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    Good things come to those who wait.
    Better things come to those who try.
    Best things come to those who believe.
    Desired things come to those who pray.

    "Islamic Thinking"

    A good traveler has no fixed plans, and is not intent on arriving.
    Lao Tzu

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“The Perfection of Misperception”

Salam and good morning dear friends and readers,

I found a very interesting article on misperception and how it’s going to affect us in some of our daily activities. This is nothing about right or wrong but it might be dangerous if we are deciding on delicate matters such as business deals and relationship.

So called knowing a person without knowing is another misperception because we can never read other people’s mind.

Happy reading to all…have a pleasant and perfect day.


Sanaa 08/02/12


Have you ever played the telephone game? You know, person A whispers something into the ear of person B, who whispers the very same thing (hopefully) into the ear of person C, who whispers that same message (theoretically) into the ear of person D, and on and on until they reach the end of the line.

Now what invariably happens to the original message? That’s right. It gets distorted and warped into something entirely new altogether. Look at Creation re-create itself! (Note: “Distorted” doesn’t imply it’s bad, just different and altered.)

Subjective Reality

Why does this distortion happen? It happens because what people perceive is different from what was “actually” being said. In a way, we can say that your personal experience itself is entirely subjective.

“Hold on,” one might say, “it can’t all be entirely subjective. You and I can stand in a field and both look up at the moon at night together and we’ll see the very same moon.”

Well, it’s almost the same. First of all, we’ll have a sliiiiightly different angle we’d view the moon from so we wouldn’t see exactly the same view of it. Second, we wouldn’t actually looking at the moon as it is now! We’d be looking at a the moon as it existed about 1.5 seconds ago. No matter what we looked at, we’d always be looking at the past because it takes time for light to travel from any object to our eyes. We can never actually perceive the objective reality as it exists in this very moment! Creation is always a step ahead of us! Given that you and I will also be sliiiiightly different distances from the moon, we’ll both perceive the moon in slightly different points in its existence.

A Rose-colored Reality

You don’t directly experience a distinct objective reality around you, but rather the version of it that gets filtered through your mind, beliefs, concepts, perception, and even location.

Experiencing your personal view of the world is a lot like wearing rose-colored sunglasses. The filtered world you perceive is rose-colored, but that doesn’t mean that the world itself is actually rose-colored.

Now, because everyone experiences their own rose-colored world, 100 people could all hear the exact same speech and all get something different out of it. In fact, someone can listen to a message and get out of it exactly the opposite of what the original speaker intended! It’s quite fascinating to see this happen! (and this too, fascinating, is just an interpretation I’m choosing to give it… )

The ego doesn’t hear what other people say. It only hears what it thinks other people are saying.

Reality is Meaningless

What happens is simply what happens. What is is what is. It’s just a blank slate, no thing. Everything is inherently meaningless which affords us the tremendous creative opportunity to choose to plaster on top of what happens whatever meaning we want and thus experience the effect of that choice.

Your perception of reality and your beliefs are just as valid as anyone else’s and are all equally important perspectives within All That Is. Without even one perception making up the whole, All That Is would not be All That Is. Everyone is perceiving the same One thing (since it is all One), but from a different and totally unique perspective.

It’s like two people standing on opposite sides of the street while watching a car drive by. Is the car driving by from left to right or right to left? BOTH. NEITHER. It simply depends on your perspective.

So realizing that all perceptions are valid given that they create a supporting experiencable reality, what can this help us understand?

The World Is Your Mirror

It shows us that everyone gets OUT of any experience whatever is most appropriate for them in that moment. Everyone, by “watching” what happens in physical reality, or more accurately by seeing their projections pasted upon a blank slate, is really getting a reflection back of their own perceptions and belief systems. They’re not looking at something that is empirically true, but rather a literal reflection of their own internal state of being.

Have you noticed how it’s often easier to judge others for their issues than to find fault in our own issues? We could use this to our advantage to judge others consciously and deliberately in order to see what judgments we’re projecting onto them which are really projections of ourselves. We can use others to see ourselves and more effectively choose who we’re being. In fact, this is exactly what Byron Katie does.

Co-creating With Others

We don’t all live within one static physical reality. Everyone lives in their own unique worlds, yet we all share our realities with each other, allowing them to overlap and interact. This is co-creation.

Your energy attracts the people and experiences you choose to experience towards you. The energy of others attracts the people and experiences they choose to experience for themselves. When two people both attract each other, we call this co-creation.

Everyone and everything you experience is an aspect of your own consciousness existing within your own consciousness. Everyone and everything someone else experiences is an aspect of their own consciousness existing within their own consciousness. Yet there is ultimately only one consciousness. It is separate, yet one.

You are not responsible for the perceptions of others because their perceptions are simply a product of who they’ve become over the course of their lives with all the experiences and beliefs they’ve picked up along the way. You are not responsible for the projections others paste upon you because to them, you are nothing but a mirror of themselves.

You are responsible, completely and totally responsible, for who YOU choose to be in response to what you experience within your consciousness.

It’s only you. You you you.

The interesting thing is that by focusing on yourself and then realizing that there is only one true Self anyways since it is all one, you can see the power of the statement, “Be the change you wish to see in the world.”

When you totally allow the world to be as it is and let go of the bondage your mind imposes upon the world by saying the world needs to be like this, say this, do this, or act like this so that I approve of it or feel in a particular way, when you give the world its freedom, you will find yours.

This “Misperception” is Perfect

So, it is not a mistake that we all perceive things differently. Our consciousness operates this way by design. It’s supposed to be like this.

What we call “misperception” is simply a recognition of the fact that all of us are experiencing Creation in a totally unique way, in a way that has never been experienced before. We are all giving All That Is a totally new and fresh perspective of itself and All That Is thanks us immensely for our gifts. In appreciation, it continues to sustain our very existence so that we may continue to uniquely perceive what is.

It’s consciousness experiencing consciousness, from every possible angle possible. It’s like a diamond so beautiful, you want to look at it from every angle possible.

Thank you for your unique perceptions of All That Is.

Credit to : http://www.youaretrulyloved.com

Compiled by : Sanaa 08/02/12


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