I of course did not investigate but I am not naive in this matter. People are talking and there are proof as crystal clear but no reporters will take their pictures and spread it in the internet or the newspaper and if this happen it will be a short stint and people will forget because no repetition on the subject or issues. Once denied everything closed. If we want to dig further of course we will know again who is who behind the scene or the clean image they portray in front of the fans, the plastic smile, soft spoken, nicely dress covered all over and again we are blinded by it. They are famous, they are known, and they received awards but none of them in the lime light of gossip that hits Remy Ishak and Tiz Zaqyah. So much so after Nur Kasih we have been hearing all about them but none of it link to their popularity because the drama or film is a best film because of the storyline, script, cinematography and everything else. I bag your pardon we will but on a different column, review of the film only but not the contribution of the cast. Everyone can be in the industry but how far talent and commitment contribute to the success of each drama, movie or film.

If we are still in our right mind will we be reading the gossip more or we care to know how far their talent bring success in their life and why they are the chosen actors and actresses for a certain project. Education and qualification will take us to another level in life. It is our back bone and without a doubt it walks hand in hand in everything we do but there is another type of education that nobody can gives…it is experience. Our acceptance and our willingness to learn is the key to success. Even with talent we still need to educate ourselves how to deal with situations and circumstances and again how many gossip an entertainer, actors and actresses received, it will never help in their popularity in a good way. Sooner or later we will have names for them such as controversial artist. Off late in Malaysia there are many schools of arts but again I did not know the functions of these schools in developing the arts and entertainment industry. Akademi Seni Kebangsaan formed about 10 or 12 years ago to help young Malaysian excels in each category of arts i.e. music, dance, theatre and writing. They have change name I supposed and during their first intake it goes to each states of Malaysia to find a student with interest and talent. There were few students in their early 40’s because they now have a school to learn and Akademi Seni Kebangsaan is the first school of such in Malaysia.

I have lost touch about the criteria but it took 4 years for the student to get a diploma besides their certificate and acknowledgement from the examination body. Having a musician in the house it is not a joke paying two fees and the tutoring fees and my parents said at one time the cost all together equivalent to the medical school student. So in short it will never have a shortcut in achieving success and stardom. Anywhere we are or whatever we are doing we must willing to improve ourselves and with our willingness I believed we will achieved success. We can’t go without one another. Paper qualification is our stepping stone but no guarantee of success and achievement without hard work and effort. Nothing comes easy. There is no shortcut in everything we do but it seems in our local industry there is. It is a known fact whom you know and who is your buddy. Stabbing behind is a norm in this unfair world and why is no ever ending of wars…a different kind of wars. I do believed no amount of gossip will contribute to the popularity because at the end of the day it is the talents and how we carry ourselves and owed the audience takes us to the next level. An actor or actress can be in 100 dramas but never touch the people or viewers heart but it can change overnight with only one drama to capture the heart of the nation. That goes to singers to, it can be few albums but only one song takes them to stardom and again in goes for partners in the act what we call the hero and heroine. The perfect match will stay fresh in our memories for long and the same actor and actors can act along with anyone but not able to have the same impact even how hard they try. Chemistry cannot go with many partners. I am sure we all know I am referring to Nur Kasih. Adam and Nur is the character played by Remy Ishak and Tiz Zaqyah, a character remained in the heart of the nation until now with many nick names attached to it.

I am a bit out of lines in this write-up but the explanation above does not gives us a concrete explanation that gossip brings popularity as mentioned and captured in recent article gossiping Remy Ishak and Maya Karin. They might have acted in few productions together but it does not give the same impact of “Adam and Nur”. Am I bias? I don’t think so. Ask yourself out there because I know for sure there are millions of people are talking about the couple and recently I heard someone mention a match make in heaven…wow I have not heard that in our local industry or I might have miss it except for Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol. I am sure it will lingers on for long until new sensation comes in but in my life it will stays as “Adam and Nur”. No one can take that from me and how I wish our reporters learn few skills in their report to give the same impact for other actors and actresses. We can’t use the same term for all. We loose the touch and the beautiful meaning behind it. I grow up with a literature man, my father and he will associate everything with words. Hamlet cannot be Romeo and vice versa, unless we want to be a stereotype performer. One line tells all. Each character in a play or production needs body movement, intonations, face expression and many more needs. So how can we describe each couple in the same way? Will gossip give us this? No way…have we needed to eat, sleep and breathe the character in us to ensure the perfection of each performance and presentation.

As money does not buy happiness, money also does not buy talent and finesse but in the current situation money does buy gossip column writers. The more I see it the more convinced I am and I am sad to say I am leaving in the world of hatreds. Our political leaders been saying we are a developed nations, we want to send our people to space, we want to have a bullet trains, big airport and everything that money can buy but unfortunately we are still the third world mentally. We show our warmth, generosity, courtesy to foreigner but not to our locals and it is the same in the entertainment industry. Keep the same pair, older actors and actresses playing younger role, same faces for all productions, staccato and stiff and yet we yearn for popularity and the other way to earn it is creating gossip and pointing fingers. Arghh never ending stories. It is a sad world.

Owned and written by : Sanaa 12/08/10


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  1. Salam Ramadhan San and the gang,

    An elaborative and inspiring article. Life is queer coz the world is a stage. Shakespeare have mentioned the ‘world’ part and till now he has been right all along. Since Romeo and Juliette, Hamlet and Ophelia, Othello and Desdemona; the courses of true love never did run smooth; among lovers or people generally.
    And honesty is such a lonely word coz everyone is so untrue (quote Billy Joel’s) and that means it can be altered depending on ones’ needs objectives,and goals. There are people who can do injustice to others tho’ they seemed to have the same belongings but the ‘insignificants yet silent’ ones are always victimised. But never forget, the person ones consider ignorant and insignificant in their ‘highlighted world’, is the one who came from God, that he might learn bliss from grief and knowledge from gloom.

    Love sought is good, but given unsought is better
    (A Midsummer Night’s Dream – William Shakespeare)
    You take my life when you take the means whereby I live
    (The Merchant of Venice – William Shakespeare)

    Keep up the spirit and the writings San.
    Coz the most impotant thing in communication is to hear what isn’t being said. All the best.

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