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    Good things come to those who wait.
    Better things come to those who try.
    Best things come to those who believe.
    Desired things come to those who pray.

    "Islamic Thinking"

    A good traveler has no fixed plans, and is not intent on arriving.
    Lao Tzu

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Been There Done That

Few months ago I been persuaded by a friend to watch a local production drama series titled Hati Perempuan. Out of curiosity I watched the drama till the end and peeping through the media about the 2 main cast i.e. Mia Ahmad and Syarul Ridzwan. They are new faces in the industry and I’ve never heard neither watch any of their acting before. In Hati Perempuan Mia Ahmad character named Yuhanis, a young hard-working architect with a well-known company and Syarul Ridzwan as Tengku Zaril, a young dynamic entrepreneur.

The drama series ended about 2 months ago but the stories of Mia Ahmad and Syarul Ridzwan continues. Although I am not an ardent fan of them but I do follow their Instagram and few of their followers. Peeping through the social media once in a while I realise the frenzy waves of their fans. Being a silent reader to most comments of their ardent fans in the Instagram and twitter or any other social media, it brings memories of what I’ve gone through 6 years ago. It’s started with a story, create a buzz and fuzz until a movie produce and the announcement made by the 2 main cast, ie Remy Ishak and Tiz Zaqyah are in love.

During Nur Kasih I must admit I am one of the active player at many discussion board and I must also admit putting my utmost conscience and being rationale most of the time.  Every article and gossip reported by the media I will weigh the situation before voicing my opinions and gossiping with other fans. It is tough dealing with the ardent fans and their obsessions. Most of them does not have respect for views of others. Their idol is untouchable and nothing a liberal fan says is acceptable either. They will label a person like me as haters. There is no compromise talking to them and they will start a chain of slashing each other at social pages of the stars.

Remembering my days with the top stars and artist and their ardent fans is a bitter-sweet memories. I pity the artist once their private life be a topic of interest and after a while I feel sorry for their fans too. After a long thought I pull out and I am grateful to have a clear conscience of obsessions. A good start of friendship turn sour and hatred because of obsessions for another individual and failed to see both side of the world. At the height of the fuzzy not many of the die-hard fans are with me and many accused me being judgemental. Is it worth fighting with them? I once asked myself before I slowly withdrew from the scene. Things turn bad when Remy and Tiz announced they are breaking off and two camps bickering at each other. Again I feel sorry for myself but I thank God for the experience. The blessing I get from it I still have few close friends and even there is nothing to talk about we still say hello and get updates about our activities. There always something to talk about although Remy and Tiz and Nur Kasih is no longer the subject.

The least from the experience actually become great later on is learning and understanding human mind and behaviour. I’ve learnt how obsessions control the human mind until to the state of embarrassing themselves and not admitting their mistakes. They are happy condemning others and defending the fault made by their idols.

Not even a minute cross my mind I will cross the same path again after 6 years. Although this time around I am not an active player but I do feel sad seeing the bickering of fans. I feel helpless for not able to help them or giving advice. I must again admit dropping by at one of the IG for Hati Perempuan giving my modest comment and the 2 replies I received saddened me because they are not able to accept advice.

I am not a superstar, I am not a motivator and I am not a die-hard fans of any artist even though I’m one of the active player during Nur Kasih. My sincere sharing is merely hoping for all the ardent fans take a step back roll on the tapes and see what you have gained and lost during those times. It is not wrong to admire someone for their talent as long as we are on the right lane and able to draw a line between admire and obsessions.

Even though I am not following Mia Ahmad and Syarul Ridzwan devotedly, I feel sorry for them as much as I feel sorry for Remy Ishak and Tiz Zaqyah. I have been there and done that and my sincere advice to all ardent fans please do a simple check-up with open mind and heart and take a test to understand the different between admire and obsessions. Stop humiliating ourselves even though you are using a fake id in any social media. Don’t tire yourselves over something is not beneficial. Keep the friendship you have started and be good to each other.

Life will be more beautiful that way….

Owned and written by : Sanaa 27/07/15

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