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    Good things come to those who wait.
    Better things come to those who try.
    Best things come to those who believe.
    Desired things come to those who pray.

    "Islamic Thinking"

    A good traveler has no fixed plans, and is not intent on arriving.
    Lao Tzu

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Mind Blowing or Mind Boggling

It is again life testing journey for me, trying to accommodate between demanding family situation and keeping intact with current buzz of entertainment industries. Nothing is actually special about the industry but reading articles about the artist and media make me thinking a lot about journalism. Again the issues between media and artist being mentioned. If it a puzzle I am sure it should be complete long ago but since it is a trading between demand and supply the chain continues. It is a commodity or stock broking being trade. As long as there are producers/manufacturers there will be buyers there will be a supply. There will be a time short of supply and we will crack our head to find a similar product desperately. On the other hand if we are in a maze; the manufacturer/producer, supplier and buyer will find difficulty to meet in between. Whether it is mind-blowing or mind-boggling, the “journalism” and entertainment industry in Malaysia is much affected with the relationship between reporter and artist for the gossip published.

Today, the voice of known actor heard. I never realised a column by Bront Palarae in Mingguan Malaysia on 25th March 2012 (article attached) which addressed the issues surrounding the media and the artist. Bront given the symbolic approached and messages behind his article. It has been days now but the response towards it very small. I am not so sure whether the opinion of Bront taken lightly by the readers or fans and even the media itself. With Bront write-up in mind and since my interest more towards Remy and Tiz and their reputation/havoc created by Berita Harian (BH) lately, I am taking them again as my terms of reference. Remy and Tiz been a “target” by Berita Harian starting with gossip of their break-off since January (if I recall correctly) and followed by not participating in recent road tour for Anugerah Bintang Popular, a yearly event organised by BH. Their story or gossip been continuously recycled by BH until last Sunday, by Zubir the gossip writer. I end up buying BH last Sunday due to one sms from a friend. During exchanging sms’s I found this friend of mine being emotional about the article, so much so it increases my curiosity (could all of us see “the power”). Let me put it clearly, I bought BH because I really need to know how Zubir construct the stories until a die -hard fan of Tiz Zaqyah and a strong supporter of RITZ was so upset. With much interest, I read the first word followed by the first line until the end. Nothing new and fresh in that article, what I can offer is a big laugh out of my lung.

Writing is a journey, a journey by the writer taking their readers into their mind and world. As we lost into the writer world we will form a mental picture, whether it is a love story, a fantasy or horror. We as readers will sail through the characters and form a mental opinion. The success of a book and become a known writer is partly because of the readers. The same method and concept goes to journalism. The only difference is the mode and medium of delivering their thoughts and subject.

After many times, the subject between artist and reporter interest me because the “trading” of human stories and where pointing fingers begin. Bront laid-out the same subject and I do know Remy and Tiz has shared the article in their facebook and twitter. Did other artist do the same? How many readers to Bront article see the message behind it? Since it is not a fresh or brand new subject but an ongoing and “unsolved mystery” in the entertainment world what can we expect and achieved from it?

As we all know in a trade industry we must have raw material turned into product and market them. The end party is the buyer. The successful of the product will depend on marketing strategy. The more convincingly the marketing team, more buyers they get and more income the producer/manufacturer will get. The success of the product marked an achievement followed by profits to the producers/manufacturers. The success will give another idea to the producer in inventing a new product. Its call development and progress. Is the scenario relevant to Bront article? I’m surely it does if we read every word of it and make a mental picture where are we in that article.

From the two scenarios I am sure we see the “pattern” as recycled. In everything we do, it will start with an idea, laid it open and there will be buyers and readers.

I must admit being bloody sore with the reporters myself. I hated the way they construct gossips from the early days of this blog. I grew up and mature with the entertainment column. Although nothing new in Bront article but it is from an actor himself making me wanting to understand more. I picked up a point which will take us back to the “trade” industries. It is a question that readers should answer. Don’t let us be the laughing-stock when we claimed did not want that kind of “trading”. For example, readers grinning ear to ear when hearing and reading about Remy declaration on 25th October, 2011 which saying Tiz Zaqyah is the woman of his life. Is it a day to remember? Are we forgetting about that day? I am sure many of RITZ die-hard fans IS keeping the article for their archive. Months followed another article hits the headline saying their relationship is on the rock. Fans and fanatic are outraged over the issues and few saying will boycott BH in future.

