• Thank you friends readers and passers-by for your continuous support to my blog. I will not be able to update often now and many articles and short story left hanging in the draft box due to the pressure of time lately but nevertheless I am trying to cope with it and will post few as time goes by.

    Pleasant day and have a good life.



    Good things come to those who wait.
    Better things come to those who try.
    Best things come to those who believe.
    Desired things come to those who pray.

    "Islamic Thinking"

    A good traveler has no fixed plans, and is not intent on arriving.
    Lao Tzu

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Goodbye 2010

Life is to short for everything, choose something that you like and pursue it to your satisfaction. A friend told me that once. Unfortunately I am not a responsible dreamer. My liking and hobbies keep on changing as the month changes in a year. Or maybe I had too many until it clouded my mind so at the end I became Jack of all thread master of none. Throughout my life I had laid a hand on all my interest and hobbies with collections of books from various writers. I love cooking, gardening and sewing including handicrafts together with needlework. I still do a bit here and there and in the year 2009 I pick up something new and interesting; writing.

In the beginning I do it just to pass my time and during those times it is actually keep me occupied. It was fun actually. So, towards the end of 2009 I set up a blog with encouragement from friends I know online then. Nothing actually prepared me for this. I just go with the flow and somehow I get hooked by it. I did not prepare myself for all this but what I did realise I started to read again. Reason being because writing actually needs facts no matter what we are writing. Even a simple story needs some facts with fairytale to make it interesting.

Getting the right words to write a poem, pantun and article are most challenging in writing. Even after taking few lessons on it, I still feel it is tough. Articles are all facts and as the writer I really need to do my homework and get the message across to my readers. So, I challenge myself and soon it becomes interesting and motivated me to try harder and keep on trying.

With all the fun, searching and reading, it is now has been a year since the blog started. The first rule about writing given to me, just write whatever you feel at least two a day. Fuhh, tough I tell myself. I struggle everyday to get my subject just to fulfill the quota of two each day. Surprisingly enough, it comes easily when we concentrate and put our mind into it. Subsequently the toughest of all is to know whether all the write-up able to reach the readers and satisfy them. I tried to do it constantly from that moment onwards until about two weeks ago I decided to have a break. It is not a one hundred percent break per say, wherever I am, and if idea comes I will take a seat for a while and scribble something on the notebook.

While doing that I remember what my sister once said…people think being with a musician is rough because they are a dreamer, writer is worst she said. Writers always drifted into somewhere even in the middle of conversation. They suddenly hunt for papers or scribble on anything they found. Eyes fixing on something or someone but the mind is all over the universe. Remembering that, it wore a smile on my face and I think I am now acted like one of them. But otherwise I also think I am a good pretender, looking as though nothing happen but in real my mind is travelling all over. My argument with her on that statement is musician hums all the time and making sound to remember. It is noisy, I said…the melody is soothing was her reply.

Basically the year of 2010 I am in a dream world and dreaming to become a good writer and being a columnist. It’s a wish upon a star. It is now coming to the end of 2010, on whatever reason and on whatever topic I have written, silently I am congratulating myself for the hours I trait for the ideas, dreaming, searching and put it down into words before editing and posting it to the blog.

Short stories and novels needs all aspect of attention, from the story line, building up the character, introducing them in the story, the plot, flow of sequence, flashback, suspense, romantic and choices of words. Creating each character to each event or scene, changes me all the time to get the feel right of each character. Binding them all together to make a story can take ages. At times, it took me more than a week to write just one page. One of the best secret about writing, don’t ever force even to hold a pen when the mood is not there. Never force any ideas to flow when you are not into it.

Time flies and without realising it is now has been a year since everything started. During the break which I decided to take, it has made me thinking how far do I want to take writing in my life, what kind of articles and stories my readers expect from the blog? Basically from the day I started till now the theme is more about love. I have written many poem, pantun and sajak based on love. Only once in a while I’ll submit article base on what happening in and around the entertainment industry. What will happen if I change the subject and topic of writing more often? What will happen if I stop writing about the two love birds that started my writing? The question has lingered my mind lately.

At the end I find the answers to my question, they started it and I will not stop writing about the love birds, that’s for sure but it is now on another phase of story, no longer illusion or imagination getting to know each other. I think I should seriously think about their love and intimacy. What is the difference isn’t it? I still need to imagine and be in “their world” and dreaming about it before writing.

Alhamdulillah with the continuous support of dear friends and readers, I am still able to write and with hope 2011 will bring another era of writing for me. Insha’Allah, I will expand my horizon, be more creative and on many topics available. My sincere and heartfelt thanks goes to Sup, Dodin, Red, Apple, Seh, Yatty, Tasha, Atan, all readers and passers-by.

To the two beautiful souls that I know from Nur Kasih, their Nur has been the inspiration behind most of my writing. Dearest Remy and Tiz thank you from the bottom of my heart for the undeniable inspiration both of you have given me from the day I started. I wish both of you all the best and success in your life journey, keep spreading the love both of you have and spark the industry with your warmth smiles. Take care and be happy.

HAPPY NEW YEAR, may 2011 brings us happiness, with all hopes and dreams comes true, success in life and reasonably good fortune. Enjoy each day, make changes and become the person we want to become, because opportunity will present itself the moment we open ourselves to changes and accept them.


3 Responses

  1. thx a zillion sanaa..for what you did…waiting for more episodes of adam and nur….:)

  2. Comfort on difficult days,
    Smiles when sadness intrudes,
    Rainbows to follow the clouds,
    Laughter to feel your lips,
    Sunsets to warm your hear,
    Gentle hugs* when spirits sag,
    Friendships to brighten your being,
    Beauty for your eyes to see,
    Confidence for when you doubt,
    Faith so that you can believe,
    Courage to know yourself,
    Patience to accept the truth,
    And love to complete your life.

    Thinking of you Sana’a…keep moving…
    {a hug – is a sign of love}

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