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    Good things come to those who wait.
    Better things come to those who try.
    Best things come to those who believe.
    Desired things come to those who pray.

    "Islamic Thinking"

    A good traveler has no fixed plans, and is not intent on arriving.
    Lao Tzu

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“A picture speaks a thousand words”

With the quotes we know why people carry cameras wherever they go. Pictures keeps memories and able to tell a story. A fond memory with family, friends, pets and our surrounding is a memorable collection. Photographers took pictures as their job and income. Individual took pictures as a personal collection. Every one of us has reasons for it and that goes to photographers for magazine and media.

Yesterday there was a bit hysterical of emotions when pictures of Remy Ishak and Maya Karin published in Berita Harian. It was not the gossip written but the pictures been talked about. Again today the pair pictures were publishes in another local newspaper, Kosmo. More often than not I always wrote about the gossip surrounding them but today it is no longer the gossip but the act in the photo shoot. Each pictures been an eye sore to many. I use many because now it’s been discuss in a forum.

I do realise everything about Remy and Maya been highlighted in many extra ways. Earlier they have been gossip having an affair which they denied. Their so call romance once again highlighted during Natrah for the second season. After all those, the stories quieten by itself and Remy again been gossip with his partner in Nur Kasih, Tiz Zaqyah. Both of them denied but their stories still seen in the gossip column once in a while. It is a circular in their diaries. Gossip is the appetizer in entertainment industry. Even the reporters admits this. They are always hungry for gossips because gossip sells. Now they are adding a bit more spice in it with seductive and sort of bitchy acts. Photographers and reporters loves this, I am sure.

There are many photo shoot between actors and actress. They keep on changing as they were cast in a film. Of all the photo shoots Remy and Maya been an issue lately and from few friends I gather their frustrations. First of all Maya dress or blouse shall I say on that day and without me need saying further please check out all their acts in that photo shoot. Grab a copy of Berita Harian on 16/02/11 and a copy of Kosmo dated 17/02/11 and judge it yourself.

As a friend pointed out Remy and Maya has been doing their best in the name of acting world but what is in their mind and heart is not us to say. There are many people involve during photo shoot. There are choreographer, editor, make-up artist and many more with their fancies. As the actors again I think they are trying to give their best in every way. They are merely playing their roles, no doubt about it but again there are sentiments and issues involve every time they are cast together. Why is that?

There are different opinions and divided group and it is very unfortunate when most of us putting our personal sentiment and trying to judge each act and form a story. There is no right or wrong in this issue. It is all again depending on our interpretation and perception. I am now putting myself in a shoe of Remy and Maya. I am sure and believe they are trying to deliver the chemistry needed for the session and on the other hand, people or public sees it as relegation of morals for our artist especially we are Muslim and Islāmic country. We can’t ignore the public views totally. On top of that since they are trying very hard it ends up looks very cheap and fake.

For Remy and Maya it is their job and they have done it well. They owed nothing to anyone but allow me to say this; my dearest please remember we are a community and your act been watch all the time. Please remember each of us have our own responsibility towards the community. Such act and Maya’s blouse is a disgrace to the society. Do both of you need to over act for promotion of a film? Both of you had done that with Natrah before and it has been an eye-sore too. Is this necessary? “Both of you might say it has nothing to do with others, we are actors and our duty is to act. It is our life and our rice bowl and do as we pleases but again please remember the impact of the act will open criticism by the public and leave a bad impression too”.

I am sure both Remy and Maya are able to say NO to certain acts required if they are sensitive towards the entire society. Remy been admired by women fans all over the country and at times I do believe they are just willing to throw themselves towards him and do as he please. Pardon my words. I made my assumption while reading messages at facebook and twitters by the fans. Because of this the same opinion pointed in those pictures for two days.

I must admit I love Remy’s acting. There is no point denying it especially in Nur Kasih and I do respect his opinion and views where it is right . But again I am sure things can improve about his photo shoot act with Maya. Why is it always been Maya? Are they both trying very hard to get the chemistry works until it becomes so sultry and shameful? I am also very sure Maya can find suitable dress/blouse or outfit for the function. Can’t she differentiate being formal, casual and relax. “You are not going shopping woman; you are at a soft launching for a film you are in. You are part of the cast, in fact the female leading role. You are definitely know there will be interviews and photo shoot”.

