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It has been long I wanted to explore the word “obsession” through my personal journey. It has been long too the word been banging on my head especially when I talked to friends. I am getting tired with the situation and today I pen it down. I need to get it out of my chest.

With obsession I am here and with obsession I started to know the world of entertainment. I started to write and created this blog from the obsession of a drama titled Nur Kasih. Shortly after watching the drama I started too hooked with the main cast Remy Ishak and Tiz Zaqyah which played the character of Adam and Nur. Their sensation as a couple and on-screen chemistry been talked of the town. Every corner, every angle people appear to know Nur Kasih and the main cast. It’s was a big wave three years ago.

I was there and part of the team consciously knowing. As time flies I’ve created, imagined and dreamed about Nur Kasih couple. Little do I realised it’s reaching the stage of obsession or almost there. Through and during the journeys I get to know their fans and followers which few might be fanatic. Somehow or other we became friends with the same obsession; Nur Kasih. Whether it is bad or good I’ve found something that I loved to do all over again; writing and reading. Following Tiz Zaqyah on her twitter at one time and facebook gave me a bit of insight about her. That goes to Remy Ishak too. From their tweets and status I try to understand them as a person.

Time past and three years has gone. Out of sudden one day I stopped imagining, dreaming and practically stop writing about them too. Not that I don’t want to write but I believed they are now done with dating. They now know each other deeply and their relationship is known to the public. Both of them did not deny meeting their families. My duaa and prayers goes to them and waiting anxiously for their matrimony. I really hope the announcement will come soon and I am sure their fans will thrill with the news. Will we be?

By being their follower and through the blog I’ve met and getting to know more of their fans. Our medium of communication is through the internet; either the comment column in the blog, chatting line, facebook and email and for few who have my mobile number we do exchange text messages sometimes. Through gathering organised by the fan club I do meet few of them personally and stay in contact. Since they are the strong supporter of Remy and Tiz and are obsessed with them, our main topic of conversation only circulates about the couple and what’s going on surrounding Remy and Tiz. After long something knocking and keep on prompting my mind with a question. How far it will get me in my writing if the main topic of conversation only involving the couples and their project? I am sure there are many good drama series or tele-movie with equally fine message together with high calibre actor and actresses. I told myself, if I want to keep on writing I must explore and keep on exploring ideas and views. I absolutely need challenge for me to go further. After series of “fighting” I thank GOD for showing me the complete new path to follow. From there and from series of my obsession came realisation that I need to see and get the right picture what is actually I am obsess at? Is it Remy Ishak and Tiz Zaqyah as a couple or is it their acting I am obsessed at?

This is entirely two different scenarios isn’t it?

Once I calm down and able to rationalise between the two obsessions, I am relieved to know I will never stop supporting them in their career as well keep on praying for their success including their relationship. When they are acting they are playing their character or roles given as expected by the script, producers and writers. Either they act together or not they are doing their job and when they are in public they are Remy Ishak and Tiz Zaqyah. I am not denying the fact remained it’s all started from Adam and Nur and the public been hoping and praying with duaa to see them as strong as Adam and Nur in real life but please do not forget their strength and their effort makes the relationship works to this day. We can never rule and we shouldn’t rule that Remy and Tiz is Adam and Nur. Without doubt they make a perfect couple on and off screen but they are just equal to any other individual with hopes, dreams, obstacles and challenges in life. They need their privacy as any other couple outside the entertainment industry.

Without doubt I am obsessed. I have nothing to hide, but I am grateful I still have friends who are equally obsessed but definitely know the boundaries. Circle of friends who are able to suggest movie or drama to watch, books to read, article to share and many more exciting tips. It does not take me long to get tired with the “fanatic” fans. To make matter worst I am not able to write once I had a chat or received an email and messages from this so called “fanatic” fans. It does frustrate me further. Sometimes it will sort of spoiling my day with their attitude but again I am still lucky because I have friends which I can have open debate and exchanging views on many topic not just the couple or entertainment industry. With this outcome I become more observant and started to do my evaluation. To my surprise the fans truly obsessed with Remy Ishak and Tiz Zaqyah as a couple, not as an actor until they are not able to draw a line between a job and personal life. They are so obsessed with Remy and Tiz and comparing them with other celebrity couple ie Lisa Surihani/Yusry and Awal Ashaari/ Scha. I feel like the world collapsing on me upon knowing this. Did Lisa/Yusry acted together before???

