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    Pleasant day and have a good life.



    Good things come to those who wait.
    Better things come to those who try.
    Best things come to those who believe.
    Desired things come to those who pray.

    "Islamic Thinking"

    A good traveler has no fixed plans, and is not intent on arriving.
    Lao Tzu

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Brain vs Heart

Hello friends and readers…

It is a long break for Chinese New Year and a very happy GONG XI FA CHAI to all my Chinese readers throughout the globe. May the year of the snake brings prosperity, wealth, good health, unity, love and many more as years to come.

Another gala of ‘makan-makan’ especially in Malaysia and with families. I started the ball rolling on Friday with big breakfast while taking my mother out for her errant. It follows with lunch at a relative home and 2 main stops at another relative home while travelling from Melaka to Kuala Lumpur on Saturday.

We called it “gala makan” during holiday season plus gala tiring ourselves with the preparation and cleaning up. To few it might be a bizarre experience about eating but to us it is time to gather around with friends and families catching up some old stories.

Happy Holiday folks…take care


Sanaa 11/02/13


Some people listen to their brain, and others listen to their heart,

When it speaks, it is sincere, while brain always says something smart. Some days I listen to my brain, and others to the wiser choice.

Your brain is always rational, but if you give your heart a voice

Listen to it strictly, it’ll lead you down a path you’ll love, eventually. At times you’ll hate it when it shoves, and you can’t see where it is pushing you. Just trust your heart knows what to do.

It’s always hard, especially when your heart and brain start to argue…

Brain: Everywhere I look, I see a shadow of the love I lost

I see it in our pictures, in the drawings and its about time I tossed.

Heart: Patience is a virtue

Brain: Well, I’m sick of being virtuous. I’ve held on about as long as I can, but now it hurts too much. Something on the inside makes me want to hold on longer, but I’m afraid that if I try to take grip, I might get scalded – again

Heart: I keep seeing when she said we should be friends, but she knows just like I do that’s not how we were meant to end

Brain: I hear a whisper from inside, shouting, ringing through my head

Heart: Don’t give up yet! There’s still the chance that the words weren’t meant. I can change her views, just open up and let me speak the truth. Let me tell my story, maybe then, she’ll wanna be with me

Brain: OK whisper, dissipate. I feel renewed to test my fate; to take it in my hands and wiring its neck until it starts to faint.

Heart: ???

Brain: Relax, I meant for that to just be metaphorical

Heart: How was I supposed to know? It’s not like I’m an Oracle.

Just a lowly muscle that you couldn’t ever live without, physically, but also I’m the whisper you hear as a shout.

You think yourself the genius of the body, but we know the truth. Without me, your life is loveless, always making the wrong move so to cut down on wasted time, here’s your mission.

In the future, don’t think so much. When your heart speaks, listen.

Compiled by : Sanaa 11/02/13

Note : A friend sent this to me.

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