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    Good things come to those who wait.
    Better things come to those who try.
    Best things come to those who believe.
    Desired things come to those who pray.

    "Islamic Thinking"

    A good traveler has no fixed plans, and is not intent on arriving.
    Lao Tzu

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True Love Never Dies

Good Morning Friends and Readers

I found a sad poem about love, a touching story of true friend. Hope the poem will give meaning to our lives. Enjoy the day and holiday.




True Love Never Dies
by Butterfly kisses

There once were two best friends.
A boy and girl.
They’d known each other since childhood.
To each other they were the world.
When the boys would pick on her
For wanting to join in their games,
He was the one right by her side
Defending her and calling them names.
When her little kitty got sick
And had to put to sleep,
He was there to hold her hand
And share her grief.
When he enter the varsity football team
And scored the point to win the game,
She was there in the stands
Cheering and screaming his name.
When he lost his first love
And his heart-broken into two,
She was there to give him a smile
And pull him through.
When she would look into the mirror
And think of herself as a disgrace,
He was there to make her feel beautiful
And put a smile on her face.
On their graduation day
He was grinning from ear to ear
As she gave the valedictorian speech.
Sharing her hopes, her dreams, her fears.
He was so proud of her
And through his tears he told her so.
I love you so much.
I just had to let you know
I love you too, she replied.
You’re the best friend I’ve ever had.
You’re the one who’s always stood by me
And for that I am so glad
As the years went by
Their friendship never changed.
Then one day his whole world ended.
Never again would it be the same.
That day they were walking alone in the park
When he gently reached for her hand.
Surprisingly she pulled away and said,
I can’t do this.
There’s something that you’ve got to understand
What is going on? he asked.
You don’t seem like yourself
But before she could explain,
She fainted and fell into his arms
As he yelled for someone to help.
Waiting outside her hospital room
All he could do was pray
He wondered what could be going on
And if she’d be okay.
Quietly he walked into the room
And saw her tiny body laying there.
He tried so hard not to cry
And show’s that he’s scared.
The doctors said that she had cancer
And not much longer to live.
He wished he was the one who was sick.
To save her, his soul he’d give.
Months past and still no change.
But he never left her side.
When she’d get scared he’d hold her close
And tell her not to cry.
I love you so much words can’t define.
I wish I could take away your pain
And make it mine.
I don’t know what I’d do without you.
You are my life and my soul.
I wish that I could hold you forever
And never let you go
I’m so sorry, she sobbed.
I wish God would let me stay.
I love you with everything that I am.
That will never change.
Even though I’ll no longer be
Here with you on Earth,
I’ll be watching over you
And protecting you from the worst.
I never want you to feel alone
For I’ll always be in your heart.
I’ll be the wind that moves you
And the light behind the stars.
They held each other for what seemed like hours
Until he felt her slip away.
No God! Please don’t take her
Just give me one more day
He sobbed and sobbed
Till the doctors came
To put a sheet over her head
And wheel her away.
Years have passed
But still he mourns
For the death of his true love.
He knows that she is with him.
Smiling down from up above.
She taught him so much
And forever changed his life.
She’ll always have his heart,
For true love never dies.

Compiled by : Sanaa 29/12/10


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