If I am wrong I’m wrong but I don’t think so. Reason being it is everywhere in the blog, facebook, twitter and many other social media. Oh my, no wonder I feel like banging my head lately. It might not affect me as a whole but knowing and readings about it make me form a perception or conclusion about their (fans and fanatic) stage of mind. Do you know why?

Again and again this is merely my opinion and from my point of view as spectators within the crowd. Last year I had a tough time with Tiz fans before, during and after Anugerah Bintang Popular Berita Harian (ABPBH). To-date there are grudges, whispers and not able to accept Tiz defeat in last year award. I am indifferent with anything to do with the word “popular” and award tie to it. It is not my cup of tea. I don’t see the real talent behind popularity and why we need to waste money and energy on them? But again supporters will tell this is the way they are showing their support. I can’t and will never deny that either. Each of us has our own way of showing respect, love, support, anger and many more. My only concerned is the obsession, because the fanatic fans not even able to accept or discuss any critic about their idols. Nothing is not superb; every acting is superb to them. Did they know Hollywood also has blunders when casting the A-List actors in their movie?

The question is, how long are we going to be in this obsession?

Obsession in general will never stop. It varies from one person to another. As we sail through life the obsession changes too. We might obsess with food today and clothes later. The norm obsession is shopping and I am sure we all know the danger behind it. It will leave us a huge debt. Have we ever asked ourselves about other obsession? Will obsess towards the star and celebrity hurt us?

Again it took me through the journey. During the airing of Nur Kasih the drama there are few in the group until they formed a named. We are known as Sanaa and the geng (Red, Dodin, Seh, Apple, Kintan, Nur, Woody, Ummi etc…a dear memories I carry till today although we are no longer exchanging views and notes on Nur Kasih, we are never apart). I am the writer and story-teller so my name acts like an anchor. It was fun though because at that time I do think we are harmless? We jokes, we laugh, we dream, we imagine and get in touch with each other because of Adam and Nur. From all the conversations we had and exchanged ideas, I’ve drafted and created the pantun, poems and short story. I explore Adam and Nur through the eyes of Sanaa and the geng and written it as pleasure of reading and part of day dreaming. After a while the story ended with no ends because the legendary of Adam and Nur lingers on till today in the life version of Remy and Tiz. Again, I asked myself…is my obsession worth every effort? My answer to it varies. I adapt with full understanding the journey of life is sailing through every corner, hills and valley and never a destination. One of the answers I received, I should not stop writing because my “obsession” is writing and my object is “Adam and Nur” or Remy and Tiz. I am happy to discover that my obsession for Remy and Tiz together with “Adam and Nur” carries me a long way. From the bottom of my heart I thank Remy and Tiz for allowing me to have them as my “obsession” and subject for long and now enable me to spread my wings in writing. Through them I am now watching few of our local production and making my way exploring others in acting world. I started to appreciate the value of acting in many perspectives.

I guess I’m a dreamer and because of that I love writing and keep on exploring the world of writing. I do not want to limit my writing to entertainment column only. Maybe for now my direction is towards the entertainment industry and most of my topic surrounding them. The benefits from this is I am able to see how fragile and the danger of obsession as fans in supporting their idols. It is unbelievable. This is actually a crazy world when one does not realise and mot able to draw the line between support and obsess. Any kind of obsession takes away your mind and body. Obsession makes us senseless and will lead us to imprudent. Many does not realise this although after going through experiences.

All this take me back to ABPBH. For two years I’ve been observing the award created by Berita Harian and the strategy behind it. Please correct me if I’m wrong in my observation but my interpretation towards this award is a business strategy using the mind of others and effort of others. The losers lose the winner gain and the questions are who the REAL winner is and who is the loser? Ask ourselves and may we find the answers and the sad part in this matter we as Malays are losing. We never going to admit this and I know because it happened to me last year and I will not repeat the mistake ever.

