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Clouds Above My Head

Alhamdulillah Sunday was good. I make do with the time to fulfil my long overdue promises by visiting my aunties and sister. It was a good and fun day, although there is something actually bothering me the whole time. With all the laughter and jokes somehow I was carried away with something in my mind. Not able to rectify the situation I just play along with it. I only able to reconcile it during few minutes of my quiet moment, I do realise it has been awhile since I sit down and going through my daydreams about my ideal couple in mind. All the wishful thinking and honestly I miss writing about them. No hidden agenda, it is just plain admiration for both of them with all the flowery hopes and wishes. I blame my self for the failure to write because without noticing and realising it I open my self to negativity all over again.

Although tired I promise my self, upon reaching home I must scribble something and posted it to the blog. Alhamdulillah, I’ve manage to do it. Since it was late evening and being a Sunday, I did not expect to receive any comments. But I did. With the comments by Haz, I found the answer to my agitated mood through out the day. I believe it was. Thank you, Haz. Haz is a frequent reader to the blog. Being a frequent reader to the blog, Haz highlighted to me about a programme named Galaxy on 9TV. When Haz suggested watching it, I was not totally excited to watch the programme. I did it out of curiosity. My curiosity paid off immediately. It blew me off the minute I saw the slides, even before the interview begins. The title stirs me a bit but does not effect me as bad as the slide of other woman in Remy’s life. After a while something strike me, when was the interview? Is it not during FFM? It is no longer the issue of Remy and Tiz in love or in relationship but again the way the interview were held.

What are they up to? What right do they have to do that? What right do they have to provoke individual preferences in relationship or knowing each other? It is so very wrong for Remy going out with Tiz Zaqyah on whatever reason they have? Even if they are dating what right do the reporters have to quarry behind Remy’s past and putting all the slide shows of other woman while interviewing him? Are these reporters actually disturbed by Remy’s and Tiz relationship? The whole bunch of reporters are nuts. It is so unethical. No wonder they stay as reporters and never ever become a journalist. The compeer and whatever name you call it is provoking in their interviews. The language, intonations and way of talking does not show any respect to Remy. Once or twice people can take it and I will not ever blame Remy if one day he blew off and throwing his punch to all the reporters. This is sickening.

Looking at the backdrops I think the interview was done during FFM. I might be wrong but I don’t think so, Remy look so tense during the interview. It is his private life and I am sure he care very much for Tiz feelings too. The gossips actually hurt both of them although interview been done with Remy. Everything Remy says will reflect to the other party and of course the other is Tiz Zaqyah, his friend and his partner in the drama. I am sure they have a good friendship and why others want to destroy them? Not even once I did hear or read the reporters or interviewers saying blessing about the gossip or rumours they are seeing each other. Even as a friend a doa is good. It will be great to hear we give doa and prayers to others, wishing them all the best and success in life. It is a good start for everything. I am sure after so many times reading and hearing from reliable sources Tiz and Remy is private person. Love life is their personal thing and does not involve their career as actors.

Again, even if they are dating and in love what right do we have to go against it and wanting them to admit with the aim to satisfy the readers and viewers nosiness? I love Remy’s reply when he said he does not need to tell everyone whether he is in love or dating anyone and the day he got married is the day everyone knows. It is witty and simple. Am I wrong to feel that they have been a subject ever since winning the most popular male and female artist awards? I am very convinced the interview was done during FFM. I respect Remy and Tiz rationalizations during their interview with Utusan Malaysia. Both of them are together, and I am sure both of them knows what they are saying and even if something written in the paper is not what been transpired between the two, they also know that is media way of writing and attracting people to get a copy of the paper that day. “Jalinan Kasih” such a huge meaning behind it. It is such a lovely word.

I do believed and honestly feel fans do want to know a small piece of their idol personal life. That’s the norm but again I did not agree with the term that artist or actors belongs to the fans. If we are sincere in supporting them, watch their drama or film and credit them with their capability in their talent and acting. Put aside any personal feeling and relationship between us as their supporters and them as the actors. Are the reporters being pressured by the fans and public for such news? Or our reporters does not know what to report and thinking it is their right to ask any question and make them personal? For umpteenths times I did mention and said before, try to put our self in their shoes, can we take it? Where do they go for shopping, weekend, holiday, brand of their cosmetics and the list goes on; can we be realistic with all this things every single day of our life? We can go berserk even when our parents start nagging at us.

