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    Good things come to those who wait.
    Better things come to those who try.
    Best things come to those who believe.
    Desired things come to those who pray.

    "Islamic Thinking"

    A good traveler has no fixed plans, and is not intent on arriving.
    Lao Tzu

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“A Ship in the Storm”

The time has come for us to meet life’s test

Our chance to prove the nature of our love

To stand or fall just like the very best

And pray for smiles and blessings from above

Life has its ups and downs all this we knew

The time of words has passed and action calls

We meet this storm together see it through

To trust and love no matter what befalls

Who really knows the reason we stand here

There’s time ahead with prayer for us to ask

For now we need to keep our vision clear

To hug and kiss through this will be our task

Now hand in hand we welcome trouble’s door

To prove our love much stronger than before

By : Martin Kloess

Compiled by : Sanaa 29/01/12


22 Responses

  1. Trying hard to think tve about their relationship but after reading the comment fr his manager….hmmm…:( entahlah…:(:(
    Hanya mampu berdoa dari jauh…

    • Salaam Azure ,

      Boleh kongsi di sini tak comment dari Remy’s manager tu ? They are so sweet together ..sedihla ,tapi kalau itu ketentuanNYA sapa kita utk menolaknya.

    • Hi Azure

      Segala keresahan dan kerisauan peminat sebenarnya rezeki buat Ritz dan semoga ia menjadi rahmat. Kadang2 apa yg tersurat bkn yg sebenarnya tersirat lalu berdoa Dan berharap akan menjadi sesuatu yang terindah. Be with them in their journey as far and as long you want too and it will come the day it will end and how the ending will be or would be bergantung kepada kekuatan dan kepercayaan kita sepenuhnya. Itu akan lebih mudah utk kita menerima keadaan dgn sebaik-baiknya.

      Take care my dear….

    • Apa yg shelin dan Azure cakap mmg betul..tapi bila dh kecoh kt fb, bukan sbb kita busy body hal RITZ, tapi kita ambil berat..ttg gambar kt insta RI pn menjadi tanda tanya, perlu ke letak gambar kat atas pentas AJL tu sampai 2 kali. Amat jarang untuk melihat gambar TZ dalam insta RI, tapi banyak gambar RI dimasukkan dlm insta TZ.. Blog RI juga seperti meluahkan perasaan dirinya, cuma ada sesetengah perkataan tu mcm tak sesuai je. Walaupun dlm fan page RI dan TZ mengatakan agar kita tidak memberi komen yang negatif ttg sejauh mana perhubungan mereka sekarang, but sebagai peminat, kita kena tahu juga apa yg terjadi…Tapi saya mendoakan yang baik2 saja, jauh sekali mendoakan keburukan..Saya sayangkan mereka berdua, memang saya tahu takdir Allah melebihi segala-galanya, tapi x salah jika kita berdoa kan?

      • Hi Fara

        Kita semua sygkan RITZ dan kita semua mendoakan yang terbaik buat RITZ. Akan tetapi sesetengah perkara tidak dapat kita tafsir dengan hanya melihat dan mendengar. Berilah ruang untuk mrk menangani apa saja isu tentang diri mereka dengan cara mrk sendiri. Janganlah diungkit gambar-gambar yang ada dlm insta Remy dan Tiz. Cara setiap individu mempamerkan isi hati atau meluah rasa berbeza. Sama juga seperti tulisan RI. Seorang penulis selalunya menulis mengikut apa yg mereka lalui secara peribadi ataupun pengamatan. Rasa hati yang diluahkan adakalanya bkn diri sendiri sbb tu org berkata ada 2 kategori penulis ie seorang yg membuat kita berfikir dan seorang lagi membuat kita berangan or wonder. Tafsiran pembaca pada setiap penulisan juga berbeza akan tetapi apabila ia berhubungkait dengan RITZ dan sequence of event yang ada mempengaruhi fikiran kita lalu menjerumus kepada sesuatu yg tidak baik. Be with them in their journey dan doakan yang terbaik buat mereka ya…dan andainya benar2 mereka melalui waktu sukar skrg ini kita mohon agar mrk temui jalan yg terbaik mengatasinya. Take care my dear…

  2. Salam semua. Maaf ya saya tak dapat nak remain indifference with this latest situation. I still think action speak louder than words. I hv read comment fr RITZ fans concerned atTizzy Fb & I’ve read the so called poem fr Enchik Rems blog but not the comments from his fans & came to understand that it’s juz all a miss understanding of the poem & absent of posted pics insta. But why do i get the feeling that action speak louder than words cause Encik Rems are now back to twitting & his new profile pic make one to wonder is it over?