When will we realise that obsession is actually killing us? When will it be too late? How will it benefit us? Keep asking and may the light lead the way.

Admiration, liking or even falling in love is normal and nothing ever wrong about it. It will only bad and dangerous when it becomes obsession and sooner or later it will destroy us. How far we want to allow this obsession? I know it is a choice BUT please be aware the danger ahead of us. As the Malay saying goes “beringat sebelum kena, berjimat sebelum habis”.

Opps do forgive me there is obsession in hatred too, not just supporting or loving their idols. Which ever group we belong to sooner or later obsession will destroy us. Once we reach that level, another question arises…how deep the destruction going to cost us?

Owned and written by : Sanaa 18/01/12


10 Responses

  1. Salam Sanaa…

    Alamak, terlepas join the geng! hehe…the names you mentioned above sbhagiannya sy masih igt when I came to the tv3 forum about NK. But at that time, I was just being a silent reader. Little did i know that there was actually a geng being formed. But nevermind, eventually fate brings me to your blog and having the chance to get to know you is a bliss. Why do I say so? Simply because what u feel about ritz or NK is almost equivalent to what I feel. You have the obsession but it does not go beyond boundary, you have the imaginations & ‘angau’ness (err?) but they are all about sweetness not dirty flirt, you have your support but it is all rational and you have your condemn but never reach the extreme points. As matter of facts, in everything we do, “wasatiyyah (bersederhana)” is the best practice in life. Extremers will remain extremers if they don’t realize what is more important in their lives and if they don’t want to draw a line between rational support and blind obsession. As for me, i’m loving RITZ for who they are without neglecting the facts that they are just normal human beings who will make mistakes. I’m not going to always agree with whateva they do (like the blind fanatics) but I will never condemn them using harsh words (like the nut haters). Just liking them for who they are and keep praying that they will choose the right paths in life. Wonder (not hoping or praying) if things don’t work out between ritz, who will the followers choose? Tiz or remy? huhu…

    p/s: Sy skrang tgh ikut drama Gemersik Kalbu…sbb dulu mmg suka novelnya. Suka tgk Aqasha bawa watak sufian..so cheeky & naughty but romantic. hehe… (but to be honest i can’t avoid myself from imagining if the main casts are remy-tiz, would the drama be more interesting? hehe…obses…obses…)

    • Wassalam Lia

      Thanks again dear and I shall not dive further in what you have said. Give me 5…I’m watching Gemersik Kalbu too just get to know others. Until ep 16 I must say nothing attract me so far beside smooth journey of the characters. I can still watch tapi belum sampai ke kemuncak untuk menonton berkali-kali. Did u watch Nora Elena? I accept watak Suffian as naughty and cheeky but terbuai oleh Seth Tan yang romantic dan manja. Rule NO 1…DON’T COMPARE. Rule No 2. DON’T EVER COMPARE rule No 3. DON’T EVER EVER COMPARE….hehehe

      • Nora elena… i just watch the last episode, tu pun lepas heran apesal ramai duk obses dgn citer tu… hehe.. so far, blom tergerak nk tgk full episodes (maybe sbb x brape minat dgn heroinnye yg berckp slang kot mcm izzah dlm ombak rindu yg katanya gadis kampung, tapi ckp slang english), tpi i will try to find sometime to watch that episodes nti… sbnrnya baru dlm 2 months ni je i sempat nk tgk drama series semula…b4 this rumah i jauh drpd univ, jd x smpat pn nk having time for my own. Now dh pindah rumah dekat dgn univ, barula ada time sket utk tgk drama series. Ada friends yg suggest suh tgk Tentang Dhia…tpi bru tgk satu episod, sy dh rasa stress dgn citernya yg heavy. Maybe bcoz i’m already in domain stress, so rasa nk tgk citer yg ringan2, romantic2 comedy je, xmo yg berat2 sgt main santau2 bagai…hehe…
        tu yg suka tgk GK sbb x bt sy stress..hehe… patutnya GK ni heroin dia Rita rudaini, tpi dia x dpt bg komitmen time tu…pastu bru ganti ayu raudhah… personally, i like Rita’s acting more than Ayu sbb sbnrnya dlm novel, watak raihana tu lembut tapi tegas and sinis (mmg suit dgn Rita’s character)… but for GK, not bad gakla ayu bawak watak tu…
        p/s: ok…i will try not to compare….hehehehehe…..

