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Matter of Opinion/Perception

We all know our lives in this world are a journey. It was never a destination. As we go along there will be happiness, obstacles, sadness and clueless at times. How far and how strong we guarded ourselves and plan for things there always be something will go wrong or something that we are not prepared for. When this entire thing happens we try to find the answers where did we go wrong? It is not wrong it is just a test for us to sit back and review and it might be a clue for us to change certain things as we go along the way.

Even until now at times I do wonder why I create my blog and why Remy and Tiz becomes my idol and inspirations. They have given it to me since day one and because of them I get interested in the entertainment industry and try to look at it in many angles. I am not saying I am totally impressed by it because there was a time during my short break I hated it. I have told myself not to write anything about the two films waiting for release by Remy Ishak but it seems I am not able to stop myself. If I did not write I think it will haunt me until I do. Remy played a role as Atan in CUN along with Maya Karin due for release in March and as Adam in Nur Kasih along with Tiz Zaqyah due for release in Mei, 2011. Talk of the town I should say and as though its like “war” going on especially when the subject involves chemistry.

I only watch CUN trailer once and repeatedly for Nur Kasih. Recently the OST video clip for Nur Kasih release in youtube and within few hours its reach more than 4 thousand viewers. Each film and characters have their own strength and weaknesses. That goes with CUN and Nur Kasih too. Until the end it is not reasonable to compare CUN and Nur Kasih, since they are in different genre. Story line, plot, character involves are totally different, but in any film there are leading and supporting roles. The human characteristic played by each actor creates the entire environment of the story. Whether the character played by a known actors or newcomers is not the issue. The main issue of success still the story line and how well the characters blend with the story and other cast.

It is not anyone fault if there are camps belongs to Remy Ishak/Tiz Zaqyah and Remy Ishak/Maya Karin. The preference is ours and how we see and interpret it and form a conclusion in our mind. The spreading issue for the camps are “fighting” for chemistry and take it to the real world. Rumours have spread about Remy’s relationship with her two partners in the different movie and which three of them denied. I see it this way, actors need to build the chemistry when a role given to them regardless the leading role or the supporting roles. There is no two ways about it.

Let’s have a look at Nur Kasih the Series. The relationship between Adam played by Remy Ishak and Aidil played by Fizz Fairuz as brothers, don’t we see the chemistry between them? I do but many more out there might don’t. Reason being because it is between two men and there are no sentimental issues in there besides being a responsible and loving brother. The other chemistry is between Adam and Nur played by Tiz Zaqyah. As husband and wife, their characters develop from the beginning when both trying to ignore their feelings for each other. They must rehearse the feelings and drowned into their characters until it shown in each of their movements and face reactions, until our eyes see the perfect love as loving couple. The script and the character blended well with them and presented to us via the drama. They have now succeeded with their roles and leaving fans with satisfactions. The energy poured into the characters has won them talk of the town and memories still lingers on. The success of it I do strongly believed because honesty and sincerity of Remy Ishak and Tiz Zaqyah with their characters. They do it from the heart. The characters become theirs.

I am not sure whether I should laugh or ignore CUN, as the trailer does not give me any impressions of a good film. I have made a comparison with the followers in facebook. Followers for CUN as at yesterday is only 913 compared to Nur Kasih over 55 thousand. Is it because Nur Kasih movie is continuation from the series or because the love between Adam and Nur? I mentioned and said earlier it is different genre but the camps are “fighting” about the chemistry of the leading roles; Atan and Luna in CUN. For those who has not seen the trailer please do otherwise you are not able to see the comparison I am about to say.

Once glance the camp in real life are actually “fighting” for the real chemistry because of the gossip that spreading around. Whoever in the Remy/Maya camp please does not deny this? I have a feeling everyone is “forcing” people eyes to see their chemistry and at the end it becomes fake. Do you really think that leading roles and characters in the drama movie or film need to fall in love in real life to get a good chemistry? From my opinion and perception it is all comes from the heart. Each character played with honesty and sincerity will beyond doubt captures the audience eyes and heart. A professor in art and theatre told me once, we do not have many actors with talent. Talent must come with sincerity and honesty. Effort alone is not enough. As actors we are playing the characters of the world and if we fail the entire organisation failed. In the Malaysian cinema scope what we have are “workers” who actually works for a living and the end result will be a stereotype character with decayed emotions.