Can all of us imagine the life Tiz and Remy going through with one small thing and spread it as though it is the most sinful thing in life and the end of the world. Come on…I think and suggest the reporters should actually go for therapy and be in a rehab for all this. They should be clearing their mind and find another way of living. Aren’t you feeling guilty reporters? Not even a slight of uneasiness after doing that to the people? Or do you think being a reporter you are granted the permission by GOD to do anything you want until destroying the image of other human being? Do you really think you are perfect? I keep on blabbering about it and the only reason that I’ve heard all this while is in line of duty.

Remy has moved on with his life and his past is history. Nothing can change the past but we can build a future by moving forward with new energy and embraced new vision of life. I failed to understand the concept of reporting by our local reporters. Is gossip actually the backbone of their rice bowl? After nearly a year following the footsteps of Remy Ishak and Tiz Zaqyah the gossips involving them is very unbelievable. I am actually refraining myself from writing because I don’t want people to think that only them is my subject concerned but again they are my starting point and I feel responsible to write my opinion and views regarding matters involving them.

Again and again, why and why clouding my mind every time I hear or read about it. Whenever or wherever interviews conduct for them without failed Remy’s past relationship being mentioned and Tiz socializing with groups of friends still the target. It is so tiresome hearing and reading about it. It is a boring subject as Remy mentioned it. We are not heading anywhere with it. As a viewer and a reader it is actually sickening hearing about it again and again.

Allow me to share a write-up about Deanna Yusoff in the mstar online yesterday. Please forgive me for not able to recall the writer’s name. I’d just love the way she wrote about Deanna and what’s going on in her life. Deanna as charming and ever and at 43 she is not denying wanting to be in the industry again but unfortunately until now she did not find a good script and movie to work on. I don’t remember much about her but I do know she is from mix parentage and lead a quiet life with her own things now. In a food business and chocolate is her top priority Deanna impresses the audience when rendering jazz songs at Fendi boutique opening in Singapore (if I recall correctly and please correct me if I’m wrong). The writer did not touch any of her past but concentrating on her current and future plan. Why is that so? Is the reporters not Malaysian or because Deanna is in her class by its own? I really look forward to and wish to found out more about this and why Remy and Tiz being a target for all the unscrupulous gossip. Is this the way reporters treat others?

My most important point of this write-up is more about the way reporters and interviewers conduct their interviews. Is there any scheme behind all this? It is annoying and showing how shallow the mind of our reporters and it will form an image to us as readers and viewers. That makes my reasons for not making any effort watching Melody. Another similar production called Galaxy is now making it waves in the arena. If a survey been made I am positively believe that will be the result. After all this years Melody is still there, the concept has not changed. They only change the compeer and might be the studio setting, nothing else. Taking the example of Nona, why the show ratings drop? Sources were saying because of the anchor and it might be true, because two of my friends stop watching Nona because they find it not interesting anymore. A programme with a standard format of segment and how the anchor attracts viewers sailing through each segment will determine the no of viewers and maintaining the rating. It is the opposite with Melody and Galaxy, viewers does not depend on the anchor or compeer, they want the gossip and the more juicy gossip in there the more they attract viewers. Does this draw an image about us, the viewers? So in the end how sadly I must admit it takes two to tango and we are to be blame.

Malaysian is following the concept of E News and the reality show of Hollywood world but we forgot that we are Malays and Islam is our religion. It is not right for me to put religion in the discussion so I will merely state our culture and our way of leading life is not the same. In so many ways we have guidelines to follow and image to portray as Malaysian. After a year and keep on writing and mentioning Nur Kasih, with Remy and Tiz part of the production I do realise the sincerity and honesty in this two loveable people of the industry. They act because they love acting and doing it whole heartedly. There is no plastic at all. They received their rewards in monetary and recognition because of their honesty and sincerity. The result is we are still talking about Nur Kasih and waiting anxiously for Nur Kasih the Movie.