      • I rasa Siti Saleha as Nora Elena done a good job. Org kg yang moden tapi to my hearing she tak pelat mcm heroine Ombak Rindu yg tak hilang pelatnya. On comparative basis sebutan SS much better than MK. I am a bit bias on MK because until today I tak dpt nak accept her as an actress (no personal reason) but just tak ada chemistry between us kut…hehehe. Tentang Dhia I’ve watched a bit here and there for the first 3 ep…sorry to say it does not catch me at all. The Malay culture sentiment nie buat I cepat bosan walaupun ramai yg pujuk kata itulah kehidupan. Santau, khianat dengki yg melampau nie mmg tak masuk dlm senarai I nak tengok…kebosanan cepat tercipta and maybe you are right because our situation yg dah memang dlm domain stress ni membuatkan kita tak blh nak terima perkara2 yg mcm tu…apapun I still suggest u tengok Nora Elena and another one yg sedang ditayangkan…Pelangi Kasih. Again my sweet reminder…pls do not compare.

  2. Salam Orchid Garden. Thk Allah I found this blog. Actually I’ve been a silent reader of many info from the internet until one evening I found these Malaysian artists FBs and also other blogs and many other things.
    And Tiz Zaqyah’s FB caught me coz of her writing style, it’s colourful, sometimes precise and sometimes full of metaphor. I learned from her posts that she loves editing pictures and she has talent in artwork unlike others. She sounds intelligent to me and I love her act from NK and even watched NKTM. Oh my… never watched any after that. And thro’ reading her FB, I found out she is Remy’s real g/f. Alhamdulillah. and pray they will be happy together forever.
    But what puts me off are her so called fans who are too personal and trespassing into their lives, i.e Remy and Tiz. My..my..I just cannot comprehend the way they want to shape their lives, oh no.. and there are fans who would just hang on her wall as if it is theirs and that drives others away. And Remy’s was worst. Sorry and pardon me for being harsh (for a first timer here) but there are aunties and peoples’ wives who swoon and even openly wants to hug and dream of him. No wonder he deleted his FB. Found all these in one disgusting popular thread. Are these Muslim women who abide by the teachings?? Do they imagine him when they are with their husbands? I feel so..embarrassed and pissed off by his so called fans.
    And who are they to condemn their relationship? Pls – like you said, they have their own lives to live, they are ordinary people only that they are artists by profession. I hope their talents don’t go down to waste just because of the “wanted to be acknowledged” most of the time fans. I presume a lesson has been learnt from an ordeal recently. I hope Remy and Tiz realise there are creepers and poison ivy surrounding them.

    P/S: I browse and read occasionally and yet I get the gist of everything.

    • Wassalam Tehbunga…thanks for being here and sharing your thoughts. Let’s keep on praying sooner or later the fans realise what they are doing to themselves and others. As for the creepers and poison ivy Insha’Allah Remy and Tiz are strong together to face all the challenges. I honestly think they do know the creepers around them and act accordingly to avoid any conflict. Hope you enjoy your stay in this blog and my sincere advise is start watching any other local production. It might not be as interesting and intriguing as Nur Kasih but it worth watching as long as we are able to differentiate a story and reality. You will be surprise to find a good one among many.

      Thanks again and enjoy your day…do take care of yourself.

