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    Good things come to those who wait.
    Better things come to those who try.
    Best things come to those who believe.
    Desired things come to those who pray.

    "Islamic Thinking"

    A good traveler has no fixed plans, and is not intent on arriving.
    Lao Tzu

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Let’s Korean

Hello everyone…

I had the most trying Sunday. With body aching, sign of fever and cold everything seems lifeless. I can’t actually concentrate on anything. About 2 pm today I am trying hard to pen down few words but nothing comes through. After tossing for nearly half an hour I browse YouTube. It seems working when the first music video I found was from a Korean drama series “The Full House”. I watched the series once but I watched My Girl twice. Nothing actually extra ordinary with My Girl, I guess. The songs actually attract me from the beginning and the pairing of Lee Dong Wok and Lee Da Hae kind of remind me of our local scene.

While shooting and promoting the drama there was a buzz in Korea and from their fans praying that they become a couple. On few interviews they just laughed it off and keep on saying they are good friend. Lee Dong Wok met with an accident (if I recall correctly) and Lee Da Hae was shooting an advertisement in Australia. Da Hae heard the news and they supposed to meet that weekend for My Girl promo and brought along a box of chocolate for Dong Wok. A box of chocolate gets their fans screaming their heart out but that was about all I knew.

“My Girl” was one of biggest hit in Korean drama series. It was screen in SBS in 2006. After a while watching Korean Drama I felt their storyline almost the same BUT again they seems never been bored by young loves. Watching few clips from “My Girl” and “Full House” remind me that love is always a favourite theme of all and year round. Wherever I go people seems to connect with Korean Drama and Movies. Why is that?

My random checking with few and their feed back almost the same…they love to watch love stories with complicated story line and it is a normal day-to-day life as compared to our local production. Especially now with all adaptation most viewers bored with it. Few things I do realise in a Korean Drama they have touched many local fans with their true culture and lifestyles. Day to-day life is the lifestyle and struggle of the poor and the conglomerate. The scene at their walk side café and stalls never miss in their drama and they loves to show their country in every scene. I do think that’s the beauty of it. Never forget the producers also like to introduce new faces.

Another thing that I admire them is about the storyline of young love and their struggle to meet their dreams in life together with falling in love which is lacking in our local production. We always cocoon ourselves with few storylines like the arranged or forced marriage, revenged, rowdy behaviour and religion. I must admit at times I do feel foolish about it but again and again it is fresh and they did not fight with Hollywood. They have their originality.

So, let’s watch few of the video clips and enjoy the rest of your Sunday dear friends and readers.


Sanaa 28/10/12

Video credit to : FefeGibigib via youtube (Scene from “MY GIRL”

Video credit to : avatarfumi via youtube (Scene from ‘MY GIRL”)

Video credit to : britchel via YouTube (‘MY GIRL” theme song = Love Is Hard)

Video credit to : EdisonMyLove via YouTube (Scene from “MY GIRL”)

Video credit to : yoohoo84 via YouTube (‘MY GIRL’ – I CRY)


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