Are our journalist bias or I am? I remember very well critics given to certain female actress off late about their dressing in public and to name one was Tiz Zaqyah recently on MHI. Murai make an issue out of it. How about Maya? Does Murai think Maya dress perfectly well for the function? Wide open until nearly showing off her cleavage during the photo session, sleeveless and the sultry act. It’s provocative. Please don’t blame any man if they have intentions of raping. Maya is actually inviting.

I am voicing out my opinion after weighing through all the pro and cons of what people say in the gossip column. Without doubt I might be seen as bias in my opinion towards Maya because I have written couple of times about Remy and Maya in my earlier article. After looking through the issues is more towards the dress and over expose acts what makes people talking about.

To Maya, please remember you are representing woman in Malaysia, some might like it because they love and support you but to others it is embarrassing especially to the woman’s in general. They lost their respect even though they are supportive towards your career. Choose something between casual and formal (smart casual). I am sure you have better taste and sense of dressing. With smart casual, you will look nice and admirable. You are representing the woman’s society; please do remember it next time. Do you know our baju kurung and kebaya will never go wrong in a semi formal function? Is it so wrong for you to wear it for that day?

To my dear Remy it might not affect you in a way because you are a man but again you admired by many and when at times you are over doing it, it will become annoying and hated by many too. Although gossips will remain as gossip I do think it is wise to look into it sometimes. Please pay attentions to critics and gossip so you do know where you are in the industry.

To my friend, readers and passers-by, I will leave you with your own opinion and comments.

Written by : Sanaa 17/02/11


Remy, Maya tiada cinta

MEMANG sejak hari pertama angin kencang yang membawa khabar Remy Ishak dan Maya Karin bercinta, kedua-duanya menentang keras gosip tersebut. Bagi Remy dan Maya, tali yang terikat antara mereka hanya bersimpul atas dasar pelakon profesional. Tidak lebih daripada itu.

Keintiman yang terbit antara mereka hanya untuk menjiwai teater Natrah. Namun ia disalah tafsir lantas menjadi satu gosip yang tiada berpenghujung. Sehingga akhir tahun lalu, Remy mula dikaitkan dengan ‘isteri’nya dalam Nur Kasih, Tiz Zaqyah dan Maya sendiri rapat dengan salah seorang trio KRU, Yusry Abdul Halim.

Maka lenyaplah kisah cinta dongeng antara Remy dan Maya. Namun kini nampaknya ‘api cinta’ mereka bagai bersemarak semula. Malah kedua-duanya langsung tidak menafikan hal tersebut. Tetapi kata mereka, api cinta yang menyala itu hanya untuk sebuah naskhah filem bernama Cun!.

Dalam filem arahan Osman Ali itulah mereka merasa erti cinta seperti yang dihebohkan khalayak sebelum ini.

Maya yang membawakan watak gadis desa bernama Luna Latisya dalam filem tersebut meluahkan rasa terujanya memandangkan watak yang dilakonkan kali ini agak berbeza dengan watak-watak sebelumnya.

“Secara ringkasnya, Luna adalah seorang pengacara rancangan gosip yang berjaya dalam industri hiburan tanah air. Kemudian telah berlaku satu insiden sehingga menyebabkan dia lari ke sebuah kampung.

“Apa yang menariknya, watak yang saya lakonkan dalam filem ini tidaklah terlalu gedik seperti dalam Pisau Cukur dan lawak yang dilakukan juga tidak slapstik,” ujarnya yang mengakui cukup selektif memilih tawaran berlakon.

Tambah Maya, jika sebelum ini dia sering melakonkan watak-watak yang berakhir dengan kesedihan seperti kehilangan insan yang tersayang atau cinta yang tidak kesampaian, kali ini dia dapat merasakan satu kepuasan dalam filem tersebut.

Ujarnya, selain menganggap watak yang dimainkannya itu satu cabaran baru, dia turut gembira kerana jalan cerita filem itu berakhir dengan penamat yang menggembirakan setelah berjaya memiliki lelaki idamannya.