A good move, I tell myself. I had a long grinned reading about the fans qualm over the issues and their over-reaction. Will anyone of us come forward and admit the continuous article and gossip about Remy and Tiz is our own doing? It is easy to point our finger blaming the paper and reporter without looking at the real scenario. We denied wanting to hear that kind of news but we read, we commented, we condemn and it becomes a chain. Are we not the contributing party?

Gossip and scandal rocks the world.

It is a learning process for me. I take the blame for hating reporters with Remy and Tiz gossip but there is a limit to everything. Without doubt, the reporters and the newspapers have their freedom and rights and so do we (artist and fans). BUT where will it take us by going hype over the issues? Keep on asking ourselves…are we the interested parties? Why do we get involved? What will we get out of this stories? Is this the way of supporting our favourite actor and actresses or we do it because their personal stories make us smile for days? Did we take action? Will it help by boycotting the issuer? Many questions with no answer will never solve the issue. As long as there is demand there will be a none stop supply.

Where are the roots of the problem?

A thought by : Sanaa 28/03/12


Artis, media ibarat dakwat dan pena

Hasil kerja artis sama ada di layar perak atau kaca televisyen menjadi bukti kecintaan mereka terhadap dunia seni.

Artis sepatutnya berterima kasih kepada wartawan hiburan kerana tanpa mereka kerjaya seseorang artis itu pasti tidak boleh pergi jauh.”

Ayat di atas adalah antara ungkapan yang biasa kita dengar apabila berbicara tentang hubungan antara artis mahupun pekerja industri hiburan dengan media (atau dalam konteks yang lebih khusus wartawan hiburan).

Hubungan artis dan media sering digambarkan sebagai satu simbiosis. Mengikut definisi, ‘Simbiosis’ adalah interaksi antara dua organisme yang hidup berdampingan, pola interaksi yang sangat erat dan khusus antara dua makhluk hidup yang berlainan jenis.

Namun, apa yang tidak dijelaskan atau dihuraikan adalah bentuk simbiosis antara dua entiti ini. Sama ada ia Parasitisme di mana pihak yang satu mendapat keuntungan dan merugikan pihak lainnya; Mutualisme di mana hubungan sesama makhluk hidup yang saling menguntungkan kedua pihak; mahupun Komersialisme, di mana pihak yang satu mendapat keuntungan tapi pihak lainnya tidak dirugikan dan tidak diuntungkan; atau ‘ism-ism’ yang lain.

Mungkin pandangan saintifik tidak relevan dalam dunia hiburan, tidak seperti ruangan gossip mahupun gambar panas serba seksi glamor.

Lantas kita cuma merumuskan hubungan itu sebegitu rupa, hanya menjadi peringatan secara kasar tapi bukan untuk difahami dengan mendalam.

Media mempersembahkan berita yang mempunyai nilai berita buat pembaca, manakala penggiat seni memerlukan pendedahan untuk mengembangkan karier seni mereka sama ada melalui cerita peribadi mahupun hasil kerja seni.

Secara rambang, senario ini berlaku di mana-mana sahaja di dunia. Tapi jika kita merenung dengan lebih jauh dan dengan lebih mendalam, ada sesuatu yang agak janggal di negara kita.

Sebagai contoh, di zaman 80-an untuk seseorang artis mendapat pendedahan dalam ruangan hiburan akhbar harian seharusnya seorang yang berkaliber dan berbakat.

Paparan mengenai diri mereka dan hasil kerja mereka menjadi inspirasi buat pembaca. Bagi penerbit atau syarikat rakaman pula, paparan mengenai seseorang artis itu dijadikan ukuran atau tanda aras populariti.

Kini, sesiapa sahaja boleh mendapat pendedahan sedemikian asalkan mereka berani mengaku diri mereka ‘artis’ atau ‘selebriti’. Malah, sesiapa sahaja mampu mendedahkan diri mereka tanpa memerlukan kredibiliti hasil kerja seni.

Cukup dengan pengakuan “saya tidak seksi” sambil berskirt pendek dan baju ketat, artis kini mampu mendedahkan apa yang mereka mahu dedahkan (pakaian, pemikiran atau kedua-duanya) dalam ruangan media.