There are all about love, caring, understanding, concerned, anger, revenge and many more human qualities being own in Nur Kasih. The ingredients blend so well where I do feel it is lacking in CUN because to many yelling and trying to get attention is the main agenda although no doubt it is a romantic comedy. The chemistry between Atan and Luna is there but it is a different kind of chemistry until I am getting tired of it even with a short trailer and again a sultry photo shoot. It looks like “desperation” chemistry.

I am bias am I? Again it is a matter of opinion and perceptions. I might choose to belong in either camp, but the reality remains. The chemistry whether it is from the leading roles or supporting roles does not need be in love in the real world to portray and gives the incredible chemistry. Even if the chemistry been bombastic and realistic in the drama, movie or film that does not mean they are in love after that. Chemistry between Shah Rukh Khan and Kajol been talked about for long and they acted in many movies together. Shah Rukh still happily married and Kajol are now happily married too. Or will there be another reason because Shah Rukh is already married?

In the gossip columns many been said about the chemistry of Remy/Maya and Remy/Tiz. It been mention many times until it touches their personal relationship outside the screen. Again, many fans will browse the gossip board and start gossiping until we forget ourselves as human being. The bottom line is does not matter whether any of us like it or not, it is not ours to say. No one knows what future holds and it is not our right to decide who should they love and fall in love with.

To make my point clear why there is no other drama or film been talked about for two years? After Nur Kasih hit the stand, many directors, producers and script writers trying their best to copy or adapt the idea of Nur Kasih. Nothing works. Why is that? Is it because of the cast or because it is not the imaginative ideas from the producer and script writer? There are many dramas on the television now at all channels but Nur Kasih is still been talked about. Immediately after it is over, just open a subject about Nur Kasih to anyone. I am sure 8 out of 10 watch and remember favourite lines and scene. I have searched almost everywhere in the internet about other dramas, it does not give the same vibration of Nur Kasih.

My conclusion is very simple, Nur Kasih quench the thirst of our society in Malay dramas after long time. Together with perfect cast, script and cinematography, Remy Ishak and Tiz Zaqyah captured the audience heart at every corner of the country. I do remember the last episode of Nur Kasih where the family seated in front of the television to watch it. Love is everywhere in the drama together with the truth of Malay attitude about hatred and revenge. Although at some points it is exaggerating but it fulfills the needs of viewers.

So…why do we have to fight for the chemistry? Lets its flow spontaneously and the truth reveal.

I feel sorry for the haters…please try to find loves and peace in yourselves and may you find the happiness of knowing.

