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    Good things come to those who wait.
    Better things come to those who try.
    Best things come to those who believe.
    Desired things come to those who pray.

    "Islamic Thinking"

    A good traveler has no fixed plans, and is not intent on arriving.
    Lao Tzu

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Behind A Word

When I was a child I was thought to say thank you for everything I received, I asked for or any favours done for me without any explanation why am I supposed to do it. As I grow up into this world I start to understand one word that actually expresses many things and it is art. Each step in our life is art and education starts from home. A simple word of thank you mean a world to the receiver as I was told by my parents and teachers in those days and education is not only obtaining our school certificate, diploma, degree and others. It is a nightmare in those days to understand this because my growing up years is more like listen to every single word by my parents, grandparents, uncles and aunties without much explanation. As I start to understand life and have more opportunity to have open talked with my parents I become engrossed finding the meaning(s) or multiple meanings of words and it is awesome to be acquainted with the word “art”. The world of art is huge and a simple art in life is saying thank you, giving a smile and it goes varies in everything we do from our interaction with others, the way we speak, walk, and behave and many more.

Making his trademark with his paintings, Picasso a painter, draughtsman and sculptor remembered until today with his famous creation such as Les Demoiselles d’Aviqnon (1907) and Guernica (1937). Johann Sebastian Bach a German composer, organist, harpsichordist, violist and violinist who secular works for choir, orchestra and solo and a must of a music student to be familiar with his works. William Shakespeare was an English poet and greatest writer in English language and the world’s pre-eminent dramatist. His surviving works include 38 plays such as Hamlet, Romeo and Juliet, Mc Beth and others. Based on record Shakespeare wrote 154 sonnets and sonnet 18 was the poem when doing my English Literature when I was in Form Five and because of that I started to hate art reason being I’ve cried for days to understand the whole poem and that’s life started. Luciano Pavarotti was Italian operatic tenor and also turn out to be a popular music and commercially successful tenors of all time. Pavarotti became well-known diva for his televised concerts and media appearances. Each category of art from all over the world that we are definitely not fit into even if we look far beyond since our independence day.

We are a young nation, young country and absolutely a testing ground for others and I remembered this very well about our history from the day of our sultanate. Our history demonstrate our weaknesses when we pay Siam a huge sum of gold money to protect us from all the enemies (a simple explanation I can remember about) and make us what we are now. In general we are still weak in everything we do, we back stabbing, we fill our hearts with hatred, we like gossip rather than the truth and many more I can’t think of. Once upon a time and even until now there are group of people and individual hates British but whether we like it or not and how bad the influence of British, Portuguese and the rest we must thank them for a trace of art in our lives from our ancestors. With all the above it now took me to the current situation of the art world of Malaysia and a contribution from the entertainment industry.

The current waves of the film industry brings us young, talented and vibrant actors and actresses and to name two that I know although not personally is Remy Ishak and Tiz Zaqyah. With rumourmonger, gossipmonger, scandalmonger, nosy parker, big mouth around them makes our entertainment industry full with shallow thinkers together with aberrant reporters not helping both of them to be known with their talents but gossips. It is now preventable sickness in the media to report the rumours rather than their excellence acting and cinematography chemistry that ought to be presented to them. I am actually getting exhausted reading the Malay newspaper each and every time any article involve the two of them, it will mention or there still a line mentioning about gossip or previous relationship evolve both of them. Do we really need to write the same old thing over and over again? Where will all this lead to? Will this help their acting career? I must agree with Tiz and I agreed with her whole heartedly when she said reporters need to do their homework before doing any interview(s). This is part of art which is lacking in every article I have read by our reporters. Expression of each word does not carry credence to the positive readers but will attract many mongers around.

Without a doubt personal life of any famous stars hungrier by all but I do believe it is a responsibility of the writer or reporters to differentiate the behavioural conduct of writing etiquette. If we are able to promote the quality of the stars it will absolutely sell because that is what we are looking for not just the cheap stuff tag to the name. People do every kind of thing to get famous but not many gifted artist around and I dare say Tiz and Remy are both talented and gifted and now become the target by the unscrupulous reporters and “someone” behind the scene. The unfortunate issue of all this is not a crime base on the local standard of reporting and with “budi bahasa amalan kita” my assumption is Tiz and Remy taking it with full of diplomacy and not jumping over the issues and avoiding unnecessary sorrow.

In the recent article David Teo the Executive director of MIG proudly announce he will never take Remy as one of his cast due to reports of Remy’s refusal being photograph with one of the upcoming actress in his production. I personally feel the statement is very childish looking at David’s position and contribution in the film industry. I fully aware of the sentiment or it might not the way been reported but as a reader I take it as face value. Remy was not there to defend himself but again in the professional world there is one word we bring into play and it is choice. It is a choice made by David not to have Remy is his production and it is a choice Remy make to choose with whom he wants to be photograph with and when. This is a fair game and I absolutely with Remy on this. On the other hand if the statement is not the truth the motive beyond doubt tarnishing Remy’s image as a new actor.