Mengenai pengalaman menarik yang dilalui sepanjang penggambaran, Maya menceritakan apa yang paling tidak dapat dilupakan adalah babak yang memerlukannya menunggang seekor kerbau.

“Bayangkan kerbau yang saya harus tunggang itu bersaiz besar dan memiliki tanduk yang panjang. Perasaan takut memang ada kerana takut ditanduk, tetapi itu adalah antara pengalaman yang paling menyeronokkan.

REMY tidak kekok menyuap makanan untuk Maya.

“Selain itu, saya berasa sangat seronok sepanjang tiga minggu berada di Alor Star, Kedah. Memang pada masa itu saya rasa tenang kerana dapat lari daripada kesibukan kota,” ujarnya.

Remy yang memainkan watak sebagai Atan pula memberitahu bahawa pada asalnya dia tidak dapat berlakon dalam filem arahan Osman Ali tersebut kerana sudah terikat dengan beberapa projek lain.

“Mulanya saya terpaksa menolak tawaran yang diberikan kerana saya terlalu sibuk. Jadual lakonan saya pada masa itu memang padat dan saya risau tidak dapat memberikan komitmen sekiranya menerima tawaran tersebut.

“Kemudian saya dapat tahu projek untuk menghasilkan filem tersebut telah ditunda. Mungkin sudah menjadi rezeki saya apabila ditawarkan sekali lagi setelah melihat gandingan mantap saya bersama Maya dalam teater Natrah,” ujarnya.

Tambah Remy, sepanjang berlakon dalam filem itu dia tidak berhadapan dengan masalah yang besar terutama untuk membentuk keserasian bersama Maya kerana pernah berlakon bersama-sama.

Biarpun watak sebagai Atan memerlukannya bercakap menggunakan loghat utara, namun dia tidak tidak berdepan kesukaran kerana pernah bersekolah di Kedah selama sembilan tahun sebelum ini.

“Apa yang mencabar adalah untuk membentuk karakter Atan dalam filem Cun!. Lagipun ini adalah percubaan pertama saya berlakon dalam filem bercorak komedi setelah sering diberikan watak serius,” ujarnya.

Keluar topik tentang pengalaman berlakon dalam Cun!, Maya yang ditanya tentang kesediaannya untuk kembali berkahwin pantas memberitahu dia belum bersedia untuk hidup berumah tangga semula.

Namun duta produk Innershine ini tidak menafikan dia menjadi buruan ramai lelaki yang ingin cuba mengisi kekosongan hatinya itu.

Maya belum sedia

“Bohonglah kalau saya cakap tidak ada lelaki yang cuba mendekati saya. Memang ada yang mengajak untuk menjalinkan hubungan yang lebih serius, tetapi saya menolak dengan cara baik.

“Saya akan berterus-terang dengan mereka dan memberitahu yang saya masih belum bersedia lagi. Buat masa ini saya ingin lebih fokus kepada kerjaya sahaja,” ujarnya.

Menurutnya lagi, ketika ini dia sedang berdebar menantikan kelahiran album terbarunya selepas kali terakhir menghasilkan album kira-kira tujuh tahun yang lalu.

Ujarnya lagi, komposer yang terbabit dalam pembikinan albumnya itu ialah Audi Mok dan Azlan Abu Hassan. Lebih istimewa, ada di antara lagu-lagu dalam album berkenaan yang menceritakan tentang kisah hidup dirinya.

SERASI bersama. Maya dan Remy intim seperti pasangan kekasih.

“Kalau boleh saya tidak mahu bercerita dengan lebih lanjut tentang album ini. Segalanya tentang album berkenaan akan saya ceritakan pada majlis pelancarannya nanti,” ujarnya yang enggan mengulas lanjut.

Remy tak cinta Tiz

Kesempatan bercakap tentang kisah peribadi juga diajukan kepada Remy yang cukup sukar ditemui lewat kebelakangan ini kerana jadual kerjanya yang cukup padat.

Tentulah topik yang dilontar adalah tentang hubungan intimnya dengan Tiz Zaqyah.