Written by : Sanaa 24/02/11


6 Responses

  1. Interesting read on ‘chemistry’. I agree with ‘Atan’, pelakun lah yg membentuk ‘chemistry’ tak semestinya 2 pelakun harus berkawan baik uNtuk membentuk ‘chemistry’, pada pendapat saya jika pelakun itu bagus atau handal, tak berkawan baik diluar pun pelakun ITU boleh wujudkan ‘chemisty’ dalam kerja nya. Saya berminat sangat tuntun filem2 Hollywood dan pernah berminat satu filem romantik & pelakuna yg berjaya membawa ‘chemistry’ di kanvas layar tapi rupanya pelakun itu tidak begitu suka sesama sendiri di luar lokasi, that’ s real acting talent. They can separate between work and real life. Tu sebabnya I tak heran dengan media huh hah heboh sana sini tentang kewujutan ‘chemistry’ Remy/maya diNatrah dan diluar lokasi timbul gosip mereka bercinta. Kalau you dah suka sama sendiri diluar tentulah di fliem bila digandingkan tentulah menjadi , kerana dia datang dlm hati bukan lagi lakunan. So what’s so great abt that , what’s so great about their talent or their ‘chemistry’ , it’s not their talent their selling to the audience but their keserasian luaran so I’m really annoyed by that and not impressed at all I want to see talent not over the top wah…chemistry!!! as the media seems to propa sana sini macam menjodoh2kan isteri orang and orang bujang. These are actor/actress for god sake, let us see real talent, talk more about talent not ‘chemistry’ . That is why I’m more impressed REmy and TZ acting in Nur Kasih, we hated ‘Adam’ character at first but slowly feeling sorry for him and Nur dgn pergolakan hidup mereka in force marriage buat kita tersentuh and saw the chemistry of Adam & Nur which are more subtle then it became natural without us realising it, kudos to Remy/Tiz and these 2 sold watakmasing2 and make us believe their truly husband and wife, these two were new comers in Nur Kasih given trust by Bathia to play the main characters and they raised to the occassion successfully. Tak payah nak mencari keserasian luaran untuk membentuk ‘chemistry’ as husband and wife, both are single but they make us believe they’re truly husband and wife and we knew that time Remy tenggah bercinta dgn Ummi (Sarah character) but they can separate work from real life. so I tabik Ummi/Remy/Tiz.. Ummi sell her Sarah watak flawlessly as did Remy/Tiz as unlucky in love couple which we all root for, they sell their TALENT to us all peminat Nur Kasih, itu lah nama nya pelakun sebenar while Remy/Maya sell their ‘keserasian’ kerana nak cari setim2 luaran untuk membentuk ‘chemistry’ (YAK!! if it’s really as what gosip said of two in Natrah1 & 2) **Remy I’m looking at you** it’s nothing to do with their acting talent to make us believed as husband and wife in Natrah because they already acted like husband and wife outside location (As rumoured) so if Osman Ali nak buat duit untuk mejual ‘chemistry’ atau ‘keserasian’ REmy/Maya dlm ‘CUN’ kat suma, itu hak dia, but count me out, I have great issue bila orang boleh sewenang2 meruntuhkan rumah tangga nya kerana orang ketiga tapi anehnya MEDIA gigih jadi match maker Remy/Maya tanpa rasa bersalah or segan apa pun dgn keruntuhan masjid siapa yg mereka tolong runtuhkan. I tak nak bersubahat. Biar lah remy/maya menjual ‘chemisty’ murahan mereka, I tak nak beli, no thanks!! I’m waiting for NKTM instead , that’s where all the talented actor/actresss are. I’m biased ?hmm seems that way hak juz my two cents.

    • Thank you Shelin.

    • salam,

      hmmm good review by all..talking abt chemistry..i hv not seen any movie or drama in malaysia that hv that kind of chemistry that adam and nur hv after NK ended in Nv 2009. Maybe becoz i don’t religously followed any drama since NK and as such I might missed some good drama wit good chemistry of the main leads.

      But why r we still talking abt NK and still relating remy, tiz, fiz and ummi to NK? I think all of them are lucky coz among many talented actors and actresses in M’sia they were the one selected for this drama which have good script, directing, cinematography and storyline that realistic and relevant to current situation in M’sia. I love NK coz I can relate the story to myself and my lifestyle and I believe most people feel the same. Eventhough the sufferings and hardships faced by them sometimes is hard to believe as the scripwriter tried to force all of it in one series, but hey…it do happen in real life and we believe it as the plot was believable and realistic.

      In my opinion, recognition on remy’s and tiz’s talent is becoz of NK. Without NK, I might not like remy and tiz . For me becoz of good direction by Khabir they managed to build the chemistry and make us believe of their characters togther with their talent in acting and ability to interpret the script and director’s directions into emotions and acting.

      Ok san..cukup setakat ini sahaja coretan ku ini..perlu kembali kepada tggjwb ku…hv a good day guys…cheers

  2. Nak komen sikit pasal bab chemistry ni. Mmg sya hanya melihat daripada luaran, chemistry yg wujud sebagai contoh, di antara Remy dan Tiz. Sebenarnya, mereka sendiri yg membentuk chemistry tersebut sehingga wujudnya keserasian dalam menghidupkan watak2 yg dilakonkan. Soal bagaimana chemistry itu wujud mgkin disebabkan keakraban persahabatan mereka. When u have a close friend, u tend to trust each other, concern for one another, share ur feelings and problems with one another and respect each other. Maybe it’s not love for them but ‘a strong liking’ towards one another (which could eventually go up one stage … hehehehe. And because of these, people like to see them together. Take me for example, I think I have form a chemistry with Tiz because I like the way she looks, I like her voice, I like her character, I like her aura, I like singing and so does Tiz and more so, I don’t talk bad about her. I have always observe the good sides of Tiz. No buruk sangka. It’s what I called a ‘one sided chemistry’ … hahahaha. Juz an opinion.

  3. ‘I am bias am I?’ … dok eihhh…hihihi

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