    • W’slm Shelin….Profile pic yg rambut pjg tu ke? Btw, Tiz x delete semua pics En Rems….hmm…

      • Azure maaf the latest pic was the pic frn his latest insta pic fr Alj the most intimate one for me personally la sori. Saya perasan masa thn lepas bila En Rems used his twit profile pic fr glam’s mag cover (RITZ) but he had cut- off Tiz part fr the photo & use only his part fr the cover mag. I can understand since that time their true relationsip still in question but now that their relationsip are known to public he seems didn’t mind to used his insta pic fr Alj the most intimate one huhu that left me wondering.. As I said action speaks louder than words. Some people might have said one thing but then turn around & acted otherwise.Yes Azure i did notice that Tiz only deleted some of en rems pic specially the latest ones. Does that makes me less worry? Maaf Sanaa for using yr blog again as a medium to pen doen this worry

      • Dear Shelin

        Please do not worry….this blog was created for Remy and Tiz and I welcomed all opinion and feelings abt them. Dengan izin Allah jua I will keep on writing about them, for them and with them. As for now please do not worry too much….let Ritz go with the flow and we show our respect as their ardent fans through doa and prayers. again take care my dear….

    • Wassalam Shelin…u hv the right with your own feelings but pls do not make it a burden or later be a hatred. If u ask me on my personal opinion of the poen it can be various because at times when someone pour a feeling via writing it comes from many incidences. I get to understand the poem does not effect u so much but remy’s profile pic. I am not able to view the pic but again pls do not judge. Keep on berdoa is the best solution an give them space for them to develop their relationship smoothly but not pressured by the fans. Pls do remember my dear life is all about test and with all the test we mature. As saying goes…it is not over until it is over…keep praying will be the best answer for now. Take care….



      • Thanks Sanaa for this space. The poem has nothing to do with Tiz right as remy’s answered to one of ritz fans question to him that’s what i undetstand fr a fan who commented at tiz fb. I will not judging or hate either one of them as they’re Adam/Nur, one who awaken my interest in malay dramas. What i wrote above juz a feeling of dissapointment. Oh en rems dah tukar his profile pic that i hv never seen before mayb from his latest project. About the poem we still don’t know who it refered to or may to no one in particular but it’s contain heavy word like ‘fitnah’ & ‘maruah’ and his past relatinship came to my mind which i really hope not becoz if it is it show remy hasn’t move on, his still wrote poem of his ex not his current. But if it really abt his current gf then tak kan pisang beruah berkali2 its the girl who’s in the wrong & he the injurt party all over again & again. So I really hope the poem is not from his life experience but only as an on looker to life around him. I prayed for the best for both of them & really hope Tiz gives some clue in her fb. She deleted a comment fr her insta who post worries of ritz current situation & her latest post in fb didnt
        help one bit either ‘done’ish pening2.

      • Tak apelah…kita tunggu je dgn sabar sambil berdoa agar RITZ kekal setia bersama dlm cinta yg suci… siapalah kita utk campur hal mereka, nti dikata busy body pula wlupun sebenarnya ambik berat. But I guess everthing has a limit. So our limit as fans is just as far as waiting, praying and accepting. Don’t go overboard meddling into their personal lives. Despite of getting a vulnerable denying statement from RI that their relationships are in a wrecking ship, but i believe most of us here can pretty much guessed what’s really happening. Let’s pray that this is just a process for them to build a stronger and more mature base for their love. Who knows that this can be a starting point for positive changes. And I believe, looking at Tiz latest’s posts at her insta, dalam hati masih ada cinta… mari kita sama2 doakan mereka kekal bahagia dalam cinta hingga akhir hayat…

  3. To all,

    Let’s not intefere in their relationship, let them be.. let them learn what they’re suppose to learn…they’re a big enough to resolve their own problems. They’re not asking for our advise..so don’t give any especially when we don’t know what really happens. We should respect their privacy and their rights to express their feelings and don’t judge. Everything has its limits..otherwise they might feel hurt and not trust the fans anymore..and might not share anything in the future…be realistic guys…:P

  4. Dh kecoh di blog RI ttg status perhubungan RITZ, apa yg boleh dikatakan semoga Allah panjangkan jodoh mereka hingga ke akhir hayat, semua ni ketentuan Allah dan hnya Allah yang mengetahui segala-galanya..

  5. Tq Sanaa… but i really hope that they’re just doing a gimmick… (logik tak? hehe)

    • You are most welcome dear….

      Beginilah jawapan ku:-

      Rajuk marah manja sudahlah pasti
      Namun itu semuanya soal hati
      Kita melihat terguris dirasai
      Doa kasih terus mengiringi

      Dari jauh perasaan datang
      Bertuah sungguh adik dan abang
      Jasamu dik akan ku kenang
      Mengharap kasih terus berkembang

      • Salam Sanaa,
        Kehilangan mereka menjadi tanya tanya pada semua orang. Hope they just fine. Seperti Lia Sakinah, ok juga kalau its just the gimmick before something big going out. We hope so.

      • Wassalam Ciah….

        Agar segala tanda tanya terjawab nanti adanya ya…don’t worry keep on praying Insha’Allah doa yg baik akan Allah makbulkan. Take care dear…

  6. Salam Sanaa…
    I feel like I wanna copy paste the link for this entry in Tiz’s page… who knows, if there’s really a storm hitting the ship, this meaningful poetry would bring RITZ back to the right track? We don’t know what’s actually happening now, but I believe many of us are anxiously waiting for her new updates. Her silence really make most of us worried…
    Can I do that San?

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