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“Recipe for Box-Office”

Dear friends

Nur Kasih fever is in town. With the press preview on 4th of May 2011 followed by the Gala Night on 9th of May 2011 there are many reviews in the newspaper and blogs. I basically go through each and every one of them. Although at random people do love the movie but most of the review does not give me the balance of reading and watching the trailer. Somehow or other the brief comments from tuansenang besar, a blogger I assumed is something attract me. He touches from the drama, the cinematography and maybe the way he found Nur Kasih itself attract me. He watch Nur Kasih by chance after going through channel and glued himself in front of the idiot box (as he referred the tv set, I supposed). Let’s read his view and let’s watch Nur Kasih at the cinema due to open on 19th May 2011.

From the review of tuansenangbesar I do honestly feel will attract us to watch and dear readers please be informed Nur Kasih The Movie will not be shown on Astro First. So let’s catch Nur Kasih The Movie in the cinema near you.

For the love of Nur Kasih I am here today. Thank you for the journey and my sincere thanks to all my dear friends, readers and passers-by. Pleasant evening everyone. Happy weekend.


Sanaa : 14/05/2011


I was invited to the premiere of what is tipped to be the film that could break the box office record in Malaysian history – Nur Kasih The Movie. And I do think they would too. Now unless you’re in absolute denial being a Malay, you would have heard the phenomenon that swept the nation 2 years ago on television. Nur Kasih the TV series was believed to be the most viewed drama series watched in history. 4 million Malaysians were reported to be glued to their idiot boxes at the series finale. Some said that Nur Kasih was also made case studies in Australia and the US.

I must admit that I was one of those viewers who made the statistic. I caught it by chance while flipping between channels one night. What caught my eye was the familiar scene shots from Kabir Bhatia which probed me to watch more. The premise was ‘simple’ – 2 brothers brought up with strict Islamic values by their father, an Ustaz. The elder, Aidil (Fizz Fairuz) abided while the younger, Adam (Remy Ishak) rebelled. A multitude of Melayu drama unfolded that started with arranged marriage, unrequited love, tragedy, repent, redemption, jealousy, more tragedies and finally, reconciliation were the plots for this film. It was just be too long of a post if I would detail it here. It’s still on rerun and catch-up TV. Fans were in love with Nur Aminah, Adam and Aidil. And they wanted more.

Capitilazing on this, they decided to produce a sequel on feature film. It took place 6 years from where they left off. Aidil has 2 children. Adam and Nur was expecting theirs. Drama was they plot and you guessed it, tragedy strucked. Viewers were brought down to tears at the beginning of the film. Adam and Nur is also running a youth community center that guides troubled teenagers through an open Islamic approach. There was a scene that touched on the narrow mindedness of our society even if they’re regarded as Ustaz.

The film takes us through breathtaking panoramic cinematography which goes all the way to Jordan. I still do not understand the justification for having Middle East as the background as it was portrayed in the TV series. More tragedies and test of faith unfolded. Unexpected incidents and somewhat illogical plots took place in order to achieve dramatic moments. It worked, never the less. Another factor is he music that accompanied the film. They were brilliantly composed and selected as it adds to the emotional roller-coaster that became one of Kabir Bhatia’s trademark.

Will this be a hugely successful film? Banking on Nur Kasih’s fans alone, it definitely will be. The question is, will this genre of film be the recipe for success? The answer is uncertain. The plot of Islamic values, family ties and unconditional love is not new. However, storytelling of Nur Kasih the movie was perhaps one of the most compelling and intuitive I have ever watched. This strikes a balance which rarely can be emulated by other local filmmakers. The strength of the TV series and film was indeed the Writer-Director team of Mira Mustaffa and Kabir Bhatia. Well done again.

Having said that, Nur Kasih The Movie is a gift to fans of the TV series. Anticipate a fullhouse of movie theatres throughout the month and equally those who are dissapointed not being able to get tickets. I truly enjoyed the film myself even if I was skeptical about certain scenes. I do however loved the ending which brings the Nur Kasih saga to a complete circle. I thought that was executed delicately.

Nur Kasih The Movie opens May 19.

Credit to : tuansenang besar

Compiled by : Sanaa 14/05/2011


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