Remy and Tiz might not be Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton of Malaysia, but they are loved by all. They deserved respect from others because they are just another human being like us with feelings and they choose the entertainment industry as their career. With the rate the reporters are going we will remain as third world mentality and don’t ever dream to be recognized by others. Please do not follow the footsteps of paparazzi who killed the late Princess Diana and don’t make popularity killed our dear actors and actresses. Flashing cameras are behind them all the time and at the end they succumb to stress and depending on drugs until drugs took their life.

To both Remy and Tiz, my doa and prayers goes to both of you. I wish you all success and happiness in life are yours. Even though all the obstacle and challenge widen our horizon but there will be a moment we will be disappointed and be at our lowest point in life. If that ever happened I hope you have faith and courage to go on and face the world all over again with support from your love ones.

Owned and written by : Sanaa 07/11/10


7 Responses

  1. I applaud you Cik Sanaa. I must say thru my observation though I felt like the media are more harsh on Tiz (poor girl, my heart reached out for her everytime her name was draged by media in Remy/UN/maya controvacies), like there is a gang up out there among the the media circle tried to let down or undermind Tiz’s career as an actress and a person and as if because of her past and she did 1 film she been treated by the media as ‘unworthy’ unlike Remy their current hero, remember one magazine label ‘from zero to hero’ on Remy. Certain media make me feel like they have put Remy up there as one of the A-list star, so it makes me think can it be in their eye and mind these two paring of RITZ are unworthy ‘tak da uhm’. Remy should be pair with another A-list star….like MK !!. You can feel a different admosphere in media when it come to news of Remy and Maya everywhere, rave after rave how ‘serasi’ they (look)are together, maybe to them two A-list pairng are more appropriate dispite their own speculation on’Remy’s supposed runtuhkan rumahtangga orang i’e maya’s was OK to them sensationalised it more, forbidden love. Media is like playing a match-maker of their own. OhBulan already shout gleefully at Cun premiere ‘Remy and Maya couple of the year’ not about the story or the character ‘Atan’ & ‘Yuna’ in Cun but about the 2 star just like ‘Natrah’ you see the media manipulation and intention? Even the current SS seems to carry that same conoctation when they reported of rumour of Remy/Tiz supposed kahwin plan, w/out fail they had insert on Remy ‘pernah jatuh hati dgn Maya'( **really?**) and then continue to mentioned that Remy just fiinished filimg his film ‘Cun'(**what?, hellooo, the last Remy finished film was ‘Barajiwa’**) and now in location for another film ‘aku, kau dan dia’ and that mocking tone comparing, Remy did film after film but Tiz get more offer for drama, very convinient and stategic wasn’t it to point us the difference in status.
    I guess they had Maya in their mind when rumour reached their ear of RITZ supposed ‘nikah’ plan and it worries them. When I read the recent SS over again I can’t help but notice the writer’s tone of writing, like sadness, disapproval even a warning to Remy, like he’s just reached to this high status ‘don’t jearpanized your career’ we can feel the writer relief with Remy’s reply As you mentioned Deane Yusof, it makes me conclude wherever right or wrong that the media are far more forgiving even favourable towards pan-asian actor/actress, they overlooked their passed but they can’t do the same for Tiz. Look at Maya scandal after scandal nothing tainted her, like she got media’s backing but not Tiz. Personally I felt like the media was giving Remy the ultimatum if Remy where to chose Maya ‘we will be behind you and your career cuz you make us look good cuz what we speculated since Natrah 1 was true and the evidence was you two are together now’ like that was their mission and if Remy choose Tiz ‘down you go where you belong’ cuz you make us look bad. I guess the media wants to look good. I really hope and gave du’a for Tiz and Remy that they came out of all this a winner, Amin. Tiz may get dissaproval in her close freindship with Remy among the media but she get her fans behind her. Sorry that I’d pour what’s gong on in my mind here in your blog every now and then. Maybe intrepretation was all wrong but I can’t help being angry and bitter everytime I stumble some articles on the Remy/Tiz/MK. Please free to admonish or let me know if my view was too harsh and it makes you uncomfortable.