  3. Thanks for the reply. Juz wanna add a few words. At times, my obsession with RITZ (esp. Tizzy) can cause me anxiety and distress to a certain degree even though it’s funny to think that it has nothin to do with my real life problems. That’s why, I’m saying that it’s a product of my own behavior. And because of that, it can be unreasonable, time consuming and significantly interfere with my normal routine be it social activities or relationships. Mat Salleh kata obsession, Pak Arab kata taksub dan Melayu plak kata parah. Tu yg kena cuba stop this obsession of mine terhadap Tizzy. Lgpun dia tak kenal pun siape sya, entah wujud entah idak. Sya yg terlebih2 ….. hahahaha. Walau bagaimanapun, sya terpaksa akur yg sbnarnya sya begitu minat lakonannye yg mendatangkan kesan selain drpd perwatakan beliau yg simple, knowledgeable, humble and fasih berbahasa Inggeris yg sya rasa lacking pada kebanyakan aktor/aktres. Ditambah pula pasangannye yg sya rasakan begitu sesuai sgt coz they compliment each other. Mungkin disebabkan hidup sya tak sebegitu rupe menjadikan sya obses terhadap kedua mereka. Kesimpulannye, drpd sya jd peminat diaorg, biarlah sya anggap sahaja mereka ni mcm anak2 sya. Bilamana, mereke perlukan bimbingan, I will be there for them juz like what I’m doing presently i.e. giving positive comments on tizzy facebook and once in a while add up a few jokes to spice things up. BTW, sya cuti hari ni.

    • thanks again Atan kerana sudi berkongsi. It is not easy I think to share our weaknesses but at the same time I do feel good after letting it go. Maybe my admiration and adoration towards them tak sama mcm u because I do have groups and friends to talked abt it almost daily and weighing the situation on pro and cons so tahap kecenderungan tu dah divided. As I said earlier I am tired after knowing the depth of obsession from the fans because some how or other I’m affected by the emails and chat with few of them. I’m happy to know you now realise the consequences of that obsession and admiration. Insha’Allah it will lighten once you are able to console and convince yourselves all this should be minimize and get on track again.

      Selamat bercuti and enjoy the day..take care

  4. Salam, unlike u, I’m not a writer but we do share somethin in common i.e. Nur kasih and RITZ. I admit that I am one of their ardent fans. I’m kinna obsessive too. Sometimes, it got me to thinking that the way I’m adoring them left something much to be desired. I mean for a fifty year old guy … ooopps …. I shouldn’t act, say or even think that I’m at par with them when it comes to having the minds of the younger generation. But somehow or rather, I juz go with the flow. And only recently, I’m beginning to question myself, When will all these ends up? Was there a target or mission that I had set for doin these things? Coz sooner or later, I will have to draw the curtains. I will reach my turning point coz as I’ve said, I’m gettin older day by day. For now, I can only tell one thing i.e. once the couple is engaged, I will stop following them. Not a complete stop but a gradual one. I need to focus my life on other things. With Allah greatest gift – the mind, not juz me but all of us can set or review our target in life coz believe it or not, we are all here for a purpose. It’s a good thing that we can choose on what to do with our lives. Weather it’s good or bad, as an adult, we are responsible with the way we think more so by putting those thoughts into action. Nevertheless, Nur Kasih had changed my life for a better. It strengthened my faith and somehow, I came to know my true self. And also having met new friends juz like you and others. I used to lead a lonely life and being anti social but not anymore. Thanks to you guys for accepting me as a friend. Sori ye English sya teruk sbb lama tak tuleh dlm bhasa Inggeris …. hehehehe.

    • Wassalam Atan…thank u for sharing your thoughts. Undeniably we are here for a purpose and we must keep on seeking the purpose for us to reach the “destination” but I do feel part of obsession will take us away from that purpose. That’s what I’m going through after knowing the length and depth of this “fanatic fans” behaviour and admiration. There was a time I had many conversations/chat, msg in my inbox the obsession of hatred towards Remy and highly appraise towards Tiz. They became personal and I have to rationalize almost everything and from thereon I feel so tired. I miss the time when we had a healthy “argument” or opinion across during airing of NK and it’s inspired me to write and write although I do know at times I’ve cross the boundaries of imagination BUT I still feel it was a good one…hampir semua org senyum nampak gusi…hehehe. Gone the good old days of “Sanaa and the geng” I miss them and I miss few members yg join lambat or does not want to be in the group but share our light moments together.

      I wish you all the best dear friend in your journey…and I do hope you will still be here even though my topic of writing does no longer about RITIZ. Someone says something good does not last forever but the memories continues.

      Thank u from the bottom of my heart..Sanaa

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