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The Character

In between papers lying everywhere on my desk, phone calls, emails and bosses demand my mind swirl to one character name played by Remy Ishak ie Khalil Ibrahim. During breaks and peeping through the social media such as forum and facebook about the character, give me a big smile. There are many interpretations, pre-assumption; perceptions and judgement about it and at last most are not able to run-away with the co-star Tiz Zaqyah and Remy Ishak personal relationship which ends just before or in between the shooting of Cinta Jangan Pergi. (CJP)

The drama series which aired on 6th April 2013 started with the unexpected meeting between Khalil and Lea Soraya in London during the summer holiday. The short holiday encounter blossom into love later on…and the story begins.

I will leave the earlier part as it is no longer important compared to Khalil returns in episode 10 until episode 13. It has been a long wait for Khalil. Many viewers including me waiting anxiously for Khalil’s return as CJP has lost it momentum since episode 3 while introducing other characters including Dr. Hud played by Josiah Hogan.

From thereon we are left with Lea’s suffering about Khalil accident and assumed dead. Personally I do feel no excitement in all the characters during those periods. Everything moves slowly and we did not actually see the support given to Lea while she’s grieving over Khalil’s “death”. I almost give up but brave my self to go through it all with believe the story will pick up as soon as Khalil appear once again.

My instinct was correct. The beginning of episode 10 tells everything. Khalil is back but it is not Khalil we use to know let alone Lea. It is now entire different Khalil. He is back with revenge and is very revengeful. No one expected that and all pity goes to Lea. Everyone seems want to cry for Lea and Khalil has acted wrongly towards her as she did not know anything. The first step taken by Khalil for his revenge is to bring Lea in front of him but pretending not remembering her at all. His hatred towards Lea showed the moment they face each other. However, we also saw how Khalil was suffering silently from his vengeful acts.

As few episode follows Khalil been domineering the drama. Everywhere I peeps in, Khalil is the subject and Lea’s the victim. Few of the die-hard fans of this drama have battled over the issue of Khalil action towards Lea compared to Hud. With the naked eyes what we see is what we get and the big question is why KHALIL? Everything is Khalil…Khalil and Khalil although he’s been hurting Lea with his unreasonable anger and top most lying about having amnesia. Oh my…

I’ve been reading almost all comments religiously since yesterday and I can afford a smile to each entry of comment. Most of us have asked the same question why we still love Khalil? Khalil is so mean towards Lea but we still love him and hoping Khalil and Lea together again. Why people are not talking about Hud? What is not there for Hud? He is such a sweet character, a doctor with a smile on his face all the time, the angelic son and fiancé and the lovable future son in-law. Hahh I feel miserable writing all the good things about Dr. Hud…oh no please….give me Khalil 10 times I will love the character.

Why Khalil? The question ringing in everyone ears with many interpretation follows. The character itself is “alive”. Worth the wait I shall say. Every move, every words, every look gave meaning and it blended so well with Lea . Khalil just need to make one step, sway of his body and utter a word…you either love him or hate him. It’s your choice isn’t it? Khalil has taken us on an emotional roller coaster ride in every scene. You can feel his sadness, anger, frustration as well as being hopelessly in love? Many has chosen Khalil because Khalil’s give life to CJP. The life which has gone when he is gone missing. That’s Khalil to me and maybe Lea love it too since the soft-spoken and over caring Hud does not stir her inner and deeper feelings.

No doubt beyond doubt Khalil is evil and revengeful but Khalil give her a fight, Khalil stir feelings inside Lea…sad, anger, curious, uncertainty and not to forget love. Again Dr. Hud is a good guy, charming, treat Lea with respect, care and deeply in love with her but there is definitely something lacking in Dr. Hud as we viewers can’t even breathe at times looking at him and seeing him talk. In so many scenes between Hud and Lea, the over domineering love of Hud is unbearable. He keeps on telling Lea his love, his feelings but did he ever ask Lea how she feels or her feelings?

The first encounter of Hud and Khalil shows the different…huge different which I do think many will say Hud is completely shocked to see Khalil standing in front of him. On the other hand Khalil full of anger towards Lea at that moment and Hud witness it.

How could later when they are alone Hud without giving Lea a chance to breathe, Hud wanting a definite answer from Lea. Isn’t he selfish? Why Lea did not tell Hud the truth earlier on? Did she choose to do that because she believes Khalil having amnesia or her feelings towards Khalil did not change?

Why is still Khalil? Is it because of all the above? Take your pick…

I think we can go at length about it including the great and the undeniable chemistry between Remy and Tiz since Nur Kasih or their personal relationship as few mention but I would not touch on that. My focus, my view and my feelings is crystal clear…Khalil character is being mould and exploit by the script writer, director and producer as such and make our heart beat and pulses run fast.

