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Remy and Tiz….Create a different Buzz…Will You?

Life will definitely goes through faces from the day we are born. Each day I do believed young mothers or new parents observed their child on every second. Reason being they do not want to miss a thing. The first smile, the first laugh, the first sound everything the first. We can’t blame them for being so observant in the child development. The love and bond develop through that. The hug, the kisses, the lullaby and many more can’t be taken away from a mother. A child will not remain a child for long. Without notice they grew up and will have their own circle of friends and activities and soon after they started to leave home for university and work. It’s a cycle in almost everyone life. There was a saying “Life Is About Moments…Not Things”. It will disappear with a blink of eyes.

I go through a bit of the same momentum when I started writing and have this blog. Not a day in my life before Nur Kasih I ever thought having my blog and started worrying if not writing more than two days. In the beginning I get to know and meet friend through the platform of Nur Kasih by TV3 and from there I received encouragement to keep on writing and suggestion having a blog. I take up the advice and here I am today still writing and reading articles, poems and short stories by other friends within the community of my blog. Their appreciation by liking my poems give me a boost of writing more and more depending on topic and feeling or mood at the moment. My feeling does sway according to situations. I am like anyone else. Different environment and people will give me more freedom to express and at other times it won’t. I stumble often in my writing and have to put it on hold and carefully choose my words when that situation arises. I’ve met number of new acquaintances which few of them remained my closest friends and few just disappear in the thin air. Nevertheless, the journey of meeting new acquaintances is inspiring especially when it revolves around Remy and Tiz.

Many have known the history of this blog and is not a surprised if once in a while the topic of Remy and Tiz been my subject of writing. Not so long ago, I wrote “Create a Buzz, Create a Sensation” and until to date that article is the most read article every week. My mind have full of triggering questions about it. I keep on wondering who the reader is and why it became the most read article compared to the rest. As for me there is nothing special, it is just about suggestion at that time for Remy and Tiz fan club to organise activities with fans and general public based on Remy and Tiz hobbies, exp sketching, drawing, photography and a little bit of acting lesson including games.

After long and it had been days, my mind circling on the same matter all over again. I wonder why I think about it. Is it because of the gossip being circulating about Remy and Tiz or I still have high hopes for these celebrities doing it on a professional basis. I am not very sure about it and while writing I am actually exploring the matters. Without doubt and with no arguments Remy and Tiz are talented actors. Remy has given few different leading roles over the years but as to date Tiz roles is not that various, maybe because of our limited scope of storyline and job offers to Tiz by other producers remain the same. But again nothing stop the two in their interest related to arts. Through Instagram and Tumblr, Tiz has shared many of her sketching, drawings and pictures. Her angle of photography captured at the exact moment of situation and edited well using her creative imagination. On the other hand, Remy does not publish many of his collections but few of what he has published gave me an insight of his rhythm and emotion as well as moment while it captured. I ponder most of the time and focus on the picture to get the real meaning behind it. It is gifted to both of them. They shared many interest together and as a couple they compliment each other in many ways.

There are many been said about them by the public and fans and how many could it be true? Being a celebrities, every step they take been observed by the public. Their actions captured many eyes, many minds interpret and the social media take full opportunity to publish what’s going on in their social webs with the reporter’s version of interpretation and stories for many to read. It will be a chain of gossip until it subsides slowly and gradually. During those periods the fans and fanatic will not keeping quiet. They have their own advice and conclusion to tell with sarcasm, hatred, blaming each other and pointing fingers.

Recently I did ask at other column how all this will help Remy and Tiz? I understand fully their actions has cause “havoc” among readers, fans and observers and many opinion splash out in the media and it is not a good example of behaviour for a celebrities or public figure to do that. I took thousand of seconds to verify the public statement about it but at the end I accept although it is not good they are just another human being who makes mistakes and deserve a chance to fix the situation. Damaged done, nothing can alter that although fans and observers keep on buzzing into the web. They should and must learn from their mistakes and so should we. We must also realise as observers and fans, there are limit to everything. We only listen and read what the tabloid says and what is stated on Remy and Tiz social media.

Do we know what is behind the scene?

Sincerely I am saddened by all the gossips and rumours surrounding them. Remy and Tiz has many to offer as an individual and as actors themselves, but unfortunately the chances and circumstances in Malaysia are very limited for talented actors and artist. I’m a bit vague about the issue, whether it is the chances or in general we Malaysian does not encourage actors like them to explore more, because it is all concern money and popularity and not much giving it back to the public. The sponsorship and advertisers is not willing to organise functions that are not accompanied by glamorous tag. Although their schedules are tight with shooting and promotion, I do think they can allocate few days in a year for such functions and community services. It can be at any open place such as the Bird Park, Tasik Titiwangsa, Wetlands in Putrajaya and any other community hall which give the opportunity for the children and adults to enjoy both worlds; being with their favourite artist/actors and surrounding by nature as Remy and Tiz are nature lovers too.

I am sure it will become a huge success for the fans club too and carried to other states and places. Remy and Tiz can share and teach the children together with their parents about their interest and hobbies and how to achieve them. How they can earn money in the future by converting hobbies into business and before that teach the children to save money to buy the necessary equipments or materials needed for the project. This community services and get together is not famous in Malaysia because of the mentality of the public and sponsorship since we did not see it as a quality of life. It might been organise by other groups or NGO’s but it is not nationwide, everything is done and focus in the big city and fund raising purposes. A minimal fee can be collected upon entrance, I believed not necessary free of charge for everything. Tit for tat…a good game isn’t it?

I am not saying it will take the gossip away, but it will be an eye opener to many. Reading articles and gossip column about artist in Malaysia is very distressing. The story is always in the box and even the comments are in the same circle. Maybe I always foresee Remy and Tiz outside the circle of acting and their gifted talents, so I keep on dreaming seeing them outside there enjoying themselves with what they love most and shared it with public.

Just another thought….

A thought by : Sanaa 02/07/12


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