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    Good things come to those who wait.
    Better things come to those who try.
    Best things come to those who believe.
    Desired things come to those who pray.

    "Islamic Thinking"

    A good traveler has no fixed plans, and is not intent on arriving.
    Lao Tzu

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It has been a hectic week together with uncomfortable body aching. I decided to spend the weekend at home without realising Monday is a public holiday. What holiday is that? Only towards the end of day on Saturday I realised oh Monday is a holiday, a Labour Day. Nothing much changes with it but I decided to go through my mailbox and going through few of my previous written articles in the blog. Many of the mail should be deleted long ago but I keep on delaying it until now. While going through it many of them was regards to Remy Ishak and Tiz Zaqyah. My friends often send me email about their projects and gossip in the newspaper. I suddenly realise it has been a long time since I actually really write about them. Many things have happen since my last article on them “Create a Buzz Create a Sensation” written in June 2010.

Weekends is time to search. I browse many blogs searching for headlines and articles with intention to get ideas for my next write-up. There are many interesting subject no doubt, but I do not know why Remy and Tiz cross my mind all over again. I laugh at myself before I pen my first word. Why them? Why do I need to write about them? They don’t know me and I am not a columnist who would able to spread their name into the entertainment industry. Giving it a big sigh I let my fingers do the job. I will let the universe give me the answer later. While doing that I also go through few other articles about their interest and hobbies. Whether it is a coincidence or fated they seem to share many interest together in the name of art. One of them is photography and of course acting but it such a pity their talent and hobbies does not go along well in the industry. People do not market their credibility. We have seen few challenging roles in Remy Ishak but not many for Tiz as at now beside her role as Nur Amina in Nur Kasih. This brings me to a discussion with a friend few weeks ago. Where do our entertainment industry leading?

The new ruling by Finas airing one movie a week with accumulative four in a month is now a big challenge to producers. We might have the producers to produce but do we have enough good script to make our film accepted by others? In our local industry even with the new guidelines I am sure we are not able to attract other races to watch the local Malay film. It is very sad though because our industry is small and how are we going to improved? If Malay movies are only for Malays what will be the effect on the industry in years to come? I am sure not all will go for every movie and throughout 2011, a total of 50 movies will be in cinema. Another short fall in the local industry now is we are lacking non Malays as actors and actresses. It does not like the good old days where we have Param, Lai Joo Lian and Hans Isaac to name a few. While editing this write-up, there is an article about this in Utusan Malaysia today which I attached.

I am not proud to say I did not watch any but none of them have “pulling power” to drag my feet to the cinema. The only film I am waiting and eager to watch is Nur Kasih. I do know I am not being fair because Nur Kasih is a continuation from the drama. While watching the drama I became one of millions fans out there who is not 100% satisfied with the ending. I am not movie goer and my genres of film are limited. Lately for Hollywood film I only watch the romantic comedy because there is no facts involve. It is merely for fun and I do not have to think the relevant and reality in it. A simple movie will take me away from a hectic day of working.

I do realise our industry are small and Finas has given guideline to producers. Each film and movie must reach certain cinema collection to guarantee airing time for at least two weeks before any extension given. On a surface it looks like competition of collection rather quality of each production. I’ve read about it when it is extensively publish in the newspaper. With each statement, give me a huge question mark. Why do we go for movie? Why do we choose that particular movie? I am sure we all have different feel and different soft spot. At random basically people go for movie because of the storyline and the plot. The next criteria of course will be the actors and actresses. The other main reason is, we watch the movie to get out of the reality. If a movie has too many reality in it, we will get bored because life in real is sucks. We never want to get the same thing in a movie. Is that right? Although there are relevant and reality involve but not to the extreme.