Our movie industry is very small. We don’t have much to offer especially in creative writing, our plot remained the same over the years either a love movie with challenges getting parents approval, 3rd person or the next best offer is ghost movie with human being turn into ghost and getting revenged flying all over the place or so called comedy where there is no comedy at all. I was in a bus traveling from Kuala Lumpur to Melaka recently and they play a movie called “Kecoh Betul” (if I recalled correctly). I was very tired and do not give much attention towards it but since it was on there was a time I stick my eyes on the screen. First glance I know it is a comedy and being typical me I form an opinion it is a stupid movie and to proof I am wrong I watch it off and on. I am not wrong it is actually stupid because we are conveying a message that our young man not wanting to work hard and being a pizza delivery boy the money earned is not enough to support their living. There is no energy in the movie there is no inspiration in the plot and by giving lame excuse their salary is small and was never enough to meet their requirement and ends meet.

Without a doubt it is happening right in front of our eyes daily, with each breath we take but why can’t we develop a determination from a delivery boy to a pizza owner store? There are many negatives young boy on the street and giving them that kind of movie without solid thinking mind we develop a group of nation without ambition and determination. I read it once and somewhere movie is part of tool to change our mindset and helping the nation. Will this type of movie help the nation? After that movie and reaching my destination again I form an opinion that we are divided into two groups the directors and the producers and the person who controls the cinema and viewing approval. I am very positive we do have excellent script writers who are capable to write a positive and constructive script but again their ideas hindered by the people who are in power.

My father always said if we practise being artistic and instils good manners and behaviour in ourselves even the worst comment can be an art. We are losing our identity as Malay and Malaysian and worst when we are a Muslim. A friend said because we call ourselves Malay we are now the way we are, throwing morals into the drain but if we call ourselves Muslim and Islam is our religion we appreciate every single thing in life from the smallest gift to the greatest blessing from Allah. Watch our steps and our tongue because we are never known who are our friend and our enemy and an art we must learn. Life is an art itself present us with challenge, obstacle and difficulty. We are only able to go through all the challenges when we are focus and identify the trouble and work out the solution. It is also an art in solving issues and getting the perfect way out at the best presented time.

We don’t have Ryan Seacrest, Kanye West, Rihanna or even Lady Gaga but the most pathetic in Malaysia we are trying to be like them. We copy and with no identity. My father might be right and I think he is right in a way when we copy we loose the art itself because we are no longer through to ourselves. Art allows us to explore the secrets of the world through our mind, imagination, and visualisation and become the divas and be known in our life time and future. Sad to admit and say we have nothing called our own; the epics we have is not ours etc Mak Yong, Kuda Kepang and Gamelan. Art is what we preserved and appreciate and throwing it out of our life equal not appreciating what life is all about.

To Remy and Tiz from the bottom of my heart I wish you every victory in life and stay true to your principle and may disappointment and objection finding its way to mend and give both of you assurance for a better life ahead. Please don’t be discourage and we undeniably wanting to see more from both of you in the movie scene to bring back the glamour’s of the industry in every sense of words.

I know I am not able to change the world but I am able to change my views and perception by writing in my own blog, trained my mind to delete and pay no attention to the negatives vibes of attacks towards Remy Ishak and Tiz Zaqyah and remained optimistic with their talent with hope to see further of their works with incredible directors. Different plot and characters and I do believe they are able to send shivers to our bones with their acting.

A word with a purpose to change our thinking and mindset and I will remember it all my life without forgetting my grassroots.

Owned and written by : Sanaa 20/09/10


3 Responses

  1. Salam all…

    lameee…lameee…n. shalllowwww …that’s our journalist…’typical’..most of themm…always blame us the reader ..saying we only keeen on cheap gossips…whereas…most of us ‘muntah darah’ when we read their writings and so-called ‘berita’…duuhhhh…pity them..still thinking the ‘tempurung’ is their universe..we r more hip and forward thinking ….budak darjah 3 pun boleh buat writing mcm tuhh…kesiaaannn…

  2. salam sanaa……
    akak kembali lagi ….sentiasa ikut nukilan sanaa..akak setuju sgt ape yg sanaa tuliskan…..wartawan hiburan malaysia ramai yg x cerdik…bagi mrk gossip2 ttg artislah yg patut di highligtkan…itu yg org suka baca…padahal menyampah…sampai ke dlm kain artis pun nak dikeluarkan cerita…inikah erti sebenar profession kewartawanan.
    bakat dan talent…tolak tepi..x de nilai kormersial…
    yup sentiasa doakan tiz dan remy…sentiasa dipermudahkan segala usaha…dan dijauhkan segala hasd dengki dan fitnah manusia….dan mrk suatu hari nanti menjadi kebanggaan malaysia kerana sekurang2nya malaysia mempunyai pelakon yg berkelibar dan berkualiti tinggi….amin…

  3. Keep writing san, I love the way you are….

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