Lambakan majalah hiburan dan penambahan sisipan ruangan hiburan dalam akhbar harian serta mingguan membawa kepada permintaan terhadap bahan itu.

Golongan penggiat seni kini cuma sekadar bahan. Bahan jualan seperti barangan lelong di pasar murah. Cantik dan baru tapi tiada nilai. Kekerapan pendedahan di ruangan media bukan lagi tanda aras populariti yang sebenar, hanya satu ilusi untuk diperdagangkan.

Artis, terutamanya pelakon baru, kini lebih mementingkan sesi fotografi bersama media daripada menumpukan kerja di set penggambaran kerana mereka tahu penerbit dan stesen tv masih bergantung kepada majalah hiburan dan akhbar harian dalam memantau populariti mereka.

Yang menjadi mangsa di sini bukan sahaja tenaga kerja produksi, malah juga khalayak penonton. Masa (dibayar) yang sepatutnya digunakan untuk menghasilkan kerja yang bagus digunakan untuk kepentingan diri sendiri (walaupun tanpa bayaran).

Rentetan dari perkembangan ini, ramai artis yang serius, semakin berat hati untuk mendedahkan diri dalam ruang tersebut kerana risau dilihat sebagai artis picisan. Hari-hari di dada akhbar, tanpa hasil kerja sebenar.

Senario ini bukan sahaja menggoncang kredibiliti dunia seni, malah dunia kewartawanan juga terpalit sekali lumpurnya. Bahan yang dipaparkan kini kebanyakannya bersifat pojok, cubit-cubit, jeling-jeling dan yang seerti dengan tabloidismenya.

Mungkin itu yang masyarakat kita mahukan, tapi adakah itu makanan yang kita mahu sentiasa saji pada mereka? Adakah paparan harian adalah tanda aras populariti?

Laungan keramat yang selalu kita dengar, mata pena adalah lebih tajam daripada mata pedang. Cuma bezanya, pedang dicipta untuk membunuh, tetapi mata pena mampu merubah dan membentuk tahap pemikiran sesuatu masyarakat.

Berpandukan sejarah kemajuan dan kegemilangan tamadun Islam, terlintas di kepala ayat ini “setitik dakwat para ilmuwan sama nilainya dengan setitik darah orang yang mati syahid.”

Tepuk dada, tanya hati, apa nilai dakwat kita?

Note :

Symbiosis means:-

1. Interaction between two different organisms living in close physical association, typically to the advantage of both.

2. A mutually beneficial relationship between different people or groups.

Parasite means :-

1. An organism that lives in or on another organism (its host) and benefits by deriving nutrients at the host’s expense.

2. Derogatory. A person who habitually relies on or exploits others and gives nothing in return.

Mutual :-

1. The doctrine that mutual dependence is necessary to social well-being.

2. Symbiosis that is beneficial to both organisms involved.

Note: Apakah ini yang dikatakan oleh peribahasa ‘bagaikan anjing menyalak bukit”?

Compiled by : Sanaa 27/3/2012


7 Responses

  1. Wartawan ARTIS Peminat. Tiga-tiga elemen ni saling berkait. Tapi artis yg paling teruk nak kene pk sbb nak kene jaga hati wartawan, nak kene jaga hati peminat di samping nak jaga hati sendiri. Sering terjadi, artis yg akan jadi mangsa keadaan bila mana wartawan & peminat sama2 tak puas hati tanpa memikirkan hati si artis.
    Kesimpulannya, jangan jadi artis… hehehehehehe….

  2. hmm…ini kisah ‘ayam & telur” ..get wat I mean?..never ending story..and …there’s always two sides of it..it’s up to you to choose…be good or bad..wisdom or ignorance..to hate or not to hate..arghh..lantaklahh..like i care..:P..hehe…happy sunday!

