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    Good things come to those who wait.
    Better things come to those who try.
    Best things come to those who believe.
    Desired things come to those who pray.

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    A good traveler has no fixed plans, and is not intent on arriving.
    Lao Tzu

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Bahasa Jiwa Bangsa

It was definitely a lazy Sunday, did not do much yesterday except buying groceries in the morning and waiting time for breaking fast, but I managed to complete my write-up that I have been wanting to for the past couple of weeks by ignoring the household chores for a complete Sunday. Later during the day I had a chat with a friend and she mentioned there is article in B-Pop a section two in Berita Minggu about Remy Ishak and Scha. Out of curiosity I opened the website and read it through. At first I wanted to ignore the article but something strike me after few lines and make me read it for the second time. Even after reading it for the second time I did not actually able to identify the motive of the article. Is it about Remy’s and Scha’s success, their on screen chemistry, their pairing in the movie or personal life’s? I am not very sure right now whether I am disgusted by the write-up or the construction of sentences in the article and again I asked myself why I am throwing my anger towards it. Off course the main subject is about Remy and Scha Hari Raya plan but the whole article does not about it and the subject touched by the reporter irritates me.

I must admit I am not Tan Sri Prof Emeritus Dr Awang Had Salleh, Zaa’ba or Tan Sri Dr Rahman Arshad who are the backbone of Malay Language and Malay Literature but I understand simple written Bahasa Malaysia and meaning behind each words. Interpretations of sentence can be varied in certain situations or circumstances but to all readers of this blog what will come to mind if we read this “Dari awal kamera dibidik merakam aksi dan gaya mereka, bagaikan ada ion positif yang mengalir di antara mereka. Terserlah keserasian dan ‘kenakalan’ masing-masing. Saling tak tumpah seperti pasangan kekasih. Namun sayang sekali, Scha umum diketahui ramai bahawa hatinya kini dimiliki Awal Ashaari.” Shouldn’t actors and actresses know how to act in front of the camera? From my understanding for the beauty of a picture the models must give their best shot and if it for a loving couple it must shown in their facial reaction. Is it so important for the reporter to express and announce Scha is already in a relationship?. From my understanding of that line if Scha is not in a relationship does it means Remy stand a chance? Hah where is our culture gone to? Can’t we have a constructive written article? Three quarter of the article is not about the whole preparation of EID but touches again and again Remy’s controversy with Maya Karin.

Are we lacked of knowledge in writing? I don’t think so but maybe the public wanted to know more about gossips rather than the whole truth of situation and making our reporters hunting for it. EID is a special month in the Muslim calendar. After the whole month of Ramadhan we celebrate our victory with EID and not just about new clothes, new shoes, handbags, new furniture and every other things material and everything we do and done is not for showing off. It is good effort to have article about Remy and Scha celebrating EID but the whole article defeat the purpose. Will it be a boring subject if the writer did not include the controversy attached to the models? I actually failed to understand our entertainment industry now and furthermore the way Bahasa Malaysia been used for each write-up not just about the artist, actors and actresses. How I wish I can write beautiful Bahasa Malaysia article like Awang Had Salleh or on spur of moment pantun by Rahman Arshad. I have witness this two great man delivering their speeches and I nearly come to tears because I am sure there are no new generation can speak and pronounce our language like them. There is no arr..uhh, gi ane, and many more that I can’t even understand what the youngsters are saying. Newspaper and television station is the nearest media for people to get knowledge but what happen to it. There is now singlish and minglish and it is actually a joke in my household until at times I feel I can’t speak proper English in my interaction with others as though I must adhere to the flow. This is actually annoying and it will eventually disgusting as we go on.

Do we have to speak our language and writing in our language constructively just because we are educationist? Aren’t we part of the education system? My sister and my brother in-law now having tough time with their three year old son because he started to pronounce words like now days children, example gi ane, kat ane until they have to figure sort of punishment if he talks that way. After few months they are now satisfied with it and they are still monitoring his pronunciation for both Bahasa Malaysia and the English Language. I have this feeling maybe because I come from the old thoughts of school where manners and behaviour is the up most priority regardless how successful we are in the academic world although I must admit I do write the current way of speaking Bahasa in my blogs due to the pressure of circumstances and finding hard time to do it descriptive when I am writing for my first novel because it is now been judge by the panel of writers.

Poem: The Moon:
• Oh, look at the Moon!
• She is shining up there.
• Oh, Mother she looks
• Like a lamp in the air.

• Last week she was smaller,
• And shaped like a bow,
• But now she’s grown bigger,
• And round as an O.

• Pretty Moon, pretty Moon.
• How you shine on the door,
• And make it all bright
• On my nursery floor!

• You shine on my playthings,
• And show me their place,
• And I love to look up
• At your pretty bright face.

• And there is a star
• Close by you, and maybe
• That small tumbling star
• Is your baby.

