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    Good things come to those who wait.
    Better things come to those who try.
    Best things come to those who believe.
    Desired things come to those who pray.

    "Islamic Thinking"

    A good traveler has no fixed plans, and is not intent on arriving.
    Lao Tzu

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A Note To Remember

Alhamdulillah everything goes well for my weekend and part of “working” holiday with family. I must admit it is most tiring days but it turns out well. The part of working holiday was being with my aunty for her daughter wedding. A young bride and groom with many fancies ideas for their weddings left my aunty in a daze with them through the last minutes touch up. We all as cousins, nieces and nephews play our part in making the occasion successful. After all the arguments and miscommunications they become husband and wife on Sunday. Another experience another occasion but all of us comes together to celebrate the bride and groom with hope they will lead a happy life till death do them apart.

Being busy taken me away from my normal day-to-day life. I forgot about the blog, I forgot about my Teruna and Dara and I totally forgot to think what to write. It’s such a relieved and gave me breather to think the next topic in mind. I actually thought I forgot my lovely couple Teruna/Dara or Cjolimoli but it seems they are fresh in my memory. I might want to forget but there is news surrounding me and cjoli make me not able to detach myself from it for long. Although it is not involving both but the effect will definitely feel by the other half. It has been days now when the cancellation (or shall I use abandoned?) trip of Tiz Zaqyah Razak Fan Club (TZRFC) to Perth hitting the local newspaper. The 35 members of the club been cheated by the organizer which happen to be one of the club members. Their dream of having a holiday with Tiz Zaqyah vanished.

The report about the cancellation due of cheating and fraud hit local newspaper the next day. They scheduled to leave for Perth on 21/12/11. I am saddened by the news and was extremely shock from the revelation it’s done by members of the club itself. I’ve read one of the articles written in Harian Metro (if I recall correctly) and I am sure there are details been protected as the case is under investigation.

As a member of the public I again expressed my sympathy to all members of TZRFC with this incident. I am sure all members devastated by the outcome of the anticipated holiday with Tiz Zaqyah. It has now been 5 days since it happened and I sincerely hope all members are able to gather themselves and find the strength to look into the matters from many perspectives. It’s easier said than done (I must admit) but we must collect all disappointment and put infinite hope things will get better from today onwards.

Things happen for a purpose and all experienced in life will lead us to somewhere, whether it is good or bad it will reflect upon us how we managed those experienced. It is now time for all to look into the situation and how did it happened? Did we allow it to happen or we let our mind left us just because of the excitement spending holiday with Tiz Zaqyah? Pointing fingers and finding someone to blame is our human thread. Only person with strong character and charisma will come forward admitting their mistake and taking full responsibility on their decisions.

Damaged done. Nothing can turn the clock. We must move forward and rectify the situation from thereon. Ask ourselves all the necessary questions; track back all the incidences and clues lead to the disappointment. Verify all information given and tell ourselves how did we fall into the trap? Did the person is authorise dealers or ticketing agent? Did she hold a valid business licence to arrange for a holiday package? This is all prevention measures so that we might not forget as times pass and please do remember we fall into the trap and as a victim or target because we are weak. Our mind and thinking been easily programme by the fraudulent once we are not able to differentiate the reality and hidden agendas. Not knowing our rights and law is another offence all together. Do we all know collecting money from people without authorisation is an offence?

Again and again I always tell myself and reminded by rules of the thumb, in every situation there are two parties. When things are smooth and soft, white as cotton, clear as crystal we are living in denial. We will never see the fault, the scheme, and the intentions whether it is good or bad and whether it is beneficial to us or not. We allow it to happen. Without any notice, out of sudden thing burst like the volcanos. The heat of the lave spread all over and destroy lives and leave people homeless but after, the benefits of lava gives life to many. For a moment just think about it and reflect the mishap happen recently in our life.

The recent incident left 35 members of TZRFC in great sorrow. All of them losing their hard earned money and anticipation enjoying a holiday with Tiz Zaqyah add to the distress. No words can describe it and again I feel so sorry for all of them but again and again we can only hope and keep on praying for the person to get equal punishment BUT let it be a great REMINDER for us in the future. Our heartache, disappointment, anger, insult, pointing fingers and more will never take us anywhere until and unless we are able to accept our own mistake and taking this as a lesson and learn to let it go.