Tidak mahu hubungannya terus menjadi teka-teki di kalangan para peminat, Remy akhirnya bersedia membuat kenyataan setelah dilihat lebih banyak berdiam diri apabila kontroversi mengenai dirinya timbul.

“Rasanya ramai pihak yang sudah salah erti mengenai hubungan saya dan Tiz. Sebenarnya hubungan kami memang baik sebagai kawan dan tidak dinafikan kami memang pernah keluar bersama dengan rakan-rakan lain.

“Cerita saya dan Tiz tinggal serumah adalah tidak benar sama sekali. Mungkin cerita ini timbul apabila melihat kami berdua membeli barangan kelengkapan rumah di Ikea, sedangkan kami beli barang rumah masing-masing,” terangnya.

Jelas Remy lagi, apa yang lebih mengejutkannya apabila ada yang membuat cerita kononnya Tiz sanggup terbang ke Terengganu semata-mata untuk bertemu dengannya yang sedang menjalani penggambaran di negeri tersebut.

Menurut pelakon yang semakin meningkat naik itu, memang dia sengaja mengambil sikap untuk berdiam diri sahaja apabila timbul pelbagai cerita negatif yang membabitkan dirinya.

Menurutnya, dia sebenarnya memang malas untuk memberi sebarang komen kerana merasakan tidak perlu sebarang kisah peribadinya diceritakan kepada semua orang.

“Dahulu bila saya keluar dengan ramai kawan-kawan lelaki ada yang menuduh saya seorang gay. Sekarang ini bila saya keluar dengan rakan wanita, orang kata saya kaki perempuan pula.

“Selama ini saya tidak pernah membataskan pergaulan dan berkawan dengan sesiapa sahaja. Kalau berkawan dengan seseorang artis itu, saya tidak berkawan semasa berada lokasi penggambaran sahaja tetapi termasuk di luar lokasi,” ujarnya.


10 Responses

  1. salam san,
    heloo there..im new here? *wave sikit* hehe..been a silent reader since mid last year..we kind of share 1 or 2 things in common..or mayb more..abt remy n tiz..but here bole agree to disagree rite? lama rasenye nak reply “sesuatu” kat blog u but too maleh coz i enjoy reading rather than writing..but kudos to u for writing those beautiful poem, quotes, pantun, etc..finally i ada “rasa” nak tulis sumthing in this column..hehe..latest news spt d ‘atas'<-latest ke?hmm buatkan rase nak mual la kat RI but not fully la ;)..maya? maleh layan..let me say this, i luv TZ 1st b4 RI so..im a bit bias.. ;0 tho i did recognize RI talent b4 Nurkasih, i respect that sebagian disini sukekan mereka together in real life but i dont! not that im against them..ya they look good together but look at now..ni yg buat i rase sumthing off tiap kali RI bg statement kt press..is it me or wat? i dunno..w/pon TZ ckp laju but i still can relate to wat shes trying to say kt press..padat & x meleret thats TZ! n she will komen on anything if she can(yg bkait dgn dia) w/out offending others but RI suke buat komen tgantung n offend some other party(kadang la)…the result? spt news d atas?
    wah pjg plak komen i ni..for 1st timer kire bole la ye..maaf if apa yg d tulis menyinggung mana2 pihak.. kadang menulis depends on mood kan?..ok salam kenal utk san n semuaaaa

    • wa-salam Zoey

      welcome to setiakasih blog and thank you for the comment.

      each individual are different. somehow or other we can’t run away from using the word unique because there will never be two of you or two of me. each of us also have our own views and opinion that we might agree and disagree. we also see things differently but that does not mean we should hate each other.

      your pandangan and pendapat abt Remy and Tiz is also entirely up to you. i am not able or will convince you on anything including what public sees in them as a person or as a couple. i must admit I love to seem them together but that does not mean I tidak berpijak di bumi nyata. i must admit basically most of my writings are abt them especially when my imagination works well since they inspired me to write most of the time.

      so apa ya I nak kata…we have our own opinions on people and our surroundings and semua org ada kelemahan dan keistimewaan. melihat and menilai juga ada keistimewaan dan kelemahan tersendiri yg kdg2 akan membuat kita terpesong in our judgement but i always remind myself this “yg cantik ada celanya yg hitam ada putihnya, yang baik ada buruknya yang jahat ada baiknya” lalu menjadikan kita insan yang “istimewa” sehingga I tak boleh jadi you dan you tidak boleh jadi I.