The above poem is the poem I have to read, understand and remember when I was in Standard One and part of our English Literature for lower primary school and as I recall the headmaster of the school is our English teacher. Mr Kesavan, he is late now and may he rest in peace. A tall man and husky voice, each time when we have to recite the poems we must engrossed ourselves in it. The pronunciation, body movement, intonation and many more that I am not able to recall and that is how English is thought those days and from my small research the above poems is actually a preschool poems in the United Kingdom and other develop nations. This is actually imaginations and visualization taking place and this is actually lacking now in our generation. We can’t call ourselves a writer, reporter or newscaster including the actors and actress if we are lacking in those two. It is a focus point in everything we do and because of advanced technology we are now robots as there is no human touch in almost everything we do. It is now effected the music industry to. There is no longer poetic lyrics and arrangement. Wouldn’t it nice to have beautiful song and nicely encrypted lyrics for our listening?.

As I go along with my writing I am also observing the education system and our moral in daily lives. Not long ago I took my nephews and nieces on a bus ride, they are small than and I told them at each stop when we are getting down please say thank you to the driver. The elder nephew trying to be smart and telling me it is his job to drive the bus and why do we have to thank him. I am not ashamed to admit this is happening in my real life and I told him without the driver we will never reach our destinations regardless it is their job or not and there is a bit of misunderstanding to get them understand until he failed his Bahasa Malaysia when he was in Standard Five and every privilege given to him taken away by the parents. Upset and frustrated he kept on asking why and why so the mother told him in one full sentence and breath “because it is your job to pass the exam.” Not so hard way but it is still the hard way.

Pulau Pinang bandar baharu,
Kapten Light menjadi raja;
Kalau terkenang zaman dahulu,
Pipi berlinang air mata.

Pulau Pinang bandar baharu,
Kapten Light menjadi raja;
Bila terkenang zaman dahulu,
Air mata jatuh ke riba.

The above pantun meant for Penang in the olden days and the message behind it is regret by the state of losing it to British. Is this also meant to the current situation?

This is what I meant about writing all about. Each line carries meaning and it is written beautifully for us to remember in our life time. Are we moving forward with our current language? Aren’t we ashamed? Many been said but nothing been done that is what we are…sorry folks and I hope I can escaped this scenario and not wanting to be label as “not able to fight them…joined them”

Attached below is the article I’ve mentioned above.

Written by : Sanaa 30/08/10


Serasi bukan sehati

Oleh Zaidi Mohamad


Scha, Remy ada persamaan raikan kedatangan Syawal

MEMANG benar kata orang, daripada gambar kita boleh mentafsir sesuatu makna yang tak boleh diungkap melalui kata-kata. Jelas sekali ada keserasian di antara gandingan B*Pop, Scha Alyahya dan Remy Ishak bersempena meraikan kedatangan Syawal tak lama lagi. Tampak sempurna mereka di skrin kamera.

Pernah digandingkan dalam drama Awan Dania pada musim pertama dan filem Evolusi KL Drift 2, mereka sebenarnya belum pernah ada rezeki untuk disatukan sebagai pasangan utama di layar perak mahupun kaca TV. Mungkin selepas ini molek kiranya jika ada syarikat produksi yang mempertimbangkan kemungkinan menyatukan mereka.
Baik Scha mahupun Remy, mereka kini boleh disifatkan antara deretan pelakon yang sedang hangat mengisi medium karya seni di negara kita. Malah populariti yang dikecapi mereka juga selayaknya membuatkan nama mereka menjadi rebutan ramai termasuk di kalangan kelompok peminat.

Dari awal kamera dibidik merakam aksi dan gaya mereka, bagaikan ada ion positif yang mengalir di antara mereka. Terserlah keserasian dan ‘kenakalan’ masing-masing. Saling tak tumpah seperti pasangan kekasih. Namun sayang sekali, Scha umum diketahui ramai bahawa hatinya kini dimiliki Awal Ashaari.

Remy pula tak habis-habis dikaitkan dengan Maya Karin. Tapi kata Remy, kamar hatinya masih belum diketuk mana-mana perempuan selepas berakhirnya episod cintanya dengan Ummi Nazeera yang sedang melanjutkan pelajaran di Melbourne Australia.

Jodoh mereka juga tidak lekat bersama untuk menjadi Wajah Eksklusif Astro. Hanya Scha, 27, saja yang memutuskan untuk mengikat kontrak bersama stesen TV berbayar itu pada tahun ini. Sebaliknya Remy, 28, dan pengurusannya Satu Entertainment tidak turut serta atas alasan tertentu.

“Ikutkan tawaran ini Scha terima sejak tahun lalu. Lama juga memikirkannya demi membuat pertimbangan sama rata kerana ia sedikit sebanyak memberi impak kepada kerjaya Scha sendiri. Maksudnya drama Scha hanya boleh ditonton di Astro saja. Tapi kalau filem itu tidak termaktub dalam kontrak.

“Scha akhirnya nekad menerima tawaran ini kerana Scha yakin tak semua yang diberi peluang istimewa sebegitu. Scha ikat kontrak selama setahun dengan pilihan. Dalam tempoh setahun, Scha perlu menghabiskan 60 jam atau 60 episod drama atau telefilem untuk Astro,” ungkap Scha yang sedang ralit dioles wajahnya oleh Emma Mustafa.