Whether it is a dent, crack or broken we must move on in life. If it ever the memory of bitterness comes in take it as a reminder and keep on remind ourselves it is part of life journey. Everyone will have their own diary and from the diary left us with footprint and reminders as we are still breathing in this world. Be strong with every obstacle and be thankful that we only lost our money but we did not lose our dignity. That’s the greatest love of all.
I keep on repeating myself and again I do know and understand it is easier said than done. People do all kind of things when they are desperate. There are saying “desperate people do desperate thing”. The fraud happened because the master mind is desperate for money I assume, but how about us? Are we desperate too?

As an onlooker, I must admit I don’t feel the heartache and I am able to say anything I want as it cross my mind, but as another human being I’ve gone through a lot where money matters is concerned. Believe me; it will never take us anywhere if we keep spreading hatred. The more hatred we spread the more we will receive and the more obstacles of the same kind will come, because that is the rule of the universe. There will never be changes until we accept the changes. In every situation there will be no one to blame except ourselves because we cannot change other people before we change ourselves.

Remember the rule of the thumb and it has taken me years to understand this philosophy. Once we understand it we are able to see everything through our heart, digest it with our mind and explain it with our eyes.

A thought by : Sanaa 27/12/11


8 Responses

  1. This article offers clear idea in favor of the new
    users of blogging, that truly how to do running a blog.

  2. Salam,
    Ur mission, should u choose to accept it, is to summarize the excellent article above and to paste it on Tizzy’s wall so that hopefully the relevant individuals who read it can think rationally (using the brain and not nafsu ammarah) and know that it has been fated by Allah and by using harsh words will only end up in more frustration and making things worse. I have tried to give my humble opinion but I think I have failed in my mission. Remember, if u fail in ur mission, Mr. Ramos codename ‘Gendut’ will deny whatsoever having assign this duty to u. This message will self destruct in 5 secs .. 4 .. 3 .. 2 .. 1 …….. bedebusssh. Jgn mare ye! And take care.

    • Good one Mr. Ramos! hahaha… Tapi ada baiknya la kita jadi pemerhati je…kang klu tersalah ckp, kene sembur bertubi2…huhu

      • Salam,
        Ur kinna right. Teringat pepatah Melayu ada berkata, “kerana pulut santan merasa, kerana mulut badan binasa” but come to think of it, adakah sya skadar “melepaskan batok di tangga?” Wasting my time trying to convince the victims of what I believe how they should react in such situation but for them it is otherwise.

  3. Salam Sanaa… I soooo love these phrases that u wrote,”The more hatred we spread the more we will receive and the more obstacles of the same kind will come, because that is the rule of the universe. There will never be changes until we accept the changes. In every situation there will be no one to blame except ourselves because we cannot change other people before we change ourselves.”
    Why i like them? Simply bcoz so far in my life, I’ve been trying to train and educate myself to halt any heartache due to other people’s doing b4 it becomes a grudge in my heart. But it’s not an easy battle coz most of the time I just can’t keep myself composed b4 gradually realized that the same thing keeps coming back. I guess Allah wants to teach me a lesson that the consequences of my act will turn back to me.
    So yeah, you’ve pinpointed the real rule of thumb that most of us do not realize or simply forgot.

    • Wassalam Lia,

      thank you for being here and like the paragraph. i must admit it is not an easy battle until we realize them, observe and practice. I do hope you are able to recognize your own power dealing with it in future. Insha’Allah once we accept and berserah all will be in good shape. have a good day dear. take care

  4. Hello, ketemu lagi…
    Kecoh di akhbar, fb mahupun twitter ttg kisah TZRFC kena tipu,
    tapi apa nak buat, perkara tersebut sudah terjadi..
    Kesian dengan mereka semua, nampaknya Tiz pun kena masuk campur dalam fb untuk menerangkan apa yang sepatutnya..
    Apapun, harap2 si penipu akan ditangkap dan diberi pembalasan sewajarnya..
    Kita enjoy dulu cerekarama “ADUH SAYANG” @ TV3 @ 9 malam @ 31 Disember..gandingan RITZ yang sememangnya ditunggu2 oleh peminat mereka..

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