      I love your views and you are honest with what you feel and maybe one day you will see them as what the public sees and why people love to see them together. from my point of views there are something special in Remy and Tiz contohnya org masih bercerita tentang mereka dan Nur Kasih masih di sebut hingga ke hari ini. Special kan? Dan siapalah kita utk menidakkannya walaupun sedikit. The fact you browse this blog, to me menandakan ada sesuatu tentang Remy dan Tiz yg ingin you baca walaupun ia hanyalah dongengan (do correct me if I am wrong).

      dah panjang pulak so once again thank you for being a reader all this while and looking forward more comments to come. I’m humble by it. thank you again. enjoy your weekend and with everything you do. do take care…

  2. Mualaikumsalam Red,
    Mmg betul a person is innocent until proven guilty. And it must be proven beyond reasonable doubt. If there is a slightest doubt, such a person shall be acquitted and discharged. Setakat gambor aje idak membuktikan ape2 apetah lagi dalam membuat kesimpulan atau andaian yg berkemungkinan mencerminkan keadaan yg tidak benor. Ape kate kite kenekan kpd ‘dema’ yg idak bertanggungjawab kejutan letrik atau ngikat kat pokok dan taborkan semut api or better still ngikat dan letakkan dema atas ketulan air batu yg besor or .. or masuk dlm kandang harghimau ke buaye ke to get the truth. Apele yg aku merepek ni. Minta maaf, I think I’m mentally ill. Ape2 pun buat Tiz, “Semoga kau bahagia di sampingnya” …… uuwaaaaaaaaaa

  3. san !
    kalu xder beruk masakan pokok bergoyang !
    some horrid gossip tu mungkin ada betolnyer ! (99%)
    byk mata yg memandang not everbody have their own agenda utk memusnahkan career both of them
    RI & MK pon have their darkest history which is few people knew it cumer xnak besarkan jer ! some say it’s pitnah but ………….

    • hai yatty…

      betul tu everyone have their darkest history and secret dan bukan juga semua org berniat menghancurkan career mereka but my main point today is cara org2 yg terlibat di bidang seni skrg ini, from baju Maya dan juga aksi yg di berikan. I am not trying to change anything here just trying to see the whole idea and concept of photo shoot dan abt the secret or whatever selagi tiada bukti ia adalah fitnah kerana kalau di bawa ke mahkamah pun the person are innocent until proven guilty. thank you dan have a good weekend. take care

  4. Tak ada chemistry pun dalam gambar ne, tak nampak sempoi….buat buat adalah …if I said mengada-gada nanti peminat marah….namanya photoshoot kan…mesti commercial injection….nambah perisa vanilla, strawberry serta gula gula Melaka + camera trick kot….dari segi cerita sama saja balik2 ayat tu saja….

    “I like tohhh…”

    Satu saja dalam pemikiran kenapa burung murai tak bercakap etika pakaian Maya….kalau bab tatacara menjawab soalan mmg lah diorg boommm coz selain berlakon itu bidang dia….

    Tiz hari tu bersorak pulak commentar kat Murai column….usai TV3…Murai menjalankan misi dia….bravo…steady….

    Kudos to Remy…..tremendous achievement thru Nur Kasih with his solid gold partner Tiz Zaqyah….

    i’m counting my finger everyday actually, hope our V8 put the big screen on it…..

    Salam Atan….Selamat Berhari Jumaat….
    tak jawab dosa….

  5. Ini adalah jawapan standard. Yg menghairankan kenapa tidak terdapat gambar Remy keluar dgn artis wanita lain klu benarlah katanya bahawa dia juga berkawan dan lepak dgn artis wanita lain. Yang ada hanya gambar2 Remy dan Tiz di Motor GP, di warung bersama peminat, di Ikea, di Ampang, di Terengganu and etc. Musykil … musykil. Eh! apasal aku sibuk pulak pasal couple ni. I’m outta here. Better to concentrate on my cases …. hehehe

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