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Real Talent

Holiday gave me plenty of time to watch tv, movies, browse the internet and many more including eating a lot. The unfortunate part is I am not really focus on the many things I have read and watch but out of a sudden a small conversation between my sister and I make me thinking about it. No one knows him before his winning in Bintang RTM in 1979.

When he rises to fame his personal life became a story from his broken marriages and drug issues. But as far as I can remember no article or write-up about him for his voice and singing abilities been written. Nothing that I know about his singing abilities even after being to his concert “Aku Penghibur” in 2006 at Istana Budaya. Four days with four different guest singers with composer S.Atan is strong evidence he is a real talented singer.

Jamal Ubaidillah Bin Haji Ali or famously known as Jamal Abdillah performing again at Istana Budaya from 7th till 10th January 2011. Looking forward to his concert I had a chat with my sister by asking her when the rehearsal for Jamal is. Don’t you know, she said, Jamal does not need rehearsal; we just need to test run a day before the show for stage purposes. Wow, is he that good? I asked. Yes he is, replied my sister. So she narrated me this story from the view-point of all musicians who has played for Jamal in his concert. Although my sister played for him in his earlier concert this tale does not come to my knowledge.

Jamal will sit quietly on a chair, playing with his spectacles and let the musician tune their instrument. When the music conductor gave the queue and the music start he lost himself in the music and lyrics. Perfect pitch, vocal, octave and everything goes with terms of music flow with him. During this conversation with my sister, my memory took me to the 2006 concert when he sang Seroja with S. Atan playing the piano. The orchestra did not go with Jamal in this song, only piano played by S. Atan. His voice vibrates in the auditorium and the moment he finished singing the energy of the clap with bravo yelled by audience is awesome.

According to the musicians who have played for him in many of his concerts, he was the way it is from the beginning. He’s talented and gifted but the unfortunate part of his life wasted because of his addiction. Nothing change in his voice, tempo and singing and he can sing on stage as what we been hearing from his record. Hearing his voice make me forget about his life history, the darker side of him because he sang by pouring his soul into each song.

I am sure many of us might not believe this because we think while recording there will be synchronizing of perfect pitch and vocal but Jamal does not need all this. Nothing can proof his singing ability unless we witness it ourselves by going to his concert. I was hoping Jamal will be singing with M. Nasir again but this time there is no guest appearance if I read correctly. It is Jamal solo concert named as J2011.

So, it seems I am not able to run away with showbiz as though I am in it but the truth is for most the article I write is from my personal experience and my support goes to the real artist with real talent. For Jamal fans, see you at Istana Budaya.

Owned and written by : Sanaa 03/01/11


6 Responses

  1. san ! meremang bulu roma !
    his voice so awesome kan !

  2. Ada extra tiket lagi ke .. hehehe. Juz to add that another talented artist with his golden voice is Saleem from the band ‘Iklim’. Coincidently, his lifestyle was the same as Jamal Abdillah ie. drug addiction though I think he has redeemed himself from that wrongful activity.

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