Maybe another question to ask ourselves…did Hud and Lea gave us the same excitement? We do know the mister good guy is always there for Lea and everyone loves him including Makcik Lily. He’s adorable, his charming, never raised his voice towards Lea and many more good reputation he has but never seems to “satisfy” many die-hard fan of this series.

Again…take your pick and may I have the feed back…

Owned and written by : Sanaa 21/5/2013


6 Responses

  1. To me, Josiah is not a good actor (yet)

  2. Drama makin menarik lepas Khalil kembali. Sebelum ni tengok jugak cuma tak tertunggu2. Sekarang ni tak sabar nk tunggu hari Sabtu & Ahad. Oh my Khalil 🙂
    Saya suka hubungan Khalil dgn ibu bapanya. Walau sudah bercerai, tapi masih boleh berkongsi rasa, cerita…. Berbanding Lea, walaupun nampak hubungan dgn ibunya baik….tapi rasanya tak pernah Lea berkongsi cerita pasal Khalil dgn ibunya. Entah la kalau saya terlepas pandang.

    Memang tak dinafikan, ramai yang masih membandingkan kisah luar drama antara Tiz dan Remy. Ada yg kaitkan Khalil dengan Remy. Lea Soraya dengan Tiz. Padahal itu cuma karakter, langsung tak ada kena mengena. Hmm 😦

    Saya tetap team Khalil. Khalil yg penuh dgn pelbagai rasa dan jiwa. Watak Dr Hud agak bosan walaupun dia sgt baik. Mendatar. Cuma ada sikit rasa simpati pada sang doktor ini.

    Thumbs up utk Remy & Tiz! Chemistry diorang memang tak dapat ditandingi.

    • Thank you Azure for the comment.

      Saya menyokong kenyataan anda tentang hubungan ibu bapa Khalil dan juga hubungan Lea dgn mamanya. Saya pasti ramai yg perasan akan hubungan itu namun sejauh mana penonton mampu mengaitkan dgn isu2 yg berlaku disekeliling Lea spt mana Lea sanggup berbohong utk ke Interlaken.

      Keadaan adalah sebaliknya dengan Khalil yg bercerita dgn ibunya tentang Lea dan hasratnya untuk membawa Lea bertemu dgn ibunya serta impiannya utk menjadikan cinta dia dan Lea adalah selamanya. Walaupun ada jurang pemisah di antara Khalil dan ayahnya sepatah ayah yg keluar “you are my son” mampu juga membuat Khalil terkedu.

      #TeamKhalil and oh my Khalil sememangnya tak dpt hendak dipisahkan…

      Thanks again and have a pleasant evening…

  3. salam san….

    Glad that you brought this topic up..:) the character in CJP…and of course our point of interest in this drama..none other than..Remy…who played his character very well..who’s character have tonnes of emotions..and get us carried away with his charming and witty smile, eyes that speaks love, sadness, anger and regret..and his gestures that makes us believe his every moves and motives. I might be biased as I was drawn by his aura since Sindarela..but I believe the momentum and drivers of this drama is actually in khalil’s character played by Remy..and I can’t imagine /picture anybody else other than Remy in Khalil..not Adi Putra..not Aaron and definitely not shahizy sam eventho he’s best actor for numerous times. For me all of them not fit as Khalil who has manly voice,tall, dark, handsome, ego, witty and at the same time loving and charming…all in Remy…and he looks dashing in suit..not typical kampung boy anymore..haha…sgt mills and boons cum danielle steel cum all the romance novels..hehe.

    Tiz also played her character well as Soraya who are torn between the man she loves and the man that her mother preferred. But Tiz really sparkles when she with Remy..they’re at their top when they’re together..sparring partner. that’s why for me episode 1, 2, 3 and 9 onwards are the best. And as you said the director and scriptwriter are very clever in manipulating their aura and chemistry together to shape and deliver a heart wrenching romantic series.

    haha…pjg ulasan I kali ni…hv a good day San…luv ya…

    • Wassalam Sup

      Panjang lagipun xpe since you sebut few that I might have miss it in the short write-up. Bias or not I must agree Remy did a good job with Khalil and it might not turn so well if his sparring partner is not Tiz. Without doubt Remy and Tiz have it which the screen has been missing for a long (Kajol/Shah Rukh Khan syndrome as few says it). They nailed it as Adam and Nur and now Khalil and Lea which will be long remembered.

      Give me 5 dear by mentioning Mills and Boon…Danielle Steele kind of guy…hehe

      Thank you dear for being here and sharing the thought.

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