With all the above our film also do have a set of favourite actors and actresses by film maker and director. It is no surprise because it’s happening everywhere in the entertainment industry world-wide. Even Hollywood practises this. The only comparison and wide differences is Hollywood market is big and world-wide and our industries are small. The viewers and watchers will get bored easily if most of the film keeping the same pair as their leading role. From my observation what is rare is to have the same actors and actress in a film or movie but does not have scene together. Kabir did this once with his Keabadian Cinta. He cast Remy Ishak and Tiz Zaqyah in the drama but they did not have a scene together. A smart way I shall say because the drama will get support from the duo supporters.

It is a norm for producers and film makers casting known actors in their film or movie to guarantee a good return. I am sure all business needs profit and many of us do not want to take any risk. Either the story sells or the cast sells. A dilemma faces for many of producers and film makers. On top of everything it has been long in the arena of local industry not producing a heavy drama. The genre of film flooding our cinema as I written this article is mystic, ghost story and so-called romantic comedy. Again whether we don’t have the script or the industry did not want to take any risk producing them. Did Kabir take a big risk by casting Remy Ishak as Adam and Tiz Zaqyah as Nur Amina in his Nur Kasih Drama Series? I get hooked by Nur Kasih because of the story line and script followed by the chemistry of Adam and Nur later on.

Both Remy and Tiz is not a household name at that moment, if I recall correctly. Among gossip mongers I get to know Kabir really want Tiz to play the role as Nur Amina. Now, after 3 years has gone and while waiting for the film, I salute Kabir for his choice. Whether it is a gossip or the truth result proven and that goes along with Remy. He was not the chosen actor but fate and luck was at his side and makes them a duo in the industry overnight. After long their names still lingers on and viewers are hungry to see more of them in a production together. For all their fans we are going to witness the love of the couple as Adam and Nur in Nur Kasih the Movie schedule for release on 19th May, 2011. What makes them talk of the town? Are they talented, versatile, handsome, beautiful, young and vibrant and many more? It is an honour for me to call them the darling of the industry now. Remy and Tiz has shown and proven to us acting is from the heart. They emerged in the industry when most of us are very dry and thirsty for talented actors with malay beauty. I make this comparison sometime back with Nordin Ahmad and Latifa Omar. We do not have this beauty in the industry for a very long time. We been fed with pan asian beauty and at point of time too many and we are getting tired of it. While the industry is not as shining as morning sun, Kabir present us with a beautiful script, storyline, shots, strong characters and powerful plot. A complete ingredient in a local drama and I am very sure of it. We fall in love with the characters especially Adam and Nur and when they are in public we are unable to keep our eyes away. The chemistry they have and see by the cameras make our eyes hook on them. They are such a darling with their bright smile. After long I get to know them from my reading. Their hobbies and interest and make me wrote “Create a Buzz Create a Sensation” and “Bintang Dulu”. I do not have any power to convince the readers of the blog and article but I do personally feel they are on the right track, moment and time together with power to sizzle the local film industry.

From my reading, I admire their much interest in arts related field. Is that making them different? I do remember reading it in a column Tiz planning to have an art gallery together with a boutique and recently I get to know if she did not become an actress she might be an interior designer. Photography is another of their interest together as been reported. I do know due to their hectic schedule, it might not be enough time to do all but I am sure with all this interest makes them different from many. If I ever given a chance to hold a function or organize get together dinner or party, I will absolutely choose Remy and Tiz as honoured guest. I really yearn to have a conversation with them and find out more about their other interest. How far these interests help them in their career path now? How do they practice or what their homework will be for each roles offer?

The more I read about them the more I do feel they have given completely different perception in acting career. Together with their talent and with Kabir magic touch both Remy and Tiz is the name in the industry now. Nur Kasih is their starting point to stardom. I came across a quote by Walker Evan about a photographer. From the description given I do think it is the benchmark of Remy and Tiz because of their interest in photography. This is what Walker Evan says “Whether he/she is an artist or not, the photographer is a joyous sensualist, for the simple reason the eye traffics in feelings not in thoughts”.