    • Thank you Shelin. I appreciate it very much and please feel free to voice anything you want at every write-up in this blog. At times I wrote my articles because of what I feel at that particular moment and it might disturb some readers too. But I must agree with what you said…the media is not being fair to Remy/Tiz, as though they have every right to decide which path remy/tiz should lead. It looks like conspiracy theory to me but Insha’Allah with the doa from all and their courage they will come out as a winner. Kadang2 apa yang Allah nak bagi tu memang lambat tapi bila dah diberi manisnya hingga keakhir hayat. Teruskan berdoa seikhlas hati kita and we will see the good deed one day…Insha’Allah.

      • Dear Cik Sanaa, you’re the voice of reason. Your views are always more ratonal then I do that’s why I find comfort in yr writing. Last night I felt like I’m torchering myself after google for Cun review by media attended the premiere, ALL good review on Remy’s performance (yeay!) and the storyline. The media predicted that there’s no doubt the movie going to be the box-office sensation and named CUN as ‘the first successful romantic comedy in 2011 so far if not ever, wow) they feedback the audience love it, they laugh, cheers and clap by the at the end of movie for the happy ending, they left the cinema smiile and happy. I should be feeling proud and good right for Remy but then I think of the trailer in ‘NKTM’ where its’a fill with pain and sadness when we should at least anticipating some happiness for our couple? It makes me sad, why Cun can have the happy ending that make the fans left the cinema with smile of satisfaction for their couple of the year’s happy ending but NKTM fans left the theater crying for their couple’s lost? (from the trailer) I remember Cun and NKTM were supposed to be in cinema same time in March 2011 but somehow they pushed NKTM to later date and some journlist insinuate due to fear that Cun could outshine NKTM. Can it be because of how the two movie’s storyline end? The people in the MOVIE bussiness know the power of Remy/MK & NKTM . Suddenly I felt sick in the stomach thinking of what to come for NKTM. It worries me what would be the aftermath of these two movie.
        See, I told you, I torcher myself didn’t I and I deserved what I felt now.
        I really hope NKTK do good and make their fans happy and satisfied too.

      • Dear Shelin…please don’t torcher yourself. It won’t do any good. Please do remember CUN is a romantic comedy and NKTM is a heavy drama. You can’t compare them both. The laugh the smile the happy ending will end the moment they left the cinema. The tears the pain the suffering and the happiness after all that will be talk abt for a long long time. Even NK and CUN be in cinema on the same day and date nothing can compare the genre of the movie. If ever any reporters or media compare the character of our couple in NK with RI and MK in CUN I will definitely tell them they don’t deserved to be reporters.

        Look back at what NK the series has given us. You are here today because of that. Alhamdulillah I am here because I love the drama and our couple. They have given me hope that life is worth living. It is good CUN getting a good review from the media and applaud RI’s acting but with all the promotion on CUN not many credited the supporting roles. None of them in the media and none of them been interviewed. As though the supporting roles does not exist and I do hope Filmscape will not do this during the promo of NKTM. I do believe Kabir will make sure all the cast get the credits. Don’t cry over CUN my dear, we yet to see the impact of the film towards our life. Comedy, romantic comedy meant for us to laugh and let them laugh. From my personal point of view even if CUN reach box office it will does not effect NK as a whole. The power of love in NK is unbeatable. Until today many dramas want to have and instill the Islamic views but NK been remembered. I am not a kind of person who browse the net unless necessary for my writing and I always miss most reviews on films coz I am not kaki wayang but I will not miss NK.

        Again please look into NK all over again. No doubt the trailer and the music video is tragic and sad but the love is pure, honest and you did say once “less is more”. We crave to see more of Adam and Nur although we know Kabir and crew will never put another NK into a movie or drama.

        I hope this will cheer you up a bit. Enjoy your sunday evening dear. Smile even your heart is aching and you will know what love and life is all about. Watch the series again with hope you will find some solace in it.

  2. don’t they get bored gossiping the same thing over n over again?…duhhh..
    if i feels tired heard all those things….i bet cjoli moli feels even worst!!

  3. yes.. the interview was done during the final day of FFM.. just a few days after he was being interviewed by michelle melodi on the 1st day of FFM.. and for the same ‘sickening’ issue *puke*

  4. this is profit terms..
    in business matter known as ‘task and target’….
    they can write a nasty words actually….

    ‘m as well do the same the bloody question with a bloody answer….

    go..go…go…Remy & Tiz…..cjoli moli lead the industry….

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