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    Good things come to those who wait.
    Better things come to those who try.
    Best things come to those who believe.
    Desired things come to those who pray.

    "Islamic Thinking"

    A good traveler has no fixed plans, and is not intent on arriving.
    Lao Tzu

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A Little Reminder

My dear friends and readers,

This article was mailed to me by a friend and I am now sharing it with all to us realise how lucky we are. I do know we seen this many times before but we might forget along the way. We are bless with so many good food in Malaysia and we can get it anytime of the day but not many as lucky as we are. We shall see biscuit is good enough to give the children a little bit of energy. Maybe nothing we can do after seeing the video but at least it will make us appreciate what we have.

Be thankful and grateful my friend. Take care

Sanaa 17/03/11


Dear ALL,
Sometimes we do not realise and appreciate all the things which we have until we come across scenes like this. We are so caught up in our daily grind to make a better life for ourselves and for our families, that we forget that there is always some reserves which we have and that we can still do more for others.

We are humans first and we should practice humanity and sometimes we should put everything else as second…Lets all do something, no matter how trivial to make this world a better place….

God bless all of u and be happy.

lillian lee

I would like all my brothers and sisters, relatives and friends to watch this…. be thankful for what you are now….

Really sad . . . . !

Hi folks,

This video strikes home especially after all the festive seasons,
to learn that such poverty, hunger and suffering is happening within
this world of ours especially among young children.

In watching this video, one cannot help but realise and be reminded that we are really blessed in our part of this world.

Compiled by : Sanaa 17/03/11


2 Responses

  1. Salam San

    n not to forget San kena ajar anak2 sekrg jgk jgn tersalah pilih pemimpin n suasana politik yg menjaminkn masa depan.. cos ini lh yg bakal mengundang jika tersalah memilih pemerintah.. apa yg kita nmpak disini bumi diorang masih hijau tp knp situasi ini wujud.. kita pun th kn semua ini wujud bkn saja kerana ‘kekurangan biskut’.. bkn niat teman nk alihkn isu..tp itu lh org kita jgk serupa bakal alami nasib yg sama jika kita alpa.. ini adalah antaranye nasib yg terpaksa ditanggung sesetengah rakyat bila tersalah pilih pemerintah.. pemerintah kita yg ada mungkin blm mampu utk melahirkan suasana seperti negara2 maju lain didunia..yg mampu menyediakn pendapatan yg tinggi pd kebanyakkan kerjaya.. kediaman selesa utk setiap rakyat.. makanan yg seimbangn utk semua orang.. kemudahan perubatan sama pd semua tempat.. kemudahan pelajaran seperti yg dituntut semua org.. tp ini lah negara kita.. sepengetahuan kita blm ada rakyaknye mati akibat kebuluran atau tak makan.. tp yg mati sebab makan ‘wallahhuaklam’ tak tau byk mn.. kekurangan makanan bkn lg menjadi kekuatiran kita.. tp pembuangan dan pembaziran makanan yg menghantui kita dan pemerintah kita.. orang kita mampu berbelanja utk buang..walau pun rata2 org mengeluh harga makanan semakin tinggi.. Teman hrp.. wajah2 dlm filem2 seperti ini mampu utk ‘membangkitkan kesyukuran’ warga kita utk menghargai dgn apa yg kita miliki skrg.. walaupun usaha menyeberang sempadan utk membantu mereka yg mengalami nasib2 seperti ini blm mampu digerakkan.. TQ my fren dgn UTUSAN ini..

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