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    Good things come to those who wait.
    Better things come to those who try.
    Best things come to those who believe.
    Desired things come to those who pray.

    "Islamic Thinking"

    A good traveler has no fixed plans, and is not intent on arriving.
    Lao Tzu

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It is now 3.16 in the morning and I have been awake for more than an hour now. I did not know what make me awake at this hour after a very tiring day and another promise of long days ahead. I realise I have not been writing for couple of weeks now but again I am not able to really concentrate on my subject matters. I still been bothered by the issues of and buzz over the past week of Remy and Tiz. In “Obsession…My Personal Journey” I admit being a busybody and stalker (with good intention :)) and for the purpose of my writing and dreaming about Remy and Tiz relationship I do read, interprets, link, analyse theories and fix the puzzle together and later put it into words. I talked, discuss and evaluate situation among my group of friends who are equally obsess with Remy and Tiz. That’s was the truth and it actually takes lots of our time and and keep on thinking why now and then Remy-Tiz status in their social media create a buzz and full of question mark. It was fun though at times and we laugh at ourselves BUT we never jump to conclusion like few others and spread rumours. Even in the event of doubt I think I am still able to write about Remy and Tiz that makes readers to my blog wears a smile.

I loved my readers because they inspire me especially few who actually become so inquisitive and start worrying about Remy and Tiz relationship. I take it as a challenge every time things started to sizzle on this love birds because without doubt I will received messages in my email and facebook worrying about the situation. At most times I obliged by replying to all enquiries (hahaha I gave myself a big laugh with multiple question…Am I the inquiry desk for Remy and Tiz? Am I their adviser? Am I their guardian angel?) Everybody has their own limits I believed and after long it’s actually irritates me especially in facebook when they seems does not get enough of information and becomes more inquisitives and wanting more. I’ve learned about wanting more but how much more? Things getting more complicated when Remy created his blog (this is where the sizzle begins) and readers, fans and people like me and my friends have all the questions in our head). There was an entry which fans, readers together with the nosy reporters form a conclusion there was a scratch in Remy-Tiz relationship and heading for split. It has been a chaos in one of Remy’s entry and matter of perception create the rumours. Another sizzle will happen or going to happen or might happen because now Tiz has created her “tumblr” account and posted poems too. Hardly 24 hours I’m flood with question to interpret Tiz poem. Oh my…I gave a big sigh. It is so different between me and my friend, we do everything for fun. Without doubt we spend our time talking about it and one good thing come out of this we seems to “know” Remy and Tiz better via their expression. I am not claiming it is 100% true or perfect but we did not speculate and we never jump to conclusion. We have our guidelines and never cross the border. I must say this…my friend and I are not fanatic we are supporters.

Do we really need to interpret or form a conclusion in each of their writing? I asked myself million times the moment I received the first questionnaire. Again I had a big laugh to myself. Am I creating trouble now and start arguing with the busybodies?

It will be endless if I start to press the button…why, why and why will keep on coming.

Don’t worry my dearest Remy and Tiz, as long as this journey continues it will give me a great pleasure knowing both of you via your talents in arts. This is a free country and you are free to express any of your thoughts and feelings. Let people judge and interpret because they will be at losing end.

To all nosier out there let’s enjoy the journey of Remy and Tiz blog and learned about them through their expression of arts not otherwise. Don’t ever relate, form a conclusion or even jump to conclusions. I am sure Remy and Tiz are gifted individuals with their own story to write from the day they were born. Their experiences in life, circle of friends, observations and interpretations allows them to express their feeling in a personal column called “blog”. I am sure as a very private person Remy and Tiz will keep their love life to themselves. Give them that space and stop the inquisitive mind of ours to rest.

A magic word taken from Tizzy…spread love and shall we continue to do so. Have a pleasant day dearie.

With lots of love

Sanaa 21/02/12

The dictionary says a busybody is : A person who meddles or pries into the affairs of others.

Are Busybodies Born That Way

By Feline Prophet

In my earlier journalist avatar I was trained to focus on the Five Ws (and one H) in order to put together a coherent report. However I never allowed that curiosity to spill over into my private life. Who? What? When? Where? Why? How? These are questions I don’t spend too much time asking unless the answers are expected to have some bearing on my life. Hearing them answered in relation to other people doesn’t really interest me.

I am a firm believer in the ‘live and let live’ philosophy, which is why I just can’t understand busybodies. What makes them tick? Why do they need to know so much about everything and everyone around them? Most of us have a few in our lives; people who buzz around incessantly collecting and dispersing unnecessary information like bees in a garden. Or maybe I’m doing bees an injustice here. They are certainly more discerning, collecting nectar from specific sources and using it to create a useful byproduct like honey. Which is more than you can say about the average busybody’s activities.

A busybody spends most of his time gathering misinformation from various dubious sources and disseminating it among hapless others who have little or no interest in his findings. He’s a meddler who thinks nothing of butting into your affairs with unsolicited advice. He’s a nosey parker who wants to know things you wouldn’t tell your best friend. He is inquisitive about things that don’t concern him, and hugely irritating. He presumes altogether too much. And in many cases he is a she but let’s stick to one gender for easier reading.

Are busybodies born that way or does life turn them into obnoxious nosey parkers? I would think that anyone with a fulfilling life has enough to think about without worrying about his neighbours or the rest of the world. Is it a lack of excitement in their lives that has them seeking vicarious thrills in other people’s scandals? Or could it be a lack of tranquility that has them itching to meddle in the routine affairs of their friends and family?

I recall a woman who lived next door when I was a child. She seemed to spend all her time at the window. With three young daughters and a succession of cats traipsing in and out of her house, one presumes she had enough to keep her occupied, and yet she was always at that window watching the goings-on in the neighbourhood. It freaked a lot of people out, especially the youngsters, since she was always carrying tales to our parents. We took to ducking every time we passed that window, and it wasn’t a very comfortable way to live.

Lack of an occupation, or even an absorbing hobby, turns many people into busybodies. If you have nothing to hold your attention your mind will start wandering in directions it has no business heading for. Books and music may work for some, assuaging the need for something to fill the gap in their lives, but not everyone is so lucky. Some turn to cyberspace, and end up making a profession of meddling in the lives of people halfway across the world from them, people they’ve never even seen leave alone met.

Online communities are fertile hunting grounds for busybodies. The Internet allows unlimited access to people and forums and it’s easy for a skilled busybody to get carried away. My experience of online communities is that they are often hotbeds of intrigue and gossip, with stories getting spun and embellished faster than you can create them. It amazes me the way people attribute motives to the actions or words of people who may or may not be what they profess to be on cyberspace. How completely pointless!

I know this is turning into a rant but I seem to have encountered more than my share of busybodies in the recent past. It begins to rankle, especially if you haven’t discovered a foolproof way to deal with them without being hopelessly rude. I’m looking for inventive ways to deal with the busybodies in my life. Any suggestions?

Compiled by : Sanaa 21/02/12


2 Responses

  1. I read her poems too and found them really lovely (no raw speculation from me this time)… she really has superb artistic talents be it drawing, photographing, acting, singing and even writing beautiful poems. So amazed with her artworks. For some people who love to create speculations over beautiful poems without priory having any chaotic signals like the other day, for me it’s simply ridiculous.

    • Thanks Lia for the beautiful note. I left many point in this article most probably I was feeling annoyed with messages I recd and I just wanted to get the msg across. Yes indeed she’s an artist.

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