There are many qualities seen in Remy and Tiz. I might not know Tiz personally but I do know she read and have many interest in literature and the world issues. Maybe I did not follow many local artists but it definitely rare to know a young girl who put such interest in many things in life. From day one I started to put interest in their journey I do believe they are special and have many gifts unexplored as Stephen R Covey says “Every human have four endowments-self awareness, conscience, independent will and creative imagination. These give us the ultimate human freedom…the power to choose, to respond and to change “.

Are we able to see more of Remy and Tiz collaboration in the future? Can we see more of them in the public function and fund-raising? Can we see more of them in charity event and their art and photography work being auction? The list will keep on growing as we go along; games, art contest, photography club and may be we can appoint them as patronage to few organisations. I am sure they are humble by it because their presence will wear a smile to many of their fans and supporters. Not just in a glittering event and flashing cameras.

Honestly and frankly if I have the power to persuade I will persuade them to be the ambassador for the group of artist in Malaysia where we gather for the real interest of art. I do know they are two busy people with their acting schedule but a day in a year will make a different. A dream I keep in mind and may one day it become a reality.

To my dear and beloved Remy and Tiz, it has been a pleasure knowing both of you in the industry and I always believed you have the potential to succeed further. I sincerely wish both of you all the best in all your endeavours and may success be yours. Happiness, loves, joy surround you today and every day. Have faith and be hopeful in everything you wish for and may both of you given courage and strength to confront the darkest part of life at all time, willingness to forgive and knowing the true wisdom of yourself. Good Luck.

Owned and written by : Sanaa 30/04/11


Kekangan bahasa masalah utama


Ketandusan pelakon bukan Melayu dalam industri lakonan tempatan kala ini agak serius memandangkan kurangnya muka-muka baru di kalangan kaum lain.

Jika ada sekali pun, penampilan mereka hanya sekadar memegang watak tempelan yang diwujudkan kononnya untuk menggambarkan semangat 1Malaysia.

Hakikatnya, kalau dianalisis kembali, watak ciptaan tersebut sedikit pun tidak mendatangkan kecacatan kepada jalan cerita sekiranya ia dihapuskan.

Rata-rata, sama ada pengarah atau pun penerbit, mereka mewujudkan watak bukan Melayu dalam sesebuah penerbitan hanyalah untuk memberi peluang kepada golongan tersebut tanpa adanya keberkesanan dari aspek lakonan mereka.

Impak negatif generasi muda

Bagi pengarah tersohor yang pernah melonjakkan nama Kenchana Dewi menerusi sitkom Puteri, Aziz M. Osman memberitahu, masalah bahasa menjadi punca utama untuk menampilkan kaum lain dalam penerbitan program Melayu.

Katanya, masalah itu berpunca apabila generasi muda sekarang lebih cenderung untuk berkomunikasi dalam bahasa campuran Melayu dan Inggeris.

“Budaya sebegitu sekali gus mendatangkan impak kepada generasi muda bukan Melayu apabila mereka tidak dididik dengan penggunaan bahasa Melayu yang betul.

“Dalam penulisan, saya akui mereka mampu menulis teks bahasa Melayu dengan bagus. Tetapi, apabila berdialog, mereka gagal.

“Kesannya, penghayatan dalam lakonan akan hancur lebur apabila penyampaian gagal dilakukan,” jelas Aziz yang pernah memperkenalkan pelakon bukan Melayu seperti Jason Chong menerusi penerbitan sitkom Fara.

Pada masa yang sama, Aziz menjelaskan, kemungkinan kaum lain berasa tidak yakin untuk menceburi industri lakonan tanah air.

“Mereka mungkin rasa tidak stabil untuk bersaing dalam drama atau filem Melayu yang dimonopoli oleh orang Melayu.

“Itu juga menjadi faktor industri kita kekurangan pelakon daripada golongan berkenaan,” tambahnya.

Compiled by Sanaa : 10/05/11


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