Tahun lalu, hampir sepanjang Ramadan, bekas pramugari Air Asia ini sibuk di lokasi penggambaran drama Awan Dania 2. Tahun ini pula sejak 8 0gos lalu, Scha sibuk melunaskan filem kedua lakonannya di bawah Skop Productions (selepas Evolusi KL Drift 2) iaitu Aku Bukan Tomboy memegang watak Farisha.

“Selalunya bila sibuk penggambaran di bulan puasa, persiapan raya itu akan dibuat di celah-celah waktu yang boleh dicuri. Scha pun jenis yang bersederhana. Baju kurung yang siap dijual pun boleh dibeli saat akhir. Lagipun dengan badan Scha yang sekeping ini, tak susah cari baju yang sudah siap.

“Tahun ini tahun kedua Scha beraya di Kuala Lumpur. Selalunya, Scha sekeluarga akan beraya di Sungai Petani. Insya-Allah, kalau ada kesempatan, Scha juga akan beraya di rumah keluarga Awal Ashaari di Subang USJ. Itupun kalau mereka sudah selesai berpindah dari Kampung Baru,” katanya yang baru saja kehilangan nenek sebelah bapanya seminggu sebelum ketibaan Ramadan.

Terlanjur menggandingkan mereka, Dewi Remaja 2007 ini turut diajukan soalan mengenai lelaki yang pernah mendapat jolokan Jejaka Idaman Malaya oleh Erma Fatima itu. Kata Scha, mereka boleh dikatakan sebagai pelakon seangkatan, cuma lonjakan Remy lebih pantas daripadanya.

“Saya kenal dia pun selepas diperkenalkan Bront Palare. Masa itu, mereka sama-sama berlakon dalam filem Anak Halal bersama-sama. Kami pernah lepak bertiga dan ketika itu saya serta Remy masih hijau dalam industri hiburan. Kini, memang nampak perubahan ketara pada dirinya.

“Pada pandangan Scha secara peribadi, Remy satu-satunya pelakon lelaki pelapis ketika ini yang sangat kuat aura dan pengaruhnya. Boleh kata zaman dialah…. Dia mempunyai muka Melayu yang lengkap dengan pakej yang dilihat sempurna. Badannya juga cantik,” kata Scha sambil memandang Remy Ishak yang tersenyum manja kepadanya.

Tiada masalah bersama Maya

PELAKON TV Lelaki Popular, Anugerah Bintang Popular Berita Harian (ABPBH) 2009, Remy Ishak itu terus dihimpit kontroversi terutamanya yang membabitkan dirinya dengan Maya Karin. Puas dinafikan, semakin bertebaran gosip macam-macam mengaitkan mereka.

Namun sekalipun sudah mula jelak dengan cerita melalut itu, baik Maya dan Remy masih perlu bersatu atas komitmen kerja. Mereka sekali lagi akan terbabit dalam pementasan teater Natrah kali kedua 25 November hingga 5 Disember di Panggung Sari, Istana Budaya. Kali pertama ia dipentaskan hujung tahun lalu.

“Dalam soal kerja, saya mahupun Maya akan tetap mengutamakan profesionalisme. Kami tak ada masalah untuk berlakon sama. Yang menjadi isu di sini orang sekeliling saja yang mungkin meletakkan persepsi dan mengandaikan perkara yang bukan-bukan,” katanya yang sebumbung dengan Maya di bawah pengurusan Satu Entertainment sejak awal tahun lalu.

Tahun ini menjadi tahun keempat bagi pelakon yang cukup diingati dengan watak Adam menerusi drama Nur Kasih itu menyambut lebaran sebagai artis. Awal Ramadan lalu, dia sempat meluangkan masa berbuka dengan keluarga di kampung halamannya di Masjid Tanah, Melaka.

“Bagi saya persiapan raya tiap-tiap tahun sama saja. Lagipun kita sudah besar, lainlah bagi adik kecil. Tak ada lebih, tiada kurang. Tapi saya dapat berasakan sambutan tahun ini sedikit berbeza dengan tahun sebelumnya. Rasanya tetamu yang akan bertandang ke rumah keluarga saya pun akan lebih ramai,” katanya yang berpendapat setiap hari bersempena lebaran ini rumahnya sentiasa terbuka untuk kunjungan tetamu.

Mengenai Scha, kata Remy, kali terakhir mereka bertemu sebelum fotografi ini diaturkan ialah sewaktu malam kemuncak ABPBH 2009 berlangsung di Arena Of Stars, Genting Highlands. Kata Remy lagi, sekalipun jarang berjumpa, dia menyenangi peribadi Scha yang disifatkan sebagai seorang yang ‘gila-gila’.

“Sebagai teman seperjuangan, saya juga gembira dengan peningkatan kerjaya seninya. Dari tahun ke tahun, Scha membuktikan bakatnya bukan sembarangan. Saya nak komen lebih pun, saya masih bertatih dan mendaki tangga. Dengan apa yang dikecapi Scha sekarang, harapnya bintang dia akan terus bersinar,” kata Remy.


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