  3. Salam,
    Let me quote “Will anyone of us come forward and admit the continuous article and gossip about Remy and Tiz is our own doing?” Before I say any further, juz let me say that I have nothing against RITZ. It’s juz that personally, I believe partly they too r responsible for their own doings. Sometimes the words or phrases they used were ambiguous and subject to a lot of interpretations (Tiz likes to do that) e.g. ‘done’ and ‘end’ or even the poem written by Remy posted on his blog. And as human being, some fans and even reporters will mistakenly jump to a wrong assumption thus making the wrong findings. I think to reduce these unwarranted gossiping, Tiz should cut down her interactions with her fans as what she is doing now (I guess) rather than updating her wall status quite often coz the more she says, directly or indirectly, she will reveal her own secrets and weaknesses and therefore, susceptible for more gossiping. Come to think of it, the more interactions with her fans, the more the fans expect from her thus creating more demands. Tiz should draw a line on this matter. Secondly, both RITZ need to avoid using ambiguous words or phrases. Understandable, brief and simple words will do. Thirdly, avoid reporters who are well known with bad reporting. It’s their job to sell their products be it good or bad. Fourthly, Tiz should do the same thing as what Remy does i.e. to remain silence and keeps to himself and lastly, perhaps, they both should get married. [ I’m well aware I’m not in their shoes and I may be wrong. Juz a thought. ]
    But then again, r we still searching the root of the problem ….. ????????????

    • Wassalam Atan

      Nice to have you here after long silence.

      Bravo you said it all and I hope fans will realise this too. Not denying RITZ also the contributing factor but with the interference of comments from fans it increase the buzz of a small matter into a chain. The more the fans trying hard to defend the love birds the more ideas ringing in the reporters head.

      Are we still looking for the roots of the problem? It will be a never ending stories let it be RITZ or other artist until and unless both side doing something about it. I did ask many question and I do hope to get answers out of it including from RITZ themselves (it just a dream) and in a way its helping me in my writing.

      Oh ya..while we are here what is your opinion En. Atan about fans behaviour and their obsession towards the artist and entertainment industries especially the Malays and the “makcik-makcik” group in RITZ Club?

      Happy weekend Atan and have a nice day….

      • Salam,
        Peminat fanatik Tizzy ada kalanya begitu beremosi sebab bukan sahaja mereka cakap pasal kerjaya Tizzy tetapi kekadang berfikir secara kritis apa yang Tizzy buat. Jika apa yg Tizzy lakukan tidak menepati ‘expectations’ mereka, maka kritikan atau komen merekalah yang menjadi paling kuat. Dalam kata lain, kejayaan Tizzy adalah kejayaan mereka dan kegagalan Tizzy juga adalah kegagalan mereka. Mereka telah di’indoctrinated’ by their own ways of thinking. Sesetengah peminat tidak faham yang Tizzy juga adalah insan biasa yang mempunyai corak kehidupannya yang tersendiri. Namun, apa yang kita lihat, masih ada peminat yang sehingga kini mengaitkan Tizzy dengan Nur Amina apatah lagi wujudnya ‘chemistry’ di antara Tizzy dan Remy yang begitu kuat sehingga menjadi pasangan kekasih di alam realiti seperti yang diimpi-impikan oleh peminat mereka. Itulah sebabnya jika sesuatu berlaku pada pasangan kekasih ini, peminat sukar untuk menerima kenyataan kerana bagi mereka Nur Amina dan Adam adalah sebahagian daripada Tizzy dan Remy. Pemikiran sebegini yang patut dikikiskan. Peminat fanatik Tizzy harus berfikiran terbuka dan menerima pandangan daripada mana-mana pihak biarpun ia bersikap positif atau negatif. Kenapa? Inilah caranya Tizzy dan Remy boleh mendapat maklum balas daripada pelbagai pihak dan belajar mengatasi segala kekurangan yang ada. Biarlah Tizzy dan Remy menghadapinya dengan cara mereka tersendiri dan peminat tidak perlulah taksub atau terlampau melindungi mereka sehingga memberi komen-komen yang boleh menjejaskan reputasi Tizzy dan Remy. Sebarang komen biarlah berpada-pada dan kena pada tempatnya. Tidak perlu untuk mengeluarkan kata-kata kesat atau menghina sehinggakan seolah-olah isu yang berbangkit adalah di antara peminat dengan para wartawan dan bukannya daripada Remy dan Tizzy. Cukup takat ni. Saya sendiri dah mula pening apa yang saya tulis …… hahahahaha.

      • Wassalam Atan

        Thanks for the review. Appreciate it so much. Have a good day…

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